58.8m Cargo Vessel

ID: 3701

USD 170,000

Full Details

ID: 3701

Description58.8m Cargo Vessel
Date Launched
Length58.80m (192ft 10in)
Beam9.50m (31ft 2in)
Draft5.30m (17ft 4in)
BrokerPeter G H Cookson
PriceUSD 170,000

Builder: Kamishima Shipbuilding, Japan. Class: JG, Coastal. DWT: 540tons on 3.00m. Main Engine: NIIGATA 6M26AGTE 700ps 335rpmx1. Propeller: KAMOME 4blades FPP. Cargo Hold: 1093.30m3 (G), 1077.01m3 (B). Hatch Size: 25.30 x 7.30 m

38,191dwt Bulk Carrier for Sale

Novo Baltic Sea / Italy / Singapore range
ID: 3652

US$ 11 million

Full Details

ID: 3652

Description38,191 DWT Bulk Carrier for Sale
Date Launched
Length193.84m (635ft 11in)
Beam27.6m (90ft 6in)
Draft10.935m (35ft 10in)
Displacement 47, 055.80
Location Novo Baltic Sea / Italy / Singapore range
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUS$ 11 million

DWT: 38,191.40. Cranes: 4 of 40 Tons with 26 meters booms obtaining outreach up to 12m. Lightweight: 8,864.40 Tons. Main Engine: Warstila 5rt-flex58t-B (7,969 Kw @ 105 Rpm). Holds/Hatches: 7/7 Mc Gregor chain pulling type. Bulk carrier, strengthen for heavy cargoes, Grain fitted, Aussie holds ladders. Hydraulic with good speed to hoisting/swelling/luffing. Hoisting speed fully loaded - empty, 20 - 33 meters/minute. Grabs smag/peiner of up to 12 CBM with sliding doors to reduce to 10/8/7/6/5 CBM. Holds dimensions, tank top strength. Main Engine: Sulzer RTA-T 5RT-flex58T-B 10625 kw = 14450 bhp 105 rpm.

90.67m Cargo Vessel

Mediterranean Sea
ID: 3635

USD 1.7 M

Full Details

ID: 3635

Description90.67m Cargo Vessel
Date Launched
Length90.67m (297ft 5in)
Beam15.80m (51ft 10in)
Draft4.63m (15ft 2in)
Displacement4,789.86 t
LocationMediterranean Sea
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 1.7 M

Class: Turk Loydu. Classification No.: G-2411. Class Characters: +1A5 ICE-B3 container ship/general cargo ship + M AUT ICE-B3. GT/NT: 2,658 / 1,216. Accommodation/Crew: 10. Main Engine (S): WARTSILA WASA 8R32E 2,952 kW. Speed-Ballast/Loaded: 12 kts-11 kts (@%70 MCR). DWT: 3,200 t. Light Ship: 1,506 t. Holds Capacities Grain (CBM/CBFT): No. 1: 3,990 / 140,902.86, TTL: 3,990 / 140,902.86

100.62m General Cargo / MPP / Box Hold

Rio Haina, Dom Rep
ID: 3449

USD 2.450 / 2.5 million (price ideas)

Full Details

ID: 3449

Description100.62m General Cargo / MPP / Box Hold
Date Launched
Length100.62m (330ft)
Beam16.20m (53ft)
LocationRio Haina, Dom Rep
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 2.450 / 2.5 million (price ideas)

Flag: St Vincent & The Grenadines. Port Of Registry: Kingstown. Shipbuilder/Place: Jiangsu, Jiangyang Shipyard Group Co. Ltd/Yangzhou. R.P China. Gross Tonnage: 4.150. Summer Deadweight: 5.604 M.T. Class: International Naval Survey Bureau (I.N.S.B). Continuous Deck: 2. Double Bottom Type: Double Bottom Continuous From Peak To Peak Bulkhead. Holds: 1 Box Hold (L 60,10 X B.Max 12.80 X H 8,65 Mts). Hatches: 2. Steel Hydraulic Hatch Cover Folding Type (48,0 x 11,30m)10 Sections Pontoons. Cranes: Port Side 2 Liebher Crane Cbw 40/20 40 Tons. Grain/Bale:7.235 Cubic M (255.500 Fcubic Ft). Containers: 3 71 Teu (Deck 231, Hold 140). Engine: Krupp Mak Maschinenbau Gmbh, Model: 9m 32, Diesel Engine, Four Stroke. Power: 3.960 Kw

