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NEW BUILD - 15m 60 Pax Ferry

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Description:NEW BUILD - 15m 60 Pax Ferry
Date Launched:Built to Order
Length:15m (49ft 2in)
Beam:5.4m (17ft 8in)
Draft:1.2m (3ft 11in)
Location:ex factory, India
Broker:Geoff Fraser

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General Description:

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Technical Specifications
Constructed By: Praga Marine Private Limited (India)
Designed By: Mark Ellis Marine Design (Australia)
Design Number: 871040-1A
The vessel shall be constructed as a medium speed, sea kindly, and passenger service vessel for the use in Indian waters. The vessel shall be arranged as shown in the preliminary drawing. The Helm is arranged to allow all round vision. Boarding is effective by the provision of wide side decks and grab rails, allowing side, bow or stern loading. Entry to the passenger saloon is via rear, and side mounted weatherproof doors.
Principle Dimensions
Length Overall: 15.00 metres
Length at Waterline: 13.90 meters
Beam: 5.40 meters
Draft: 1.20 meters
Fuel: 2000 litres
Water: 250 litres
Sullage: 250 litres
Main Engines: Cummins model - QSL-9 400 BHP @ 2100 rpm
Speed Maximum: 22 Knots (Light Ship)
Speed Cruising: 20 Knots
Passengers: 60
Crew: 3
Hull and Superstructure
The vessels hull shall be moulded in FRP, transversely framed and longitudinally stiffened with scantlings in accordance with the Indian Register of Shipping for FRP planning craft and in accordance with the under Certification of the IR Class or equivalent.
Four (4) watertight bulkheads shall be provided for watertight subdivision in each hull.
All materials used shall be in accordance with the Standards approved by the IR Class.
Hatches, Doors and Port Lights
The following hatches and doors shall be provided:
  • Watertight soft patches over engine bays.
  • Watertight access hatches fitted to engine rooms
  • Weather tight doors fitted to cabin aft bulkhead and wheel house sides.
  • Weather tight anchor locker in bow.
  • Watertight hatches (flush) to steering compartments
Deck Fittings and Hardware
Eight off aluminium mooring bollards (double pillar).
One set mooring lines.
One set aluminium rails as shown to include wheel house top and 50mm boarding rail on front and aft deck.
Painting and Deck Finishes
The vessel's hull and superstructure shall have a FRP high gloss finish. The side, aft and foredeck shall be provided with a non-skid paint finish. All underwater areas shall be anti-fouled and provided with sacrificial anodes as required.
Heavy duty "D" type rubber gunnel fendering shall be fitted to the vessel at gunnel height. This provides excellent fendering, protection for the vessel with trouble free long life.
Main Engines and Gearboxes
Two (2) off freshwater heat exchange, sea water cooled, Cummins – model – QSL – 9 (400 BHP @ 2100 RPM) or equivalent, medium continuous rating diesel engines shall be installed coupled to reverse / reduction marine , gearboxes as specified by engine suppliers.
Alarms on main engine function (no shutdowns). The engines shall be fitted with an electric starter motor, crankshaft p.t.o. for steering pump. Water injected exhaust elbows. An auxiliary p.t.o. and bilge pump shall be fitted to one engine. Engines instrument panel and key stop / start to be provided for the main helm. Main engines to be resiliently mounted to ship's structure. Crank case breather shall be plumbed to above deck. Axial fans shall be fitted, 220 volt, in the machinery space for ventilation.
CUMMINS QSL-9 209-302 kW | 281-405 hp
Configuration: In-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
Aspiration: Turbocharged / After-cooled
Displacement: 8.9 L (542 in3)
Bore & Stroke: 114 X 145 mm (4.49 X 5.71 in)
Rotation: Counter clockwise facing flywheel
Fuel System: High Pressure Common Rail
Engine Design – Robust engine designed for long life. Metric O-ring seals and edge molded gaskets eliminate fluid leaks. Aluminium pistons for exceptional durability.
