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Single Screw 22.9 tbp Ocean Going Tugboat for Sale
Listing ID: 671932

DESCRIPTION:Single Screw 22.9 tbp Ocean Going Tugboat for Sale
LENGTH:31.21m (102ft 4in)
BEAM:8.41m (27ft 7in)
DRAFT:4.51m (14ft 9in)
LOCATION:South Europe
BROKER:John Kearns
PRICE:250,000 Euros

Built: 1972, Spain, Rebuilt � Refitted: Spain, 2002. Class Society and Notation: Local Spanish Class 1st LIST, Group 3, Class T Unrestricted Navigation. Last DD - Next DD: June 2015 - June 2016. Next SS: January 2017. Next Annual Survey: June 2016. Total power output: 1716 hp. Main Engine: 1 x Echeverria B&W 12V33MV. 1 X Controllable Pitch Propeller, (Navalips, in Knort nozzle). Bollard Pull: 22.90 tons. Speed (cruising): 10.5 knots. Total cabins: 6. Total berths: 12, Mess room, galley, toilets, shower. Deck Cargo: 40tons. Deck Area: 50m�. Deck Strength: 2 tons/m�. Range at sea: 9500nm. Endurance: 48 days. Fuel consumptions: at 8.5 knots 2,400 litres per day, Towing 3,350 litres per day. HIAB 650 deck crane. 30 tons towing hook. Towing winch: Norwich length 500mts. /diameter 36 mm. Traction strength 20t and brake strength 40t.

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Tayana 58 Deck Saloon Sloop
Listing ID: 809927

DESCRIPTION:Tayana 58 Deck Saloon Sloop
LENGTH:17.67m (58ft)
BEAM:4.87m (16ft)
DRAFT:2.13m (7ft)
LOCATION:Auckland, New Zealand
BROKER:Clive Bennett or Geoff Fraser
PRICE:USD $550,000
PRICE NOTES:This Yacht is not imported into New Zealand, no duty or GST is paid.

Moonshadow is the ultimate blue water cruiser offering the very best in luxury yachting or world cruising. She has been the pride of her sole owner since launching and has been maintained and upgraded with no expense spared. She is designed by the renowned Dutch Naval Architect Pieter Beeldsnijder, and built for serious cruising with very respectable performance characteristics. The hull is recognised as one of the most durable, versatile, safest and best performing hulls in its class. The wide beam easily accommodates the expansive layout and features a full stand up engine room plus workbench. The deck saloon provides light, air, visibility, and protection and the raised sole allows for extra large fuel and water tankage. Moonshadow is 100% prepared for coastal or global voyages. 2014 Sydney Boat Show - Marine Journalist comment: "If I had to vote for a boat as the outstanding boat of the show, then for me it was the Tayana 58 "Moonshadow", it looked every bit a gorgeous traditional yacht."

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11m Alloy Catamaran
Listing ID: 771035

DESCRIPTION:11m Alloy Catamaran
LENGTH:11m (36ft)
LOCATION:Southern New Zealand
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:Offers invited

Scott Robson Designed Alloy Power Catamaran originally in survey for up to 30 passengers � inshore limits � currently not under survey. 2 x Yamaha V8- 4 Stroke 300 hp Outboards. The motors have 590 hours on the clock and have recently (September 2014) and have had full annual service since purchase. Double berth, gas stove with oven, fridge, shower. Furuno FRS 1000 36 mile radar, depth sounder, plotter, Raymarine 12 inch stand-alone plotter,VHF, marine stereo, PA system. Maxwell Freedom RC800 Anchor winch, electric side winch. Removable seating of aft deck. Cruising speed is 20knots at 3400 rpm using 75 litre/hr with a top speed of 35 knots. The boat has bow step access, which were extended on 2010 to allow easy access to beaches.

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NEW BUILD - 15.5m Coastal Catamaran Ferry
Listing ID: 785766

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 15.5m Coastal Catamaran Ferry
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:15.5m (50ft 10in)
BEAM:5.8m (19ft)
DRAFT:0.8m (2ft 7in)
LOCATION:ex factory, Thailand
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

15.5m x 5.8m x 0.8m. Fuel: 2x 1000 litres, Water: 200 litres. 2x Cummins QAB6.7, 184kW @ 2600rpm. Propulsion: 2x 28� 4 Blade FPP. Speed (max): 24 knots, Speed (cruise): 20 knots. Passengers: 44 + 21 aft deck. Class Standard: DNV HSLC R3 Passenger. Survey: NSCV 1C. Marine Grade Aluminium.