130.86m Cargo Vessel

Trading at the Black Sea
ID: 3579

USD 2.4m

Full Details

ID: 3579

Description130.86m Cargo Vessel
Date Launched
Length130.86m (429ft)
Beam17.7m (58ft)
Draft8.08m (26ft 6in)
Displacement12307 MT
LocationTrading at the Black Sea
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 2.4m

Flag: Panama. GRT: 6065. Light Ship: 3138m. Deadweight: 9169 Mt. Classification: Bureau Veritas. Build: 1999/ Braila-Romania. Type of Main Engine: Sulzer. Power of Main Engine: 4320 Kw (5788 E.H.P). Controllable Pitch Propeller. Bow Thruster. Crane: 20 M/T X 2. Hold: 4.

130.86m General Cargo

Trading in the Black Sea
ID: 3567

USD 2 million

Full Details

ID: 3567

Description130.86m General Cargo
Date Launched
Length130.86m (429ft)
Beam17.70m (58ft)
Displacement12258.8 M/T
LocationTrading in the Black Sea
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 2 million

Flag: Malta. Registry Port: Valletta. Class: Rmrs Km*Ice 2. Light Ship: 3495 M/T. Dwt: 8764. Grain Capacity: 11915 M3 / 420.778 Cuft. Bale Capacity: 10985 M3 / 387.935 Cuft. Main Engine: M.A.N. Engine Power: 6150 Hp / 4500 Kw. Crane: 25 M/T X 2.

ID: 3583

Description106.29m General Cargo Vessel
Date Launched
Length106.29m (348ft 8in)
Beam16.00m (52ft 5in)
Draft33m ( 108ft 3in)
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceUSD 1.6m

Nationality / Port of Registry: Liberia Monrovia. Shipyard: SHIMIZU / Japan. Last Dry Dock / Special Survey: March 14, 2018 – September 12, 2018. Class: Nippon Kaiji Kyokai +100A1 + LMC, Ice Class 1A up to draft of 5.86m, Ice Class 1B up to draft of 7.98 (S draft). Deadweight / Summer Draught: 8169.88 MT / 7.98m, Deadweight / Winter Draught: 7902 MT / 7814m. Engine / Power: Hanshin, Type 6LUS40 / 1868 kw-3000hp

ID: 3518

Description3200 DWT China 2018 built General Cargo Ship
Date Launched
Length72m (236ft 2in)
Beam18m (59ft)
Draft3.80m (12ft 5in)
BrokerFranklin Taylor

This ship is a general bulk carrier sailing in the coastal navigation area. The cargo is packaged cement and other cargo. This ship is a cargo ship of twin-engine, twin-propeller stern type, with a forwarding bow, square stern, double bottom, double hull, and single continuous deck. 2 Hold 2 Hatch. M/E: Weichai Diesel Engines 8170x 1350rpm 601kwx 2. Service Speed: 9.5 Knots At 80% Rpm. Deadweight: When the design draft is 3.80 m, the cargo capacity is about 3061 tons and the deadweight is about 3270 tons. The endurance is 1500 nautical miles. The self-sustaining power is about 15 days.

ID: 3498

Description88.9m Cargo Vessel For Sale
Date Launched
Length88.90m (291ft 8in)
Beam12.20m (40ft)
Draft3.40m 911ft 1in)
BrokerRichard Pierrepont
Price1,200,000 EUR

Flag: Russia. Class Society and Notation: RMRS KM Ice 1 R2-RSN AUT. Next DD: October 2022, Next SS: October 2022. DWT: 2164 tons. Total power output: 1440 bhp. Main Engine: 2 x Deutz TBD 616V12. Main Propulsion System: 2 fixed-pitch propeller. Propellers: 2. Speed cruising: 10.5 knots. Vessel can also operate in inner waters/rivers. Year of part of hull is 1992. It was put afloat with new Vessel completed in 2007. Autonomy, days 10. Capacity of cargo holds, m3 2230. Number of holds 2. Ballast tanks capacity, m3 498. Container capacity (hold 1 / hold 2 / deck), TEU 54 (18 / 18 / 18). Crew 12. Dimensions of holds: 41,2x9,0x6,0. Dimensions of hatches: 19,8 x 9,0; 19,8 x 9,0

100.6m Open Hatch / Box Cargo Vessel

Banjul, Gambia
ID: 3391

Euro 2mill however as brokers try less to test.

