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400 KL Double SPOB 2016
Listing ID: 1507

LENGTH:44.27m (145ft)
BEAM:10.5m (34ft 5in)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:USD 1.15 million

Category: SPOB (double bottom & hull). Port of Registry: Samarinda. Country Flag: Indonesia. Classification: BKI. Gross Tonnage: 419. Net Tonnage: 126. Capacity: 400 KL. Main Engine: 2x 405 HP / 1950 rpm Yanmar Marine Diesel 6HA2M-WDT Gearbox Reintjes WAF164 RR 5,950:1

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NEW BUILD - 6000 dwt SPOB
Listing ID: 1227

LENGTH:105m (344ft 5in)
BEAM:18m (59ft)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:USD 4.3 Million

Class: CCS. Double Hull, Double Bottom. Flash Point: Flash Point: =60?. Cargo Tank Capacity: 7469m3. Main Engine: 735kw*2, 1000rpm, Zibo Diesel Engine.

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7 'Sea-River' Class Oil Tankers
Listing ID: 1442

DESCRIPTION:7 'Sea-River' Class Oil Tankers
DATE LAUNCHED:2012 - 2016
LENGTH:139.9m (458 ft 11in)
BEAM:16.6m (54ft 5in)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:For the price, we require an LOI from interested buyer.
PRICE NOTES:Can be bought individually or as fleet.

A Russian corporate owner offers for sale (rare) ‘sea-river’ class tankers, built in St. Petersburg (Russia) during 2012-2016, each 6,613 (sea) / 5,132 (river tons deadweight, including: 5 tankers of RST25 project – 2 tankers of RST27 project. Tankers intended to carry crude oil, water-mud sludge, fuel oil, diesel fuel, naphtha, base oils etc. All the tankers are in excellent condition with all certifications in place.

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45.48m SPOB 400 KL BKI RINA 2013
Listing ID: 1424

LENGTH:45.48m (149ft 2in)
BEAM:10m (32ft 9in)
DRAFT:2.475m (8ft)
LOCATION:Samarinda, Indonesia
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:USD 900,000 negotiable

Flag: Indonesia. Port of Registry: Samarinda. Class: - BKI : - RINA. Gross Tonnage: 407 T. Service Speed: 7 - 8 knots. Bottom & Hull: Double Hull & Double Bottom. Tank Cargo Cap: 400M3 (Full 100%). Main Engine: Yanmar / 2x405 HP 6HA2M-WDT. Propeller: 2 unit putaran kiri Dan Kanan FPP. Berths: 9 Berths full AC.

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50m SPOB Bunkering Tanker 1800 KL Capacity
Listing ID: 1392

DESCRIPTION:50m SPOB Bunkering Tanker 1800 KL Capacity
LENGTH:50.67m (166ft 2in)
BEAM:12.2m (40ft)
DRAFT:4.19m (13ft 8in)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont

Flag: Indonesia. Year Built: 2014. Launching: 2015. Port of Registry: Jakarta. Class: BKI. Service Speed: 7 knots. Total power: 1000 HP (2x 500 HP). FW Capacity: 50m3. FOT Tank: 60 KL. Cargo Capacity: 1800 KL (100%). Main Engine: Yanmar 6 HYM-WET (2x 500HP / 368 kW). Twin Screw (FPP). Berth: 12 beds.

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37m Work Boat / Marpol Barge / Tanker for Sale & Charter
Listing ID: 1381

DESCRIPTION:37m Work Boat For Sale & Charter
LENGTH:37m (121ft 4in)
BEAM:8.54m (28ft)
DRAFT:2.59m (8ft 5in)
LOCATION:Spanish Water
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont

Built: 1980, Spain. Class Society and Notation: Local Ship Inspectorate Harbour A1 Next SS: October 2019. Total power output: 788 bhp. Main Engines: 2 x DOOSAN L126 Tm1. Main Propulsion System: 2 x Schottel. Speed cruising: 7 knots. Deck Area: 130 m2. 499 GT Single hull / bottom Marpol barge tanker. The vessel has been used for fresh water supply, MARPOL I waste (sludge, slops and bilge water) collection with Flash Point over 60º and lub oil supply. It can be easily adapted for gasoil / fuel oil supply with same pumps. Main duties: MARPOL, Water Barge, Lubes barge, Cargo Barge. Engines: Both main engines built 2015. Current running hours: 860 and 620 respectively. Total consumption: 70 litres per hour. Accommodation for in 1 cabin with 2 bunks. Safety equipment for 6 crew/passengers. Repairs and overall status: Total overhaul in 2015 for 500,000 Euros including change of some steel plates, new electronic gauge system, new engines and pumps and tanks refitted to increase MARPOL capacity against lubricants capacity which now are supply from IBCs on deck. Ultra thickness measurement report (December 2018) available. Latest dry dock: December 2018.

