ID: 4177

Description15000t 3-in-1 Sand Carrier Dredgers
Date Launched
Length140.11m (459ft 8in)
Beam23m (75ft 5in)
Draft6.25m (20ft 6in)
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 12million

The ship has a total of 14watertight transverse bulkheads, respectively FR4, FR9, FR26, FR44, FR56, FR70, FR82, FR96, FR108, FR122, FR134, FR147, FR161 and FR173.2 watertight longitudinal bulkheads,2Longitudinal mud tank bulkhead. The main hull is divided into empty compartments from head to tail (6400Under the platform is the first ballast tank), sail cable tank, emergency firefighting Pump room (starboard), empty space, cargo hold (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th), Mud pump room, engine room, diesel tank, steering gear room above, and stern ballast tank.

ID: 3976

Description106.65m Cutter Suction Dredger, 4500cmb
Date Launched
Length106.65m (349ft 10in)
Beam18.57m (60ft 11in)
Draft3.30m (10ft 9in)
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 7.1 million

Builder: South Korea Shipbuilding. Productivity: 4500 m3 / h. Reamer motor power: 1650kw. The maximum dredging depth: 26m. Deck Crane: 14t-17mx2. Dredging Control System: Korea.

ID: 3932

Description26.30m Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale
Length26.30m (86ft 3in)
Beam6.69m (21ft 11in)
Price924,000 EUR
Price NotesSale price consists of: 1. Dredger Kit with spares & accessories 840,000 2. Pipelines 3500 mtr about 84,000

Built: 2004, The Netherlands. Flag: Latvia. Class Society and Notation: BV Class1 Hull dredger coastal. Next SS: June 2025. Prime mover: Caterpillar 3508 620kW, Engine 70% of lifetime with load 1100 -1200 RPM, About 37000 hours, Top End 2020 Y. Dredge pump driven via clutch/reduction gearbox. Dredge pump IHC-1100-200-400, pump installed new in 2016. Auxiliary power: Caterpillar 3306 212kW, About 4000h, Major Overhaul with long block replacement 2019.

ID: 431786

DescriptionSplit Hopper Barge and Suction Dredge
Date Launched
Length59.60m (195ft 6in)
Beam9.50m (31ft 2in)
Draft3.35m (10ft 11in)
BrokerJohn Kearns

Built: 1980, Italy. Flag: Spain. Class Society and Notation Local Class: 3T Ocean Going. GT: 440 tons. Total power output: 900 bhp. Main Engines: 2 x Scania DS1402. Main Propulsion System: Aquamaster. Speed maximum: 9 knots. Latest DD: Sept 2020. tanks: 4 m3. Hopper Capacity: 660 m3. Deck Crane Liebherr Hs843 with clamshell and hydraulic octopus 3 cbm. 4 positioning winches and 2 more winches for anchorage. Maximum dredging depth 150 m. Unloading time via split: 2-3 minutes. Consumption 500 litres average working 10/11 hours/day. ACCOMMODATION: Total 6 persons

ID: 3809

Description24000t Self-suction & Self-discharge vessel
Date Launched
Length151.60m (497ft 4in)
Beam26m (85ft 3in)
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 16 million

Type: 3-in-1 Sand Carrier Dredger. Class & Flag: China ZC class + China flag. Maximum Dredging Depth: 75m. Suction. Main Engine Maker: Finland Wartsila (Power: 9500hp). Self-sail Main Engine Maker: Guangchai. Power:3300hp+3300hp). Conveyor: Hyundai 3000hp. Design Capacity: 18,000-ton, Max could be 24,000ton by overload. Accommodation: 24 persons. Minimum Safety Manning: 14 persons

ID: 3714

DescriptionSmall Suction Dredger
Date Launched
Length14.60m (47ft 10in)
Beam5.488m (18ft)
BrokerRichard Pierrepont

Port of Registry: Chester. Built: 23rd Jan 2007. Yard: Ferguson Shipbuilders Ltd. Glasgow. No722. Class: LR A1 IWW. MCH Dredger. Deadweight: 3.70T. Main Engines: 2 x Cat C7 - 187.00 KW. Propulsion: 2 x Schottel SPJ57 RD. Dredge Engine: CAT 3056. Dredge Pump: Weir Warman 6/6 E Frame type G. Vessel is in excellent and has been maintained with a no expense spared.

