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24.86m Single Screw Trawler Type Vessel - Ideal Expedition, Site survey, Environmental, Chase or Dive Boat.
Listing ID: 2167

DESCRIPTION:Single screw, steel, Trawler Design.
LENGTH:24.86m (81ft 6in)
BEAM:6.74m (22ft)
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:USD 350,000

Builder: Ocean Shipyards, Fremantle, W.A. Cruising Speed: 8.5 knots. Main Engine: Caterpillar 3508. Accommodation: Total : 14 including crew. Main Points: 49 tons of fuel means 1 month duration in field. Large Back deck space. Large hold and stowage areas below deck. Stable and comfortable vessel at sea. This vessel is an ex-prawn trader and for the last 5 years has been working as Chase boat, shallow surveys and utility boat. Ideal Expedition, Site survey, Environmental and chase boat.

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52m Multipurpose Offshore Vessel - Priced to Sell.
Listing ID: 339252

DESCRIPTION:52m Multipurpose Offshore Vessel
DATE LAUNCHED:1967, modified 1992
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:USD 295,000

This Multi purpose offshore vessel has proven herself in the Middle East and Asia as a Survey vessel and as a Safety Standby vessel in the Philippines. As is, the Vessel can be utilized for Accommodations, Supply & Support roles, Marine Civil Engineering Projects, Buoy Tendering, Chase Boat, Survey vessel, Standby Safety Vessel, Etc. With optional equipment she can easily handle small Seismic Operations and Diving.

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16m Dive-Research Vessel
Listing ID: 2148

DESCRIPTION:16m Dive-Research Vessel
LENGTH:16m (52ft 5in)
BEAM:5.05m (16ft 6in)
DRAFT:2.25m (7ft 4in)
LOCATION:Marina Kroslin, Baltic Sea Germany, near Poland.
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:Asking price without the optional items is euro 495.000, - Asking price including the optional items is euro 595.000
PRICE NOTES:Available now. Detailed inspection and test drives, by appointment, every time possible

The Vessel was built in 1991, 2011/2012 we did a complete refit. Over all we invest more than 1.3 Mio. EUR. It is a perfect Base for divers� work, hydrographic Survey and similar offshore tasks. It is built and authorized, following all rules of German and international authorities (SOLAS) as a �small commercial vessel�. It is still insured, crewed and ready to go, the German papers have to be renewed.� A 2016 additional mounted Housing on the Hull for fix installed sensor and a solid network, which connect all the equipment, the bridge and the 4-man-cabin, provides perfect requirements for sensory sea-survey. Position and Motion is detected by professional equipment and provided into the NMEA-Network. A rough tender-boat (Valiant DR 520), a fix mounted compressor for breathing air with remote control and filling- gear on deck (225 and 330 bar) and also the connections and remote-controls on deck for hydraulic and water- pressure (Fire-Pump in engine-room 3.000 liter/minute with over 10 bar) provides a perfect base for effective and economic divers work so as scientific works or research and recover. If you are offering Education, trips for non- commercial scuba divers excursions, archeological or biological work, environmental Protection, inspections or any other activities, the vessel is optimized for this kind of work. The layout of the deck with hydraulic crane, a rooftop against sun and rain, the divers� door in the middle of the ship, divers ladder, filling-station, store and work-space and secure traffic routes makes the situation perfect.

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NEW BUILD - Wildcat 60, 18.5m Research / Hydrographic Survey Catamaran.
Listing ID: 1298174

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - Wildcat 60, 18.5m Research / Hydrographic Survey Catamaran
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:18.5m (60ft 8in)
BEAM:6.2m (20ft 4in)
DRAFT:1.4m (4ft 7in)
LOCATION:ex factory, Ireland
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

This vessel is a Wildcat 60 catamaran. The vessel has a LOA including the substantial aft dive platforms of 18.5m, a beam of 6.2m and a draft of 1.4m. The vessel has a 33,000kg lightship displacement and a loaded displacement of 37,000kg. The design is for an ocean research and hydrographic survey catamaran capable of operating offshore for 7 days duration for 12 crew.