Full Details

ID: 3391

Description100.6m Open Hatch / Box Cargo Vessel
Date Launched
Length100.6m (330ft)
Beam8.8m (28ft 10in)
LocationBanjul, Gambia
BrokerFranklin Taylor
PriceEuro 2mill however as brokers try less to test.

Flag Vanuatu Open Hatch/Box GC Vessel DWT 6961 mt on 7.40m draft BLT 1999,China (BUILT FOR GERMAN OWNERS) Class IRS SS/DD 10/22 LOA/B/D 100.6/18.8/8.4M GT/NT 4450/2141T 3HO/3HA Open Hatch-Box type holds/Folding type (Mcgregor) Hatchcovers GRAIN/BALE 7.201cubic meters CRANE 2x40T (Liebherr) Containers Stackload:deck:20’cont.-36t,40’cont.-50t,45’cont.5-0t,HOLD: 20’cont.-72t,40’cont.-105t,45’cont.-105t M/E: MAN /9 CYL. / 2990 KW A/E: DOOSAN V222TIH 832 KW-1800 RPM / VOLVO PENTA TAMD 122 A 280 KW- 1800 RPM Emergency Generators: 1 x 125KWx 1800rpm x 1 set 60HZ 440 V 3 PHASE CPP Control (Lips) Shaft Generator: 700 KW,AVK,DSG74 M1-6 Bowthruster 500kw Schottel-Werft Josef Becker Gmbh&Co.KG Speed &Consumption: At 11 knots(Ballast)/10.5knots(Laden) abt 10 mt IFO at sea + 0,6mt MGO at port Lightweight(for calculation): 2.818,45t

190m Single Decker, Bulk Carrier - Offers Now Please.

Thessaloniki, Greece
ID: 3392

Offers invited for fast sale

Full Details

ID: 3392

Description190m Single Decker, Bulk Carrier
Date Launched
Length190m (623ft)
Beam32.26m (105ft 10in)
LocationThessaloniki, Greece
BrokerGeorgi Savchev
PriceOffers invited for fast sale

Mv Diamond Sea is built in Bulyard, Varna. The vessel is project Future 56 of IHI. Design and full equipment is Japanese. We are managers and owners of that vessel since yard delivery. She is in perfect condition, which can be checked on inspection. The vessel is presently in Thessaloniki, Greece under discharge operations. There were 4 inspection so far this week and there are scheduled another 3 inspections for early next week.

ID: 3193

DescriptionNEW BUILD - General-Cargo / Cargo-Training
Date Launched
Built to order
Length46m (150ft 11in)
Beam9.6m (31ft 5in)
Draft2.8m (9ft 2in)
BrokerGiuseppe Filippone
Pricefrom EUR 1.32m
Price NotesBuilding time: 12 month from order

Established in 1993, Grani Ltd Shipyard is a builder with a large portfolio of workboats and an excellent record of repeat customers .Very well built and with a short delivery time stock designs include fishing boats, patrol boats, diving support vessels, pilot boats, tugs, and passenger vessels. The shipyard has invested heavily on a full range of various steel processing machinery and outfitting equipment and can deliver even complex vessel in reasonable time frame. Over 60 vessels have already been delivered and SeaBoats are proud to market them all over the world.

129.1m General Cargo.

Vladivostok, Russia
ID: 3136

ID: 3136

Description100.70m Cargo Vessel
Date Launched
Length100.70m (330ft 4in)
LocationVladivostok, Russia
BrokerFranklin Taylor

Type: Gen Cargo Vessel. Flag: Russia. Built: 2002 at Amurskiy, Russia. Class: RMRS –  SS due: July 2023, DD due: June 2021. Abt 7,212 Mtdw on 6.62m draft. 3 Holds - 3 Hatches - Grain 9,272 - Bale 9,179 Cbm. 1 x Twin Crane (2 x 12.5 SWL TS) - Derrick 1 x 30 SWL Ts. M/E Bryansk B&W (4,560 BHP @ 200 RPM). Fully fitted for 405 TEU - 50 Reefer plugs. TT strength 11 Ts/m2 on tank top, 2.2 Ts/m2 on hatch. Container stack weight 48 Ts / 60 Ts for 20 / 40 foot containers.