Fuel System – High Pressure Common Rail electronically-controlled fuel system provides constant high injection pressure regardless of engine speed or load condition. Benefits include low noise and vibration for quiet operation and faster load acceptance.
Lubrication System – Standard capacity (18 L [19 quart]) marine grade oil pan, plus a selection of engine mounted and remote lube filters for installation flexibility and ease of maintenance
Cooling System – Single loop, low temperature after cooling eliminates the need for two keel coolers and lowers emissions. Tube and shell heat exchanger designed for superior durability and ease of service with minimal maintenance requirements. Fan drive available for radiator cooled configurations
Air Intake System – Rear engine-mounted water cooled turbocharger from Cummins Turbo Technologies optimized for marine applications
Exhaust System – Cast water cooled exhaust manifold for lower surface temperatures, safety and improved performance
Electronics – 12v and 24v Quantum System electronics feature a proven ECM to monitor operating parameters such as fuel consumption, duty cycle, engine load and speed, while providing diagnostics, prognostics and complete engine protection. Simplified electrical customer interface box for all vessel connections to reduce installation complexity
Certifications – Complies with U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations without the use of after treatment. Designed to meet the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and SOLAS requirements. Consult your local Cummins professional for a complete listing of available class approvals
Optional Equipment:
Front power take-off adapter
Air and electric starting motors
Integrated C Command HD panels with a selection of display options available to monitor and maximize operation and performance
SAE B accessory drive
Fully integrated type approved alarm and safety system
Scope of Supply
Cummins Diesel Marine Propulsion engine model QSL 9 (Medium Continous Duty) rated at 405 MHP @ 2100 RPM suitable for Marine Application. The rating is guaranteed within minus 5% limit for site conditions of 150 M altitude, 736 mm Hg dry barometer, 29 degree C intake air temp and 9.6 mm Hg water vapor pressure and has to be derated as per site conditions.
Air System: 
Intake Manifold Engine Mounted
Air Cleaner
Exhaust System
Exhaust Manifold: Engine Mounted. 
Exhaust outlet connection – Wet type
Fuel System
Fuel Pump
Fuel Filter (Spin On)
Lubricating Oil System
Lubricating oil Pump
Oil Pan Engine Mounted- Center Sump
Lubricating oil Filter:- Combo Venturi Type
Oil Cooler
Engine Starting System
Starter Motor suitable for operation on 24 Volts DC engine mounted
Cooling System
Heat Exchanger
(Smart Craft 2.2 DTS 24V)
  • Vessel Interface Panel
  • Drive Application Harness
  • Engine & VIP Extension Harness 15ft
  • Engine & VIP unswitched power harness 20ft
  • Vessel Sensor Harness Kit
  • Main Station extension harness 35ft
  • Second Station Extension Harness 60ft
  • Command & Control Module
  • Gear Actuation Fwd/Rev (DTS Gear Actuation Harness With DIN Connector)
  • Key Switch Extension Harness 5ft
  • Gauge Back Panel for Main Station & Second Station
  • Charging Alternator 24/70Amps Non Insulated
  • Fuel System Accessory (WIF Sensor, Harness, Resistor)
  • Gauges In Kit (Pressure Gauge, temperature Gauge, Tachometer, Voltmeter) for Main Station & Second Station
  • Lanyard for Main Station
  • Starting Accessories (Alternator Wiring)
  • Helm Harness
  • Control Head (Console Mount)
  • Flywheel housing SAE 1
  • Flywheel
  • O&M Manual, Parts Catalog, Owner Manual
  • Vibration Isolator
  • Raw Water Pump
  • Marine Gear Oil Cooler
  • Front Engine Support
  • Heat Shield
  • Remote Oil Drain
Note: Unit Class Certificate is not included in our scope of supply. It can be provided if requested at additional class inspection charges at actuals. Type Approval Certificate from an IACS Classification Society has been attached for your reference in this 
Technical Specification.