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55.1m Utility / Guard / Expedition Vessel - Multi Purpose Vessel
Listing ID: 1191344

DESCRIPTION:55.1m Utility / Guard/ Expedition Vessel - Multi Purpose Vessel
LENGTH:55.1m (180ft 9in)
BEAM:9.52m (31ft 2in)
DRAFT:4.01m (13ft)
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:Euro 375,000

Ex German Pilot Association Vessel Suitable for Guard / Offshore / Utility / Expedition Vessel � Multi Purpose Vessel. Now classed under Phoenix and sailed early 2017 under her own power from Rotterdam to Greece where she is now inspectable.

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37.55m Special Purpose / Research Vessel
Listing ID: 4038

DESCRIPTION:37.55m Special Purpose / Research Vessel
LENGTH:37.55m (123ft 2in)
BEAM:9.76m (32ft)
DRAFT:2.36m (7ft 8in)
LOCATION:South Africa
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:To Named Buyers
PRICE NOTES:Available Mozambique mid 2018

Shipyard : A & B Industries of Morgan City - Morgan City LA. Classification: ABS. Accommodation : 18 persons (6 cabins). Freedeck of 60 SQM. Main engine: 2 x 1217 BHP. 2 x Fixed pitch propellers.

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30m Ex-Research Vessel - Must be Sold. Owner wants offers now!
Listing ID: 669490

DESCRIPTION:30m Ex Research Vessel
LENGTH:30m (98ft 5in)
BEAM:6.1m (20ft)
DRAFT:2.4m (7ft 10in)
LOCATION:Auckland, New Zealand
BROKER:John Kearns
PRICE NOTES:Offers now please.

Built Japan in 1985 of fibreglass construction. Powered by an 800 hp Niigata marine engine giving a cruising speed of 11 knots. Economical to run with good range. Accommodation for 11. Available for prompt delivery.

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NEW BUILD - 40m Deep Sea Research Vessel
Listing ID: 426908

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 40m Deep Sea Research Vessel
DATE LAUNCHED:12 - 15 months from contract signing
LOCATION:ex factory, China
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:USD 10m ex shipyard

The KINGTOUGH 40M Deep Sea Research Vessel is a modern high performance vessel to be designed on a basis of proven hull to operate as an platform and tool with advanced equipment/devices to carry oceanographic research operations. Designer and proven hull provider: Marcelo Penna Yacht Design Group of Spain, world-reputable design group with fruitful experience in serving Spanish Navy and Radaman Group, etc., for the design and engineering of governmental boats and already finished more than 300 designs for world-wide government authorities. Classification: Germanischer Lloyd +100 A5 Research Vessel (+) MC AUT.

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9.9m Crew Transfer / Diving Support / Survey Vessel / Shallow Waters Operation / Watch Dog - FOR CHARTER
Listing ID: 4015

DESCRIPTION:9.9m Crew Transfer / Diving Support / Survey Vessel / Shallow Waters Operation / Watch Dog
LENGTH:9.9m (32ft 5in)
BEAM:2.8m (9ft 2in)
DRAFT:0.6m (1ft 11in)
LOCATION:Portsmouth, UK
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:Charter rates by negotiation.

Class: MCA Cat 3 � 20nm. Hull Material: GRP + Hypalon tubes. Capacity: 12 pax + 2 crew. Cargo: 1 T. Propulsion: 2x 225 HP. Range: 150nm at 20 knots. Speed: 20/35 knots. Road transportable. Transportable on a flat rack on container ship.

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14.5m Crew Transfer Vessel / Survey Vessel / Light Cargo / Transport Vessel / Diving Support - FOR CHARTER
Listing ID: 4006

DESCRIPTION:14.5m Crew Transfer Vessel / Survey Vessel / Light Cargo / Transport Vessel / Diving Support
LENGTH:14.5m (47ft 6in)
BEAM:5.10m (16ft 8in)
DRAFT:0.95m (3ft)
LOCATION:Portsmouth, UK
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE NOTES:Charter rates by negotiation.

