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BEAM:17.60m (57.7ft)
DRAFT:4.80m (15.7ft)
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
LENGTH:82.6m (270ft)

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General Description:

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Type and classification

Type of Vessel:

3250DWT self-propelled deck barge (LCT) with one complete main deck, single skin, single bottom, machinery and accommodation space aft, double engines.



Break bulk, project cargo, non toxic bulk materials


Service Area:

Greater coastal service


Rules and Regulation

1) Chinese Classification Society (CCS), Domestic Sailing Ship Construction Norms

(2012) (2013 Amendment)

2) Chinese Classification Society (CCS), Materials and Welding Specification (2012)

3) China MSA, The Rules of Statutory Inspection of Ships and Offshore Installations

(2012) (2012, 2013 Amendment)


Can be classed with RINA for additional cost and the yard can build new vessel to others IACS class if required.


Principal dimensions

Length Overall: 82.60 m

Length between perpendiculars:  79.80 m

Breadth Molded: 17.60 m

Depth Molded: 4.80 m

Designed Draft Molded: 3.60 m


Tonnage and capacity

Deadweight on designed draft: abt. 3,250

Gross tonnage: abt 1,924

Cargo capacity: abt 3,157

Ballast tanks incl: F.P.T. & A.P.T.: abt. 1,372.82 m3

MDO tanks: abt. 66.7 m3

Fresh water: abt. 29.76 m3


Complement: 10 persons


Speed and Endurance

Speed: Service speed at fully loaded condition at design draft 4.8m at 90% output of

Main engine (CSR) is 9.7+ knots.

Endurance: 96h



Hull construction

1) 6 transverse watertight bulkhead (Frame #20#50#170#330#970#113)

2) Frame Space: 600/700mm


Deck Heights, Sheer and Camber

Deck Heights

From upper deck to forecastle deck: 1.50 m

From poop deck to accommodation: deck: 2.30 m

From accommodation deck to navigation bridge deck: 2.30 m

From navigation bridge deck to compass deck: 2.30 m

From upper deck to forecastle deck: 3.00 m



Sheer at stem: 0.30 m

Sheer at stern: 0.20 m

Camber: 0.00 m


Hull Out fittings

1. Windlass: two (2) YM1F34/3 Unilateral type hydraulic windlasses

2. Winch: Elec-hyd. horizontal type with one hawser drum and one wrapping head

3. Rudder: Electric hydraulic rudder (swing cylinder type, nominal torque: 63kN-m)

4. Bower anchor: Speke anchor, 1920kg X 2 sets

5. Anchor chain: CCSAM3, O34mm X 440m

6. Towing line: 190m X B.S. 406kN galvanize steel wire ropes

7. Mooring rope: O36mm X8, 160m X B.S. 179kN X 4 pcs, nylon ropes


Firefighting Equipments

Engine room Fixed high pressure CO2

Sea water hydrants

Portable fire extinguishers.

Local mist water spray system for M/E, Aux. /E,

Portable fire extinguishers, protective clothing, self-contained breathing apparatus,

Paint store Separate CO2 systems

Accommodation area Sea water system

Portable fire extinguishers

Fire detection system to be fitted in Engine room, Accommodation alleyways, Cabins,

Public spaces and Paint store, etc.

Fireman Equipment 4 sets

EEBD 4 sets


Lifesaving Apparatus

15P Self centering inflating life raft X 2 sets

6P Rescue Boat & davit X 1 set

14 Life Jackets (with light)

10 sea rescue suits

8 life buoys (2 with lights, 2 with buoyant lifeline, 2 with light smoke signal, 2 normal)

12 rocket parachute flares

4 line throwing unit for life-saving

3 Two-way VHF radio telephone

The general emergency alarm system


Hull Piping

Ballast system

Bilge system

Fixed water spray system

Firefighting and deck-wash system

Anti-heeling system (if any)

Vent & sounding system

Sanitary system with discharges drainage system


Vent & Sounding System

Vent pipes of suitable size shall be fitted to all water ballast tanks and fuel oil tanks, including cofferdams and void spaces except small tanks in engine room.

Manual sounding pipe to be fitted for each ballast tank, MDO tanks, FW tanks, sludge tanks, drain tanks, cofferdams, void spaces and chain locker etc.


Sanitary system with discharges drainage system

Biochemistry type sewage treatment unit: 10P X 1set

Private toilets and the public toilets are to be assembly fabricated toilets.

Gravity water system for shower WC sanitary.