Drive and Steering System
The gearboxes shall be connected to 316 stainless steel propeller shafts (3") supported in heavy walled brass stern tube and water lubricated bearings. Stern tube glands shall be provided. Manganese bronze, balanced 4 blade propellers shall be fitted.
Semi balanced rudders constructed of stainless steel with a stainless steel stock shall be provided. Cast bronze tillers shall be fitted to the stocks and actuated by double acting hydraulic rams.
Two (2) off 1000 litres aluminium fuel tank shall be provided and installed. Fuel tank vents shall terminate above deck level.
Duplex fuel filters, Raycor or similar, to be fitted to main engines. Approved flexible hoses to be used for all engine connections. Tank level instruments to be installed (sight tube), to be actuated by weight valve. Fuel drain valves and inspection hatches shall be installed. Emergency shut off valves remote operated shall be installed.
Deckwash / Bilge System
Engine driven deckwash / bilge pump shall be provided with bilge suction forward, midship and engine compartments. An emergency hand pump shall be provided. Non return valves shall be installed to overboard discharge lines.
A sea-suction and deck wash outlet fitted and plumbed to the bilge pump. A non return valve or "L" port cock to be fitted to prevent back flooding.
Exhaust System
Main engine exhaust fittings shall be constructed of stainless steel and shall provided with a flexible hose sections and water injections. Exhausts shall terminate at the vessel's transom area and shall be fitted with a self closing flap.
Machinery Instruments
Pilot House Instruments : 
Engine oil pressure gauge
Gear oil pressure gauge
Water temperature gauge
Engine Stop 
Rudder angle Indicator
Engine Control System
The following control system will be fitted onto the vessel as supplied by Cummins Inc.
Cummins - Mercury Marine’s SmartCraft Integrated Marine Technology is the most complete and powerful boat information system ever created.
SmartCraft provides up-to-the-second information on dozens of engine diagnostics, including RPM, fuel flow and management, critical temperature readings, speed, and engine trim. By taking the guesswork out of boating, SmartCraft makes your time on the water more enjoyable for you and your passengers.
roduct Features:
The ECO-Screen constantly monitors engine RPM, boat speed, fuel consumption and engine trim to automatically calculate and guide you to your best fuel economy settings. We do all the math, so you don't have to.
NMEA 2000 Compatibility*
MercMonitor converts SmartCraft data into NMEA 2000 and transmits that data so it can be viewed on all NMEA 2000 compatible displays (chart plotters, fish finders, etc). MercMonitor can also be used with other engines (Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, etc.) as long as they are NMEA 2000 compliant.
Customizable Backlight Colours
Allows you to choose which colour is right for you. 8 choices available: Blue, Ice Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Purple and Wave
If you are into weekends full of skiing, tubing, boarding or wake surfing, this feature is for you! SmartTow makes towing water sports riders simple. This feature improves your boating experience by bringing your rider out of the water at a preselected speed every time. Gone are the days of needing to guess how fast to pull a rider out of the water. SmartTow makes you a professional tow sport driver! Just select the custom launch profile that your rider desires and throw the throttle down to give them the pull they desire every time.
Descriptive Fault Text
Provides fault data in easy to understand text messages and tips to guide you on how to react to any faults that may occur on your Mercury products.
Steering System
The vessel is steered by a Wheel from the Helmsmans position through a Hydraulic system. The rudders are mounted through the hull in suitable watertight bearings with tillers linked across the hulls by a connecting pipe. The rudders are of stainless steel plate attached by a flange to stainless steel rudder stocks. An emergency hand -tiller is provided as per regulations.
MAC N HOM Hydraulic Steering System
Depending upon the size of vessel, torque required for rudder-stock and angle of turning of rudder plate, we offer 5 models of Rudder Controls for In-Board vessels and 1 model for Out-Board vessels.
Range & Speed Estimate
The Range and Speed estimates are given below based on Engine Data and Standard Propeller Efficiencies.