Crew Transfer Vessel / Survey Vessel / Light Cargo / Transport Vessel / Diving Support.

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11m Crew Transfer / Diving Support / Survey Vessel / Shallow Waters Operation / Watchdog - FOR CHARTER
Listing ID: 4009

DESCRIPTION:11m Crew Transfer / Diving Support / Survey Vessel / Shallow Waters Operation / Watchdog
LENGTH:11m (36ft)
BEAM:3.3m (10ft 9in)
DRAFT:0.60m (1ft 11in)
LOCATION: Portsmouth, UK
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:Charter rates by negotiation

Class: MCA Cat 3 � 20nm. Hull Material: GRP + Foamed tubes OCEAN 3. 12 pax + 2 crew. Cargo: 1.5 T. Propulsion: 2x Hyundai S220 � Mercruiser Bravo 2. Range: 180 nm at 20 knots. Speed: 18/22 knots. Full Safety Equipment MCA Cat 3. 12 Seats or 8 Seats + 2 tables. Removable A Frame. Winch: 1 T. Road transportable. Transportable on a flat rack on container ship.

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32.87m Multipurpose Workboat / Survey Vessel with Shallow Draft
Listing ID: 3043

DESCRIPTION:32.87m Multipurpose Workboat / Survey Vessel with Shallow Draft
LENGTH:32.87m (107ft 10in)
BEAM:6.81m (22ft 4in)
DRAFT:1.75m (5ft 8in)
LOCATION:The Netherlands
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:Asking US$ 325.000 try US$ 295.000 basis freshly drydocked

Extremely suitable to operate in shallow waters. Spacious deck area, separate survey space(s). 4 point mooring and flat bottom Freshly drydocked.

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68.41m Research/Survey Vessel
Listing ID: 2049

DESCRIPTION:68.41m Research Vessel
LENGTH:67.36m (221ft)
BEAM:18.28m (59.97 Ft.) (W/Helideck Overhang)
DRAFT:5.52m (18.11 Ft.) (Max)
BROKER:John Kearns

67m Seismic Research Vessel, built 1985 at Allied Shipbuilders Ltd., Vancouver, Canada to Lloyds class +100 A1 Ice Class 1 and converted/modified 1995 & 2001. Owner has recently spent USD 4.5 million on vessel. Powered by twin B&W Alpha Diesels rated at 3600hp each providing an economic speed of 11 knots and top speed of 13 knots. Four tow points, six Frazer Type Sub-Arrays and two ODIUM Type Streamer Reels with approx. 6k capacity. Helicopter Deck Rating for Bell 212 or similar to 5.3 tonnes. Accommodation for 39 persons (plus hospital) in nine single berths cabins and fifteen double berth cabins.

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55.34m Icebreaker
Listing ID: 2087

DESCRIPTION:55.34m Icebreaker
LENGTH:55.34m (181ft 6in)
BEAM:13.40m (43ft 11in)
DRAFT:6.0m (19ft 8in)
LOCATION:The Netherlands
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:Try USD 490.000
PRICE NOTES:As is Where is Basis

This is a former special purpose vessel of German Maritime Authorities for employment or conversion as�Ice breaker�/ Multi Purpose Vessel / Yacht research vessel,��diving vessel or as explorer-yacht �or any other purpose. Converted / rebuilt�1982 Thyssen Nordseewerke Emden, Germany. Built as per GL 100 A4 E 3 icebreaker - expired - last dry docking 11/2013. Accommodation can be increased by extension of the present accommodation, same been carried out before on similar vessels.

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23.9m Research Survey Vessel For Sale & Charter
Listing ID: 977728

DESCRIPTION:23.9m Research Survey Vessel For Sale & Charter
LENGTH:23.9m (78ft 4in)
BEAM:6.2m (20ft 4in)
DRAFT:2.6m (8ft 6in)
LOCATION:United Kingdom
BROKER:John Kearns
PRICE:210,000 Euros

Built in the UK. Flag: IRISH REPUBLIC. Local Irish Class up to 30 nm. 330 bhp. 1 x Lister Blackstone. Single screw. 9 - 10.5 knots. Currently operating as a dive support vessel and has an Irish P5 passenger boat licence and is reluctantly for sale to make way for a new vessel. Much work was undertaken in 2010 to bring her accommodation to the high standard of comfort expected for paying passengers.