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NEW BUILD - 15m Firefighting Boat
Listing ID: 794372

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 15m Firefighting Boat
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:17.3m (56ft 9in)
BEAM:4.92m (16ft)
DRAFT:0.83m (2ft 8in)
LOCATION:ex factory, China
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

The Highlighted Design Features of this 15m Firefighting Boat are: 1. High speed in rough seas with superior acceleration and manoeuvrability; 2. Excellent sea keeping ability with very low slamming in all defined sea conditions for best crew comfort and safest operations; 3. Truly dry deck at all speeds with extremely excellent stability for coastal fire fighting, patrol and SAR operations; 4. The boat is heavily designed with two firefighting monitors, among which 1 x 840m3 /hr Fifi Monitor to be installed on the forward deck and 1 x115m3/hr firefighting monitor on roof of the pilothouse, providing 360 deg. of extremely high efficient firefighting service; 5. The bow is mounted with one 5� vertical and horizontal heavy-duty D section rubber on the push knee to provide safe boarding for survivor transfer from large vessel and marine facilities that is on fire. This specification describes the design and construction of the proven reliable, rough sea-going 15M aluminium vessel which will be arranged as a fast coastal craft (hereafter referred to as �vessel�) to use in coastal waters with equipment capacities to focus on below Operating missions: a. harbour and coastal patrol and interception; b. Search and rescue operations in high sea waves. c. Rapid deployment for firefighting; d. Offshore facilities protection and crew transfer; e. Oil field security. The vessel will be constructed to a high commercial standard with particular attention to minimising noise transference and vibration while enhancing structural rigidity and offering best crew comfort.

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48ft Flybridge Motorsailer Catamaran For Sale. Partnership Considered. Charter Business Available!
Listing ID: 438879

DESCRIPTION:48ft Flybridge Motorsailer Catamaran
LENGTH:14.63m (48ft)
BEAM:7.96m (26ft)
DRAFT:1.25m (4ft)
LOCATION:Bali, Indonesia
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:AUD 275,000
PRICE NOTES:The owner will consider a part sale or sell the boat along with its charter business.

This 48ft "Flybridge Motorsailer" - Catamaran is an excellent and well proven sailing catamaran especially build for the Tropics or warm weather, but also very safe and comfortable at the Open Ocean. This Cat is fun to sail with this special Sloop-rigged "Wing-Sail" and everything is simple & easy with not too many Electric & Electronic and a large Cockpit with a huge "Living Area", Galley- and Navigation Block and a great &, functional Cockpit-Table. The Hulls are strongly built in hand laid Fibreglass and each hull has 2 large, private "Double-Cabins" with a real Double-Bed, Cabinet & heaps of Storage, Toilet & Shower. There are also another two �separated- small double-cabins with Toilet in the Bow of the Hulls. One (Portside) is a small "Crew-Cabin" with twin bunks and the other (Stbd) has a smaller double-bed (145x190cm.) The Boat is unsinkable due to large buoyancy-compartments in each hull and could be even sailed if the hulls are damaged & floated. There is a unique "Water-Catchment-System", 8 x Solar-Panels, 2 Wind-Generators and 2 very economical, powerful & economical & quite "115 HP Mitsubishi Pajero-Sport Engines" plus a very, very economical & NEW, powerful "long-tail" YANMAR TF 300 H di DIESEL-Engine with approx 7HP which is great for Motor-sailing (6,5 knots with a consumption of just 3,5 litre/hr!). The Boat was professionally built by a Shipyard in Lombok which is specialised in commercial boats for the Government (Police, Coast Guard & Navy) and the Fishing Industry (Power- and Sailing Boats). They build also an Australian designed 40ft Cruising Cat and several European designed Power-Boats.