15.00 Meter Catamaran – Design Number 871040
Shaft Drive – 60 Passenger Catamaran
Main Engines – Cummins QSL-9 (400 BHP @ 2100 rpm) x 2
Lightship: 23500 kg
Crew @ 65kg x 4: 260 kg
Fuel @ 2000 litres: 1680 kg
Water @ 250 litres: 250 kg
Stores: 100 kg
Passengers @ 75 kg x 60: 4550 kg
Total deadweight: 6840 kg
The following shall be supplied:
  • Adequate lighting points in all areas including in all hull compartments and decks.
  • Navigation Lights as per Regulations
  • One 6” Searchlight mounted on top of wheelhouse.
  • Windscreen Wiper
  • Air Horn
  • Suitable Power Points for all electrical equipment.
  • Distribution Panels with MCB’s, switches and gauges. All wiring and equipment will be to ISI Standards and fitted in proper conduits.
  • Shore Supply Panel and Socket.
Navigation Electronic Equipment
GPS-Chartplotter-Echo Sounder (Optional Extra)
Fluxgate Compass (Optional Extra)
Navtex Receiver (Optional Extra)
Radar (Optional Extra)
Satellite Compass (Optional Extra)
Autopilot (Optional Extra)
Anemometer (Optional Extra)
Communication Electronic Equipment
  • VHF Radio (Fixed 25 Watts) (Optional Extra)
  • SSB Radio (Optional Extra)
  • Automotive Identification System (AIS) (Optional Extra)
  • Loud Hailer (Optional Extra)
  • Search & Rescue Electronic Equipment
  • The following Search and Rescue (SAR) electronic equipment will be supplied with each vessel:
  • EPIRB (Optional Extra)
  • SART (Optional Extra)
  • Padded helm seat
  • Marine carpet in main cabin area.
  • Upholstered Aircraft style passenger seating
  • Safety equipment to local Maritime Authority's requirement
  • Windscreen Wipers 110o pantograph paralleled wipe. (2 off)
  • Toilet European style. (1 off)
  • Handwash Basin within toilet space (pressure pump). (1 off)
  • VHF Radio (1 off)
  • Manual anchor winch (rope & chain) clutch type
  • Compass - swung at port of final delivery.
  • Tap in Engine room –
  • Depth Sounder / Log
  • Chart Plotter (Optional Extra)
  • Radar (Optional Extra)
  • GPS (Optional Extra)
  • AIS (Optional Extra)
  • EPIRB (Optional Extra)
  • SART (Optional Extra)
Safety Equipment
The following safety equipment shall be provided : (Included in quotation) :
  • Life Saving Appliances as per Class requirements
  • Life Buoys as per Class requirements
  • Fire Extinguishers as per Class requirements
  • Fire Buckets as per Class requirements
  • Anchor with rope & chain
  • Audible Alarm warning horn
  • Portable Torch (1 off) Battery operated
  • Tool / Maintenance Kit
  • First Aid Kit (1 off)
  • Fire & Safety Plan to be displayed
  • Life Jackets (65 off) or as per Class requirements
Air Conditioner
Split Air conditioning systems shall be installed manufactured by VOLTAS – Delux 5 Star Y Series model 1.5T 245 DY or equivalent maintaining 22o Centigrade in Passenger Saloon and Pilot House areas.
Two (2 off) 16.40 KVA, sea water cooled model 17 GTC manufactured by Sole S.A., marine genset or equivalent shall be installed in compartment forward of engine room in either Starboard or Port hull as specified by the Designer.
The Vessel/s shall be constructed in accordance with and in compliance to the rules, resolutions and regulations as described in the Specifications, including additions and amendments thereto in force at the time the Agreement becomes effective and under special survey of the Indian Register of Shipping (hereinafter referred to as “IR Class”) and shall be constructed to the Inland Steamship Vessel Act of Maharashtra or equivalent for passenger ferries.

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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