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24m Multipurpose Research Survey Vessel for Charter
Listing ID: 440000

DESCRIPTION:24m Multipurpose Research Survey Vessel
LOCATION:Spanish Waters
BROKER:John Kearns

Research Vessel available for Charter. Built: 1982, UK (Fleet Tender). Rebuilt � Refitted: 2007 � 2009. Hull Material: Carbon Steel Hull � Aluminium Superstructure. Class Society & Notation: SOLAS III / T Unrestricted Navigation. Last DD � Next DD: April 2014 � May 2015. Next SS: May 2019. Next Annual Survey: MAy 2015. Total power output (HP): 330. Main Engine: 1x Lister Blackstone @ 750rpm. Main Propulsion System: single screwPropellers: 1x fixed pitch propeller 3 blades Speed (cruising � maximum): max 13 knots. 4 crew + 12 passengers. 2 x 2 men cabins. 2 x 4 men cabins. 1 x crew cabin for 5 men. Deck Cargo (mtons): 6. Deck Area (m2): 60. Range at sea (nm): 3000. Desalination plants 80L/h. Diving Compressor Hamworthy 4500 PSI � 375 Kg/Cm2. Hydraulic Crane Hiab 4.5 tons Hydraulic Crane Hiab Viper 1.5 tons.

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NEW BUILD - 22m Research Vessel
Listing ID: 437877

DATE LAUNCHED:BUILT TO ORDER (12-13 months build time)
LOCATION:ex factory, China
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:USD 2.5 million

The vessel will be designed by BMT Nigel Gee Ltd., world-reputable commercial & defense catamaran design and engineer transferring company. The hull form is well proven and will be hard-chined catamaran and can offer excellent stability with seakeeping quality and manoeverability to cater heavy-duty operations in rough sea conditions of Saudi Arabia. By using this well proven hull form we have traded some potential top end speed for a better level of sea-keeping and a softer ride with upgrade of operation experience drawn from many of the proven hulls that have been operated world-widely as multi-functional platform to cater the most rough sea condition of its type of vessel. This means making life more comfortable for the crew and allowing the vessel to maintain performance over a wider range of sea conditions. The vessel shall have the capability to operate upto 100 NM from the coast upto sea state 3 on hydrographic tasks and upto sea state 5 for survivabilityThe vessel shall be multi-utility to include:a. Hydrographic survey (including coral reefs surveys).b. Marine Sciences surveys.c. Marine Geophysical survey.d. Deployment of ROV, Towed systems, Oceanographic profiling, etc.e. Search and Rescue.f. Towing of another small vessels in emergency.

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81m Expedition Vessel - Reduced for Fast Sale.
Listing ID: 380134

DESCRIPTION:81m Expedition Vessel
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:Reduced to USD 997,000

81m Expedition Yacht suitable as a Research Vessel or perfect for conversion to a Private Yacht. Currently has accommodation for 147. Ready for its new owner to set course for its next Adventure!

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NEW BUILD - Wildcat 53 Single Level Deck
Listing ID: 1299776

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - Wildcat 53 Single Level Deck
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:17m (55ft)
BEAM:6.4m (20ft 11in)
DRAFT:1.3m (4ft 3in)
LOCATION:ex factory, Ireland
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

The Wildcat 53 is high bow buoyancy bow design, symmetrical hull, twin chine catamaran of GRP composite construction, principle dimensions are 16m� moulded (17.3m LOA) a 6.1m / 20ft� beam and a 1.15m draft, the design offers excellent sea keeping abilities, being able to push through steep head seas without slamming occurring on the bridge deck by virtue of the fuller bow sections providing adequate buoyancy to lift over waves, this combined with the catamaran designs high levels of transverse stability results in a very stable, seaworthy craft.