Piping material



Bilge & scupper

Hot dip galvanized mild steel seamless pipe

Ballast (in tanks)


Heeling galvanized

Fuel oil filling Mild steel pipe

Fire & wash deck

Hot dip galvanized mild steel seamless pipe

Vent pipe for ballast tank

Mild steel pipe, galvanized

Vent except ballast tank

Mild steel pipe

Sounding for ballast tank

Mild steel pipe, galvanized

Sounding for the rest

Mild steel

Compressed air

Seamless mild steel pipe, galvanized

Hyd. Line for deck

machinery & valve control

As per international standard


Other pipes Welded or


Steel depending On pressure and temperature.



Double berth cabin 2 Crews

Single berth cabin with private

Public Room and Office



Deck composition for cabins except the above.

1 - Mess room (smoking room), for crews and officers

1 - Ship office

2 - Engine changing room, deck changing room

1 - Galley with pantry

1 - Engine control room

1 - Wheel house combined with chart space and radio space

1 - Emergency generator room

1 - Steering gear room

1 - CO2 room

1 - Paint room

1 - Carpenter room

1 - Windlass control room

1 - Boatswain store

1 - Engine work shop & engine store


Window and Scuttle

All cabins accordance with the actual necessary.

Eyebrows to be provided on the window and side scuttle boxes (except fixed ones).


Painting and Cathodic Protection

This vessel should be painted according to requirements of “Technical Specification of

Painting”. Pretreatment for steel surface should be carried out according to the requirements of Sa2.5 class which stated in “Rust grades and preparation grades of steel surfaces before application of paints and related products (GB8923-88)” of national standard. Electrical equipment to be painted in accordance with the requirements of the relevant provisions.


With exception of immerged surface of steel hull to be protected by effective coating, sacrificial anode Cathodic protection system to be installed also for hull shell plating, rudder, sea chest, propeller, bilge keel, ballast water tanks, etc. in order to avoid electrochemistry erosion Sacrificial anode Cathodic protection system to have a life of 2 years.



Main engine

Model: 6210ZLCZ-6/6210ZLC-6

Bore × Stroke: 210×290 mm, 6 cylinders

Output at maximum continuous rate: 735kW x 2 x830.rpm (MCR)

F. O. consumption: ≤202 g/KW. H

Quantity: 2

Manufacturer: ZIBO Diesel Engine Company


Marine reduction gearbox

Model: J1200A

Ratio Abt. 3.96:1

Trans. Capacity: 0.927KW/rpm

Quantity: 2

Manufacturer: Hangzhou Advance         


M/E remote control unit: Henan Guangcai


D/E Generating set:

CCFJ90J-Y3 X 2 sets


Diesel engines:

Model: 6135ACaf (Shanghai)

Normal Rated power: 108 KW

Normal Rated speed: 1500 r/min           



Model: TFXW-250M4-H (Lanzhou),

Normal Rated power: 90 KW

Normal Rated Voltage: 400 V

Normal Rated frequency: 50HZ



2 - Bilge/fire general pump (centrifugal, horizontal, self-priming, 80CBZ-42, 60m3/h)

1 - Emergency fire pump (centrifugal, horizontal, self-priming, 65CWY-40, 30m3/h)

2 - Ballast pump (centrifugal, vertical, CISG100-125A, 260m3/h)

2 - D. O. delivery pump (KCB3/3.3, external gearing gear pump, 3.3 m3/h)

1 - Lube oil pre pump (KCB3.3/3.3, external gearing gear pump, 3.3 m3/h)

1 - Dirty fuel transport pump (G20-1, single screw pump, 1.06 m3/h)

1 - Fore bilge hand pump (CS-32Y, 48L/min)

2 - Tail shaft oil hand pump (CS-20Y, 20L/min)

1 - Daily sea water pump (IWZ-0.9, 1.8 m3/h)

1 - Daily fresh water pump (1WZ-0.9, 1.8 m3/h)


Sewage treatment unit (Model: SWCB-10, 10 P)

Oily water Separator (YWC-0.5, 0.5 m3/h)


Compressed air system

2 - Air compressor (CZ10/30F, 10 m3/h, 3MPa)

3 - Air reservoir (160 L/3 MPa)

1 - Siren and General air receiver (A0.08-1, 80L/1MPa)

1 - Control air reservoir (80 L/1MPa)


Ventilation System

2 - E/R airy fan (axial-flow, JCZ-60A, 12000 m3/h, 240 Pa)

1 - CO2 room airy fan (axial-flow, CWZ-200G (a!), 920m3/h, 140Pa)

1 - Battery room airy fan (CBGD-20-2, 800m3/h, 275Pa)


Fire Fighting System:

1 set - Fixed CO2 fire extinguishing device ((68L/45Kg/10 Air bottles)

1 - Large foam extinguisher (45L)

1 set - Portable foam nozzle (PQ8.C, 400L/min)