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35m ABS Twin Screw Utility Supply Vessel - Price Reduced!
Listing ID: 648470

DESCRIPTION:35m ABS Twin Screw Utility Supply Vessel
LENGTH:35m (114ft 9in)
BEAM:7.92m (25ft 11in)
DRAFT:3.35m (10ft 11in)
LOCATION:Middle East
BROKER:John Kearns
PRICE:US $550,000
PRICE NOTES:Price Reduced!

Built 1991, USA. Hull Material: Steel. Flag: UAE. Class Society and Notation: ABS A1, AMS. Last DD � Next DD: December 2011 � December 2014. Next SS: October 2016. Next Annual Survey: January 2015. Total Power Output (BHP): 1520 BHP. Main Engine(s) (make, type): 2 x 16V92N. Main Propulsion System: Twin Screw. Auxiliary Engine(s): 2 x GM471 (40 kW. EA). Bow Thruster (if any): 100 Horse Power Shottle. Propellers: 2 x fixed pitch bronze. Speed (maximum): 9 knots. Total Cabins: 1 x 1 men, 3 x 2 men, 3 x 4 men. Total Berths: 19, 9 for Crew and 10 for passengers. 3 x toilets, bathrooms, mess room for 8, galley for 2. Deck Cargo (tons): 101 tons. Clear Deck Space: 96.90m�. Deck Strength (tons/m�): 1.2 tons/m�. Range at Sea (nm): 23 days at full speed. PalfingerPK15500 2t @ 12m radius 9T @ 6m radius Crane. Safety Equipment in accordance with SOLAS.

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NEW BUILD - 61.8m Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessel
Listing ID: 794386

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 61.8m Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessel
LENGTH:61.8m (202ft 9in)
BEAM:16.5 (54ft)
DRAFT:4.5-4.95m (14ft 9in - 16ft 2in)
LOCATION:ex yard China
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:USD 13.5 million

This 61.8m Anchor Handling Tug/Supply Vessel is available ex yard China. Classed ABS with Singapore flag. Main engines; two (2) units Yanmar 6EY26W, 1920 kW (2610 PS) at 750 rpm four stroke marine diesels engines. 2 x bow thrusters 670kW. 60mt Bollard Pull. Typical duties are to supply, support and act in the capacity of a safety vessel, for offshore drilling and work over rigs on a twenty-four hour per day basis. Specific duties might include the transportation of fresh water, diesel oil, bulk cement, liquid mud, stores, materials and equipment, tow/move drilling and work over safety rigs, anchor handling duties, move men and materials between platforms and shore, and evacuate casualties. Accommodation for 20 crew and 22 project workers. Deck space = 410m2. Rescue/Deck crane 7.5mt @ 5m.

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NEW BUILD - 12m SRB Coastal Ferry
Listing ID: 785765

DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:12m (39ft 4in)
BEAM:4m (13ft)
DRAFT:0.65m (2ft)
LOCATION:ex factory, Thailand
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

12m x 9.6m x 0.65m. Fuel: 800 litres. Engine: 2x Cummins QSB5.9, 355hp @ 2800rpm. Propulsion: 2x Hamilton H292. Pax: 34, Crew: 2. Speed: 31 knots (2.7t dwt 2800rpm, 28.5 knots (3.4t dwt 2800rpm), 27 knots (3.8t dwt 2800rpm). Structural Standard: DNV HSLC R3 Passenger. Construction: Marine Grade Aluminium.

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NEW BUILD - 11m Fast Interceptor
Listing ID: 782150

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 11m Fast Interceptor
LENGTH:11m (36ft)
BEAM:3m (9ft 10in)
DRAFT:0.6m (1ft 11in)
LOCATION:ex factory, China
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

This specification describes the design and construction of the tactically-seized, proven reliable, rough sea-going 11M advanced composite vessel which will be arranged as a fast interceptor craft (hereafter referred to as �vessel�) to use in coastal waters with armour and equipment capacities to focus the following operating missions: a. Terrorist activities interception; b. Coastal defense against illegal activities and smuggling; c. Interception of hostile vessels; d. Fishery control; e. Protecting natural resources against unauthorized exploitation; f. Offshore facilities protection; g. SAR operations; h. Detecting and fighting sea pollution; i. Oil field security and protection; j. Mid-range combat operation.

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.



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