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49.85m Survey Vessel For Charter
Listing ID: 1298431

DESCRIPTION:49.85m Survey Vessel For Charter
LENGTH:49.85m (163ft 6in)
BEAM:9.5m (31ft 2in)
DRAFT:6.2m (20ft 4in)
BROKER:John Kearns

Total power output: 1800 bhp. 1 x Alpha 6L 2832. Single screw. 11.5 - 12 knots. Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning system installed. Accomodation, engines and systems completely overhauled. 2010: upper deck extended to provide space for two winches. 2013: A-frame replaced with a 10 tonne capacity A-frame. Permanently mobilised survey spread, ample deck and garage space. Ability to undergo rapid installation of various survey equipment to meet the specific needs of a project including: Two hull-mounted multibeam echo sounders; a shallow water system and a deep-water system, an IXSEA GAPS USBL tracking system and a hull mounted 9 element pinger array with provisions for upgrading to a 16 element system. Vessel not classed as DP1 but has DP1 capabilities.

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35m Multi-role Survey Vessel
Listing ID: 1298608

DESCRIPTION:35m Survey Vessel
LENGTH:35.5m (116ft 5in)
BEAM:9.5m (31ft)
DRAFT:3m (9ft 10in)
LOCATION:Bali, Indonesia
BROKER:Eugene Verspoor
PRICE:USD 1.5 million

A Multi-role Survey Vessel, the M.V. Voyager was specifically designed as a multi-role survey / ROV vessel, and is permanently mobilised and can be rapidly deployed to locations within South East Asia. The vessel is fitted with two free fall winches for drop core, a three point mooring system for Vibro Coring / CPT Coring, survey poles, designated 125 KW generator on deck, welding room & facilities, 4 ton, 11 M tall (retractable) A-frame and one 3 ton & one 1.5 ton hydraulic crane. MV. Voyager has 70m2 of sheltered deck space and 60 m2 of open deck space.� She has a multi role capacity and is employed on a variety of tasks for the oil & gas industry, the cable sector, environmental agencies and government agencies for high-resolution data acquisition. Her key activities are: Geotechnical; Vibrocoring / CPT coring with 3 point mooring; ROV inspection with three point mooring; Hazard / Debris surveys; Mineral surveys; Drop core surveys; Cable route surveys; Swathe bathymetry (100m); Shipwreck and air accident searches; Environmental survey; Scouting vessel; Buoy Maintenance vessel; Filming; Fish surveys; Base vessel for AUV and submersibles; High standard accommodation vessel.

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68.66m Survey Vessel For Charter
Listing ID: 1298203

DESCRIPTION:68.66m Survey Vessel For Charter
LENGTH:68.66m (225ft 3in)
BEAM:11.60m (38ft)
DRAFT:6.40m (20ft 11in)
BROKER:John Kearns

Versatile platform to install large range of survey equipment and provide IRM/light construction capabilities with 20 tonne stern A-frame with 13.6 m of vertical clearance and additional 5 tonne side. A-frame. Has a permanently mobilised survey spread including two hull mounted multibeam echo sounders; a shallow water system and a deep-water system, a hull mounted 9 element pinger array and an IXSEA GAPS USBL tracking system deployed through a moonpool. Vessel has DP1 certificate from Icelandic flag.

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NEW BUILD - Wildcat 53 Single level Hydrographic vessel
Listing ID: 1267501

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - Wildcat 53 Single level Hydrographic Vessel
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:16m (55ft)
BEAM:6.4m (20ft 11in)
DRAFT:1.3m (4ft 3in)
LOCATION:ex factory, Ireland
BROKER:Geoff Fraser or John Kearns

MCA Category 0 Offshore Hydrographic survey, crew transfer and dive support catamaran, offering excellent sea keeping, stability, impressive accommodation and deck space.