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43m Oil Tanker.
Listing ID: 1328

DESCRIPTION:43 Mt. Oil Tanker (>60 C)
LENGTH:43.7m (143ft 4in)
BEAM:6.8m (22ft 3in)
DRAFT:3.35m (10ft 11in)
BROKER:Giuseppe Filippone
PRICE:EUR 780,000

Single hull. Schottel propulsion. DWT = 830 [t]. Cargo capacity : approx. 900 m3. Propulsion: Mercedes/OM403 – 255 HP. Navigation area: 8 (local navigation). Class: HRB (Croatian registry) valid until October 2022.

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NEW BUILD - 25.15m Oil Tanker
Listing ID: 1299

DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:25.15m (82ft 6in)
BEAM:8m (26ft 2in)
DRAFT:2.43m (7ft 11in)
LOCATION:ex Shipyard, Spain or Dominican Republic
BROKER:Reynaldo Gil J.

Power: 2 x 260hp. Speed: 6.5 k. Marpol I, IV, VI capacity: 220 m3 (95%). Marpol V Capacity: 30m3. Loading/unloading ratio: 40m3/h. Class notation: Bureau Veritas: HULL·MACHINERY, Oil Tanker, Flash Point < 60o, Sheltered waters. Cargo type: Marpol I, IV, V, VI. Main Engine maker: Doosan Intracore Co. Model: L126 TIH with electronic control Aventics Marex ECS 500 and InteliDrive DCU controller. Total Power: 2x260 hp at 2,000 r.p.m. Propeller: 2 units, 4 fixed blades diameter 1,070 mm. Deck crane: Cytecma. Capacity: 2.5 tonnes at 8m. The vessel is equipped with one cabin for 2 pax including 2 beds with complete bathroom, sofa and table. Workshop facilities including working bench, 380 and 220V electrical connection. TANK CAPACITIES: Cargo: 220 m3 (95%), Diesel oil: 11 m3, Ballast water: 90 m3, Fresh water: 2,17 m3, Bilge water: 1,55 m3, Grey/Black water: 1,55 m3.

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65m Double Hull Bunker Tanker
Listing ID: 2220

DESCRIPTION:65m Double Hull Bunker Barge
LENGTH:65m (213ft 3in)
BEAM:15m (49ft 2in)
DRAFT:3.5m (11ft 5in)
LOCATION:Sydney, Australia
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

The vessel was brought into service in Sydney in 2012 and is now laid up being surplus to owners requirement. Classification Society: ABS. Class Notation: +A1 Circle E, AMS + ACCU. Shipyard: Pioneer Smith / ASL. Deadweight: 1422.6 metric tones. Maximum speed: 10 knots. Accommodation: 6 cabins. Main Engines: 2 x Caterpillar, Model Number: 3412 DDITA, 720 hp. Propulsion, 2 x 4 Blade Propellor. Bow thruster. Owners have recently reduced price by 50 percent and are motivated sellers.

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1000 dwt Oil Tanker
Listing ID: 1303

DESCRIPTION:1000 dwt Oil Tanker
LENGTH:53.90m (176ft 10in)
BEAM:9.18m (30ft)
DRAFT:1.718m (5ft 7in)
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:USD 675,000

Double Hull, Double Bottom. Navigation Area: Coastal Waters. Navigation Area: A1+A2. Additional Strengthen Structure: B. Class Ice Area Strengthening. Cargo Hold: 8 Hatch Cover Type: Steel Rotary Oil Hatch. Main Engine: 6190zlc1-2, 540hp, 1000rpm, Jinan Diesel Engine. Gross Tonnage: 496. Net Tonnage: 277.

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NEW BUILD - 320 DWT Bunker Barges
Listing ID: 1265857

LENGTH:23.9m (78ft 4in)
BEAM:9.8m (32ft)
DRAFT:2.65m (8ft 8in)
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:USD 1.12 million

The vessel is designed and built as all-welded steel structure, with single deck, single hull, double bottom and aft engine type. There are one deck houses above the aft upper deck and 6 cargo oil tanks. The vessel is a product oil / bunkering (fuel oil supply) tanker driven by two diesel engines with twin screws and twin rudders. The vessel is of coastal navigation and designed to carry and supply product oil of flash point > 60!.