ID: 3646

Description39m Backhoe Dredger
Date Launched
Length39m (127ft 11in)
Beam14m (45ft 11in)
Draft2.10m (6ft 10in)
BrokerPeter Cookson

Gross Tonnage: 516 Ton. Flag: Panama. Class: IACS. Backhoe Maker: Hitachi, CAPA: 12 M3, Model: EX1900-6, Production Year: 2014. Spud Specification: Maker: Baekkun, Length: 30m. Diameter: 1.30mm, Thickness: 32mm “DH32”. Speed: 8-11m / min.

94.85m Cutter Suction Dredger

Shanghai, China
ID: 3511

USD 6.88M

Full Details

ID: 3511

Description94.85m Cutter Suction Dredger
Date Launched
2015 - never used
Length94.85m (311ft 2in)
Beam16.5m (54ft 1in)
Draft2.45m (8ft)
LocationShanghai, China
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 6.88M

Built: China, Flag: China, Class: China ZC Class (able to change other International Class). Navigation area: Offshore. Dredging Depth: 28m. Suction diameter: 820mm, Discharge diameter: 820mm. Accommodation: 25. Max. Discharge distance: 3.5km. Main Engine: Type:12V280ZC, Revolution:1000r/min, Rate power:2650kw, Manufacture: Ziyang, C.S.R. Cutter: Power:1000kw, RPM: 0-36rpm, Diameter: 2770mm. Motor Manufacture: Ningbo, China. Crane: two sets SWL 80KN 9m.

ID: 3452

Description34.5m Crane Barge for Charter
Date Launched
Length34.5m (113ft 2in)
Beam11.52m (37ft 9in)
BrokerRichard Pierrepont
PriceFor Charter

Flag: Malta. Class Society and Notation: Local 12 nm offshore. Next DD: January 2022. Next SS: January 2022. Total power output: 1046 bhp. Main Engines: 2 x General Motors Detroit Diesel. Twin screw. Speed maximum: 7.5 knots, Speed cruising: 7 knots. Deck Area: 233.6 m2. Subject to Project, Owners can prepare it for unrestricted navigation. Major Overhaul in 2017, including generator, crane, ballasts, engine room, deck, cabin, dry dock. Basic Function Grab Dredging; Working Ship-to Ship; Ship to Barge; Ship to Quay, Deck cargo, RoRO Cargo for crane operations, Transporting-transhipment at sea, coastal or inland. Deck Load 200 tons. Anchor Mooring Winch. Capstan. Deck Crane. Craft Boat / Working Boat. Crew: 4.

ID: 3345

Description13m Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale
Date Launched
Length13m (42ft 7in)
Beam3.05m (10ft)
Draft0.60m (1ft 11in)
BrokerRichard Pierrepont
Price95,000 EUR

Built: 1992, France. Flag: France. Owners advise it is in good operational condition. The navigation certificate is not valid anymore since August 2012. She is road transportable. Weight: 15 tons. Dredging depth 4,50 m. Spuds 168 mm diameter – 7,30 m length. Hydraulic lifting spud system. Grass cutter for submarine vegetation areas. Dismountable and transportable by truck or water.