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NEW BUILD - Interceptor 42 Hydrographic Survey / Research
Listing ID: 1267275

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - Interceptor 42 Hydrographic Survey / Research
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:13.4m (43ft)
BEAM:4m (13ft)
DRAFT:1.3m (4ft 3in)
BROKER:Geoff Fraser or John Kearns

The Interceptor 42 SURVEY uses the same renowned Interceptor 42 hull, but has a different superstructure to more suit the 'HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEY & RESEARCH' role that the vessel will fulfill.� For her role in survey work she has overhead screens and rear view cameras of her aft cockpit providing her helmsman with views of her working deck. She has�heavy fendering with 150x150mm main fenders, multiple diagonals and a lower run just above the WL. She has inboard safety rail and seating for 10 passengers / operators & crew.�

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NEW BUILD - Wildcat 40 Hydrographic
Listing ID: 1267169

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - Wildcat 40 Hydrographic
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:12m (40ft)
BEAM:4.9m (16ft)
DRAFT:1.3m (4ft 3in)
LOCATION:ex factory, Ireland
BROKER:Geoff Fraser or John Kearns

The WILDCAT 40 11.7m, high buoyancy, symmetrical hull catamaran, designed to offer a large stable work platform in an attractive, graceful design, combining style and good looks with practical functionality, a rare combination today. With a length overall of 12m� / 40ft and a beam of 15ft the vessels hulls have been designed to provide high buoyancy in the fwd sections to prevent slamming on the bridge deck, which itself is raised as high as practical above the WL The hulls are designed to develop a spray cushion, softening the ride at speed. Full length keels are incorporated, and provide protection to the propellers, as well as increasing the hulls grip on the water for slow drift speeds. The vessels beam has been constrained to a wide 15ft 5" providing a good compromise between work area, stability, and minimal� slamming that tends occurs on catamarans that have a very wide bridge deck. Also marina space and berthing facilities are considered, where excessive beam can be hard to facilitate. The superstructure design is full with maximizing internal accommodation area, yet providing a large and spacious flush aft deck, with the engines accessed from large opening flush hatches, providing excellent accessibility to the engines for service.� The catamaran design has of course very high levels of survivability with 8 individual watertight compartments

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70.4m Hydrographic Research Ship
Listing ID: 1215952

DESCRIPTION:70.4m Hydrographic Research Ship
DATE LAUNCHED:1967; Refit: 2002
LENGTH:70.4m (231 ft)
BEAM:12.7m (42 ft)
DRAFT:14.5 ft. (4.5m) 19 ft under transducer gondola
BROKER:John Kearns
PRICE:Priced to sell at USD 1.75 million.

The 70.4m Hydrographic Research Ship is a USCG inspected hydrographic research vessel. First commissioned as a survey ship for NOAA in 1967, the vessel was purchased in 2001 by her current owners and completely refurbished with the latest in electronics, machinery, and safety equipment. The vessel is ideal for most types of oceanographic research operations including, but not limited to: oceanographic mapping, sub bottom surveys, geophysical research, cable route surveys, and pipeline surveys and is outfitted with today�s most advanced underwater mapping equipment with the ability to map the ocean down to 11,000 meters and maps at speed between 7 and 8 knots. To ensure clean data and reliable performance, the transducers are installed in a gondola to keep them in clean water flow and free from turbulence in all workable sea state conditions. The vessel is equipped with stabilization tanks and anti-roll chocks to eliminate much of the vessel�s natural roll making it an ideal platform for surveying.

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56m Multipurpose Vessel / Icebreaker
Listing ID: 1042186

DESCRIPTION:56m Multipurpose Vessel
DATE LAUNCHED:Germany 1967; Modernised/rebuilt 1982
LENGTH:55.34m (181ft 6in)
BEAM:13.40m (43ft 11in)
DRAFT:5.00m (16ft 4in)
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:Guidance given to named company