2 - Portable foam extinguisher (9L)

2 - Portable dry powder extinguisher (5Kg)

2 - E/R Emer. escape breathe device (THDF-10I)



2- Stern shaft (Model: 220 mm, L≈3423 mm),

2- Intermediate shaft (Model: 160 mm, L≈500 mm)


Hydraulic Steering Gear:

Model: DYBd2-63/28-DK1-2

Nominal torque: 63KN.m

Elec. motor power: 5.5 KW



Voltage and Wiring System








400V AC

50 Hz


3 wire

Electric motor

380V AC

50 Hz


3 wire

Galley & mini equipment

220V AC

50 Hz


3 wire

General lighting

220V AC

50 Hz


2 wire

Emergency Lighting

24V DC

50 Hz


2 wire

Nautical Equipment

220V AC

50 Hz


2 wire

Radio Equipment, Interior

communication, general alarm, etc

24V DC

50 Hz


2 wire



Electric cable

In general, ethylene-propylene (EP) rubber insulated polyvinyl chloride (P.V.C) heated, halogen free type and basket weave copper wire braided cables.


D/E generating set: CCFJ90J-Y3 X 2 sets

Diesel engines: 108 KWX1500 r/min

Generator: 90 KW, 400V, 50HZ, COSφ=0.8, 162A, 1500r/min.



Dead front, self-standing type, IP-22 and natural ventilation.

1 - Main switchboard in engine room

The main switchboard shall consist of:

2 - Generator panels,

1 - Synchronizing

1 - 380V consumer panels

1 - Group starter panels

1 - 220V consumer panels

1 - Emergency switchboard in emergency alternator space

The emergency switchboard shall consist of:

1 - Emergency alternator switchboard & 380V feeder panel

1 - 220V feeder panel


The power transformers to be three phase, 50Hz, semi-enclosed drip proof type (IP23), air cooled by natural circulation with class B insulation.


Output No. Voltage

For general service 50KVA 2 400/230V Standby each other.

For emergency service 25KVA 2 400/230V Standby each other.


Storage Batteries

Lead acid type (D.C. 24V)

2 - 200 AH for general service

2 - 200 AH for radio equipment


Shore Connection Equipment

1 - A.C. 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase, 100 A


Motors and Controls

In general, all motors to be of squirrel cage rotor induction type with standard design based on IEC recommendations. The setting of starting & control modes of mechanical equipment on the vessel is as follows:

1. For the mechanical equipment which rated capacity less than 30kW, starting mode is direct-on-line starting mode.

2. For the mechanical equipment which rated capacity over 30kW, starting mode is star delta mode.

3. Auto transformer is provided for Bow thruster.

4. Heavy load require provided for general fire pump and general bilge pump.


Two (2) sets of grouped starter control panel are provided on the vessel.

No.1 group starter panels are arranged in MSB, and No.2 group starter panel is arranged in E/R.



The vessel to be adequately illuminated by incandescent and/or fluorescent lights.

Lighting system to consist of the following three (3) groups:

1) General lighting system (A.C. 220V)

Fed from the main generators via general service transformers. The main deck is to be illuminated by halogen floodlights, switched in the wheelhouse.

2) Emergency lighting system (A.C. 220V)

Fed from the emergency generators via emergency service transformers.

3) Temporary emergency lighting system (D.C. 24V)

Fed from the storage batteries when 220V power source lost.


Interior communication equipment

1 set – Public addressor with talk back system

1 set – General alarm system

1 set – Sound-power telephone system

1 set – Fire detection and alarm system

1 set – Engine telegraph system

1 set – Signal bell system


Navigation Equipments

2 - Tail shaft tachometer

1 - CPL-165 Magnetic compass

1 - CPT-130A Gyro compass

1 - Radars ≥250mm

1 - Speed log

1 - Echo sounder

1 - GPS

1 - AIS

1 - Rudder indicator

2 - Window wiper

1 - Fog horn

2 - Clear view screen

1 – VDR


Radio equipment

Equipment installed on this vessel shall completely comply with SOLAS 1988 amendments to meet the equipment of GMDSS for ships trading in A1 + A2 areas.

1 - VHF telephone (FT-805)

3 - Two-way VHF radio telephone (FT-2800)

1 - NAVTEX receiver

1 - Satellite EPIRB

2 - SART (radar transponder) (RT-10)

1 - Two-way talk-back radio telephone (SG-150)

1 - 250 W MF/HF transmitter

1 - MF/HF receiver

1 - MF/HF DSC watch receiver

1 - Terminal unit and printer of NBDP


2 - International VHF radio telephone

2 - SART (radar transponder)

3 - Two-way portable VHF radiotelephone apparatus










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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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