ID: 3334

Description34m Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger
Length34m (111ft 6in)
Beam10m (32ft 9in)
LocationCaspian Sea
BrokerRichard Pierrepont

Classification: Bureau Veritas +Hull Mach Aut-Ums, Hopper Dredger, Coastal, GMDSS Area A1. Speed Approx. 7 Kn. Hopper Capacity: 200 m³. Dredging Depth: 8.0m. Main Engines: 2x Volvo Penta - Dh13 Mh (368 Kw, 1800 Rpm). Bow Thruster: 1x Hydraulic Driven Tunnel Thruster Max. Power 140 Kw. Dredging Equipment; Trailer Suction Arm Incl. Hydraulic Driven Submerged Pump. Arm Length: 14 m. Capacity: 240 m³ Soil/H Jet System: 60 m³/H. 2 Double Doors. Day and Night Accommodation: 3 Persons.

NEW 16.5m Cutter Suction Dredger

Caspian Sea
ID: 3330

EUR 2 million

Full Details

ID: 3330

Description16.5m Cutter Suction Dredger
Date Launched
Length16.50m (54ft)
Beam6.81m (22ft 4in)
LocationCaspian Sea
BrokerRichard Pierrepont
PriceEUR 2 million

The IHC Beaver® 45 is reliable, fuel efficient and has low maintenance costs. This robust and highly productive dredger is equipped with state-of-the art technology, including the following key features: low cost per cubic metre, an exceptional rate of pumping power, first class ergonomics and diagnostics, Cutter Special® pump that combines high efficiency and a large ball passage to provide a high level of availability, low maintenance and efficient power distribution with a single diesel engine, environmentally friendly solutions, such as LED lighting, enhanced safety features. Reliable and efficient, the IHC Beaver® is well known for its robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance. To date, Royal IHC (IHC) has supplied more then 800 of these standard cutter suction dredgers worldwide. Transportable and deliverable from stock IHC Beaver® dredgers can be dismantled for transport via road, rail or sea. A wide range of optional equipment is available, as well as complementary auxiliary equipment, such as work boats and discharge pipelines. These vessels are mostly delivered from stock.

ID: 3216

Description48.10m Grab Hopper Dredger For Sale
Date Launched
Length48.10m (157ft 9in)
Beam12m (39ft 4in)
Draft4.12m (13ft 6in)
LocationBlack Sea
Price1,100,000 EUR

Built: 1973, United Kingdom. Flag: Palau. Class Society and Notation: Int. Reg. Shipping Cargo and Other. Next DD: July 2020, Next SS: July 2022. DWT: 887 tons. Total power output: 1380 bhp. Main Engine: 2 x BRITISH POLAR SF 15. Twin screw. Speed maximum: 7.5 knots. Speed cruising: 5.5 knots. Owners invested over 500 000 Euro during her 5 months repairs in 2019 in Ukraine. After that, she has participated in a dredging project in Ukraine. One new digging grab is available at an additional cost.  6 cabins / 12 crew members max (as per LSA),

ID: 3148

DescriptionCutter Suction Dredger
Date Launched
Built to Order
Length35.4m (116ft)
Beam7.3m (23ft 11in)
Draft1m (3ft 3in)
BrokerGiuseppe Filippone

Hulls are built in disassembled sections for easy road transportation. Smart dredger design allows for easy handling, limited operating cost plus a wide range of applications. Built in steel to Bureau Veritas, Turkish Lloyd  or any other class society certification. Dredging depth 15 mt.

ID: 1756

Description56m Grab Dredger
Date Launched
Length56m (183ft 8in)
Beam20m (65ft 7in)
Draft2m (6ft 6in)
BrokerGeoff Fraser

Built Year: Aug. 1984, Japan. GRT: 1,342 ton. SPUD:  32.10m x 2 each. Break Stone: (SIGAN BO) 35 ton x 1. Dredging Capacity: 790m3 / hr. Grab Bucket: 20m3 x 1 / 9m3 x 1 

11m Versatile Dredger

ID: 1314

EUR 265,000

Full Details

ID: 1314

Date Launched
Length11m (36ft 1in)
Draft0.70 (2ft 3in)
BrokerGiuseppe Filippone
PriceEUR 265,000

This is a versatile dredger , which is used for cutter suction operations, auger suction operations, and all excavator operations with different heads  in the areas of: Dredging, Digging, Levelling, Mining & Excavating. It can reach an excavating depth of 6 Mt. in a radius of 6 to 8 mt. and 170 degrees. This vessel can launch herself from shore to the water and has a drive system so it can go anywhere without assistance of other vessels. It can work in all weather conditions and in shallow waters with her spuds and arms stabilizers. It is suitable for road and sea transportations. The vessel was recently fully checked over and is in perfect conditions.