56m Multipurpose Icebreaker Vessel suitable for conversion to exploration vessel for Antarctic waters. Built to GL 100 A4 E 3 icebreaker, class expired. Main engines 3 x MTU ND 665, each 855 kW � diesel electric propulsion running hours only 11.000 and since last overhaul 1.500 each. 3 Generators for propulsion each 1.141 kW. Vessel can sail on 1,2 or 3 engines thus very fuel efficient. 1 propellor in Kort nozzle. 15 cabins with 28 berths. 2 messrooms, 1 galley, 5 toilets and 5 showers, 2 workshops. Tank capacities: Fuel 104 cbm, Ballast 70 cbm, FW 18 cbm, Foam cap 10 cbm. Equipped with Towing winch, Cargo holds for and aft, Large aftdeck, Crane aftship 5 tons. This vessel has always been owned by the German government, and although built 1967, she has had engineroom and accommodation rebuilt in 1982, the ship still presents as new condition.

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Multipurpose Survey Vessel FOR CHARTER ONLY
Listing ID: 672178

LENGTH:33.5m (109ft 10in)
BEAM:11.8m (38ft 8in)
DRAFT:2.1m (6ft 10in)
BROKER:Peter Cookson

Built: 1981, Rebuilt � Refitted: 2011. Flag: US. Last DD � Next DD: N/A, Next SS: N/A, Next Annual Survey: N/A. Total power output (HP): 1052. Main Engine(s) (make, type): 2 x 526 HP John Deere 6125AFM. 2 x hydraulically driven Z Drives (raise /lower /tilt with 360 degree steering). Speed (maximum): 8 knots. Total cabins: 8. Total Berths: 20 including crew. 127 sq ft Survey Lab; 72 sq ft Processing Office. Port and Starboard 3 foot diameter moon pools. 2 Ton Hydraulic Stern A-Frame (Can operate as two separate davits). 5 Ton Capacity Fixed Starboard A-Frame. 14 Ton Max Capacity, 2 Ton at 40 Extension Crane. 5 Ton Capacity Geotechnical Winch. Aft deck 1175 sq. feet with separate stern rescue deck. Endurance: 14 days. Dive Platform Capable.

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66m Research Vessel For Sale or Charter
Listing ID: 816887

DESCRIPTION:66m Research Vessel For Sale or Charter
LENGTH:66.1m (216ft 10in)
BEAM:12.3m (40ft 4in)
DRAFT:5.3m (17ft 4in)
LOCATION:Delivery can be in UAE
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

MV Jupiter is a 66m DP specialist hydro graphic and geoscience survey vessel having a proven track record of hydrography, geophysics survey, ROV and seabed sampling and coring. The vessel has been fully converted in 2002 for use as a multi-disciplinary survey vessel, and can be used for multiple offshore applications. The vessel has dynamic positioning and excellent station keeping, with four separate thrusters. The vessel has hull mounted Kongsberg EM300 multi beam, Kongsberg EA500 single beam transducers, sub-bottom profiling, together with moon pool and USBL positioning. Multiple A-frames and winches allow easy deployment of towed geophysics equipment and deployment of metocean/ADCP systems, and seabed testing, coring and sampling equipment. Classification Society: Lloyd�s Register 100A1 +LMC UMS.

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New Build - 20m Research Vessel
Listing ID: 428797

DESCRIPTION:New Build - 20m Research Vessel
LOCATION:ex factory, China
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

This New Build 20m Research Vessel is designed by Bakewell-White Yacht Design Limited. The vessel layout will be as per the design study drawing P0-00 supplied. The hull form is well proven and will be multi-chined with a fine entry, moderately deep vee and wide chine flats. The hull will have a slight warp in the bottom aft sections making it slightly more conventional in form.The structural design will be based on Lloyds Register Rules and Regulations for Special Service Craft, G3 Service Group. Service Group 3 covers craft intended for service in coastal waters, reasonable weather, and generally in waters where the range to refuge is 150 nautical miles or less. For purposes of structural design the worst intended conditions will be defined as 1 m significant wave height at 25 knots cruising speed, or maximum lightweight speed in 0.4 m significant wave height, whichever is the more onerous condition.The vessel is designed to provide the following attributes: Stable platform for research work, Good day and night helm visibility for vessel operation, Good manoeuvrability in all conditions, Dryness on deck, Low noise at all speeds.

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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