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1034dwt Double Hull / Double Bottom Bunker Tanker
Listing ID: 1963

DESCRIPTION:1034 dwt Double Hull/Double Bottom Bunker Tanker
LENGTH:59.45m (195ft)
BEAM:10m (32ft 9in)
DRAFT:3.85m (12ft 7in)
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:USD 2.8 million

1,034 DWT on 3.35M draft, Double Hull/Double Bottom. Built: 2013, Korea. Flag: Korean, Class: KR; Last / Next Special Survey: July 2013/July 2018. Main engine : Yanmar 6ey22aw x 900rpm x 1,400ps x 1set; Speed : 12.5kts(85%) / 13.2kts(100%); Fuel oil consumption : m/e(bunker-a) - 175g/h(80%) / 193g/h(100%) g/e(mgo) - 27g/h(80%) / 32.5g/h(100%); Generator : doosan ad136t x 1,800rpm x 170ps x 2set; Hyundai d4ak x 1,800rpm x 87ps x 1set; Cargo tank capacity : ttl 1,026.977cbm / 10 tanks / no.1 ~ no.5 (p/s); Cargo pump : taiko kikai / gear type / 10inch 400m3/h x 2set / 5inch 120m3/h x 1set; Tank capacity(fo/mgo/bw/fw) : 44.52cbm / 13.06cbm / 507.8cbm / 17.24cbm; Deck crane : 0.9ton x 1set.

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NEW BUILDS - Two 85m Non Propelled Oil Barges
Listing ID: 1226

DESCRIPTION:85m Non Propelled Oil Barge
LENGTH:85.3m (279ft 10in)
BEAM:22m (72ft 2in)
DRAFT:4.5m (14ft 9in)
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:Price USD 3.1million x 1 before reconstructed.Price USD 3.45million x 1 after reconstructed

loa, 85.3m, beam, 22m, depth, 6.1m, design, draft, 4.5m, capacity, cbm, dwt, ton, class, bv, built, china. The two oil barges can also be installed the main engines and propellers to become as a self-propelled oil barges.

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4 Units of 8500T DWT Chemical and Product Oil Tanker
Listing ID: 1838

DESCRIPTION:4 units of 8500T DWT Chemical & Product Oil Tanker
DATE LAUNCHED:will be delivered with the schedule as per Nov. 24th, 2017, Feb.22nd, 2018, Apr.23rd, 2018 and Apr.23rd, 2018.
LENGTH:119.50m (392ft)
BEAM:18.50m (60ft 8in)
DRAFT:7.2m (23ft 7in)
LOCATION:ex shipyard, China
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE NOTES:Price guidance USD 23 million per unit (as broker only).

Designed and built as a single screw, low speed diesel engine driven Chemical / Product oil tanker with duplex stainless steel cargo tanks for world-wide service transporting product oil and/or Chemicals IMO type 2, 3.

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NEW BUILD - 3180 dwt Double Hull Tanker Classed BV
Listing ID: 647793

DESCRIPTION:New Build - 3180 dwt Double Hull Tanker Classed BV
DATE LAUNCHED:Under construction. Completion soon.
LENGTH:96.96m (318ft)
BEAM:15m (49ft 2in)
DRAFT:4.3m (14ft)
LOCATION:Hubei, China
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:USD 3.65 million

Newbuild 3180mt dwt double hull oil tanker. Under construction. Completion soon. Class BV double hull, oil tank flash point <60 deg C, unrestricted. 16 tanks. 2 x 928kw main engine model XCW8200ZC. Speed 11.5 knots. endurance 2500nm. crew accommodation 6 x single, 5 double.

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20.20m Oil Recovery & Bunkering Tanker - Price Reduced!
Listing ID: 438635

DESCRIPTION:20m Oil Recovery & Bunkering Tanker
DATE LAUNCHED:Built: 2007 Rebuilt: 2011
LOCATION:South Europe
PRICE:EUR 1,100,000.00 (Price Reduced)

Oil Recovery and Bunkering Tanker For Sale in Europe. Launched in 2007 in Spain and rebuilt in 2011. Class: Spanish Class “S” (Harbour waters). Last DD – Next DD: Dec 2011 – March 2014, Next SS: September 2015. Next Annual Survey: 2013. Total power output: 450 HP. Main Engines: MAN D2876LE403 @ 1800rpm. Main Propulsion System: Azimuth ROLL propulsion without nozzle. Speed: 9 knots. Deck Cargo: 10 tons. Deck Area: for about 10 pallets. Loading tank (3): 97m3 approx. Double hull and double bottom.

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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