ID: 1473

Product type
Heavy Equipment

This unloading equipment comprises one bridge type ship unloader working with a self propelled grab trolley with grab slewing device. The unloader will be able to charge the unloaded material onto the pier-conveyor. The unloader will be electrically driven on a rail system. The maximum wheel load will not exceed 627.85kN, spaced 1100/1650 mm during operating conditions. Handled Material: Material / Bulk Density; Iron Ore Pellets: 1.9 – 2.2 t/m3; Coal: 0.8 – 0.9 t/m3; Coal Coke: 0.5 – 0.65 t/m3; I.O. Additives: 2.0 – 2.6 t/m3. Ships to be unloaded: Following data are showing the different sea-going ships which the unloader will be able to serve: Ship Type (dwt) 72,000, Length: 245m; Ship Type (dwt) 130,000, Length: 280m; Ship Type (dwt) 115,000, Length: 270m. The ship-unloader will be installed at the bulk terminal of Lucchini Steel at Piombino Italy.

ID: 1449

Description346 ft 10,000 DWT Ro-Ro Cargo Barge Japan 2004 NKK
Date Launched
Length105.500m (346ft 1in)
Beam26m (85ft 3in)
Draft5.500m (18ft)
BrokerRichard Pierrepont
PriceUSD 4.50 million

Built place: Japan. Prior class: NK (NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI).  Flag: Panama. Cargo hold capacity: 12000m3. With hatch cover and side door. Main engine: Niigata 6M34BGT 2200PS/320rpm x 2. Trading area: Japan, Korea, China.  Has bow thruster.

ID: 1306

Description136m Heavy Cargo Carrier
Date Launched
Oct. 2008
Length136.4m (446ft 7in)
Beam52m (170ft 7in)
Draft8.0m (26ft 2in)
LocationSouth Korea
BrokerRichard Pierrepont
PriceUSD 12M

Builder: Nanjing Wujiazui Shipbuilding Co. Classification: Korean Register. Port of Registry: Jeju, Korea. Deadweight : 10,451.4 tons. Main Engine : 3,155PS(2,320KW) x 2 sets. Propulsion : FPP 4 Blades x 2. Speed/Service : 11.0 knots. Complement : 16 persons. Deck Load : 15 tons/m2

ID: 1164

Description64m Dry Cargo Ship
Date Launched
Under Construction
Length64m (209ft 11in)
Beam11m (36ft)
Draft3.1m (10ft 2in)
BrokerGeoff Fraser
PriceUSD 1.42 million

The ship is designed and built as per IACS class requirements for coastal service. Her current selling price is USD1.42million, to be delivered after construction completed and ZC certificates obtained. Now the vessel is building on our site. We can convert the vessel to RINA class if required.

70m 2000dwt Bulk Carrier

Porto, Portugal
ID: 2184

2,100,000 EUR

Full Details

ID: 2184

Description2000dwt Bulk Carrier
Date Launched
Length70m (229ft 7in)
Beam12.5m (41ft)
Draft4.079m (13ft 4in)
Displacement2604.054 MT
LocationPorto, Portugal
BrokerRichard Pierrepont
Price2,100,000 EUR

Light Weight: 808 MT, Deadweight: 1,796.35, Displacement: 2604.054 MT. Crew: 6. Allowed Navigation Area: Persian Gulf & Oman Sea. Engine: Niigata, Max Speed: 11 knots.

ID: 4081

DescriptionNEW BUILD - 3800 DWT Geared Multipurpose Cargo Vessel
Date Launched
Built to order, 20 months delivery after signing contracts.
Length88.4m (290ft)
Beam15m (49ft)
Draft6m (19ft 8in)
LocationEx shipyard, Bangladesh
BrokerJohn Kearns

Extremely useful small geared multipurpose cargo vessel, ideal for coastal trading.

The details of all vessels are offered in good faith but we cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. Any buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to sale, price change, location or withdrawal without notice.

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