ID: 2094

DescriptionNEW BUILD - Scavenger HYD22 Weed Harvester
Date Launched
Built to Order
Length8.17m (26.8ft)
Beam2.1m (6ft 10in)
Draft0.3m (1ft)
Locationex factory, Singapore
BrokerGeoff Fraser or Richard Pierrepont

The Scavenger HYD22 Weed Harvester is the latest dual purpose river maintenance boats designed by FiveAB Group. This boat can be used for collecting floating rubbish via the conveyor belts directly into the boat. It can also be used to cut underwater weeds up to 1.2m depth and the weeds will be collected immediately via the conveyor and into the boat for disposal.  The unique twin propeller propulsion system will give you extremely good manoeuvrability in tight situation and can even rotate the vessel on the spot.

ID: 1299056

Description46.5m Bucket Dredger For Sale & Charter
Date Launched
Length46.50m (152ft 6in)
Beam9.95m (32ft 7in)
Draft2.1m (6ft 10in)
LocationEast Mediterranean
BrokerJohn Kearns

Dredger suitable for dredging cohesive silt, sand, soft to stiff clay and acceptable for dredging loose silt, loose rocks, pre-treated rocks and very weak rocks. Its actual production rate varies from 100 to 200 m3/hr (1600 to 3200 m3/day based on 16 effective hours/day) depending on type of soil, dredge master experience and actual site and operation conditions.

ID: 493482

DescriptionNEW BUILD - 1200m3 Trailing Suction Split Hopper Dredger
Date Launched
BrokerJohn Kearns

We are pleased to offer this High Quality Split hopper Dredger built by Nodosa Shipyard in Spain. Class: GL; Class + 100 A5, RSA (50) Split hopper dredger + Hull + MC; Group III Class T. BUILT TO ORDER. The vessel is a self-propelled split hopper dredge. It has two independent hulls that open to drop its load of spoil and deposit it at the agreed place on the sea bottom. The hopper has a capacity of 1200 m3. This ship is equipped to perform various operations of maritime works, especially designed for dredging up by suction pump, although it also can dredge with a backhoe which is located on a rolling gantry hosted on top of the hopper. Of course, it can be used simply to transport dredging products... For all these reasons its versatility is more than demonstrated.

ID: 520760

DescriptionNEW BUILD - 1500m3 Trailing Suction Split Hopper Dredger 1500m3
Date Launched
Locationex Shipyard, Spain
BrokerJohn Kearns

BUILT TO ORDER by Nodosa Shipyard in Spain. The vessel is a self-propelled split hopper dredge. It has two independent hulls that open to drop its load of spoil and deposit it at the agreed place on the sea bottom. The hopper has a capacity of 1500 m3. This ship is equipped to perform various operations of maritime works, especially designed for dredging up by suction pump. Of course, it can be used simply to transport dredging products. For all these reasons its versatility is more than demonstrated.

ID: 1265828

Description5,500m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger
Date Launched
Length105m (344ft)
Beam19m (62ft)
Draft4.8m (16ft)
BrokerJohn Kearns
PriceUSD 18,590,000

This 5,500 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger was built in 2013 in China. This vessel was constructed under CCS supervision and approved by CCS class. Dredging the great costal area and navigating in unrestricted area. The vessel is a self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredger with the functions of hopper dumping, rain bowing and pumping ashore.

The details of all vessels are offered in good faith but we cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. Any buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to sale, price change, location or withdrawal without notice.

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