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SOLD - 60' Luxury Jet-Drive Power Catamaran
Listing ID: 339072

DESCRIPTION:Jet-drive Power Catamaran
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE NOTES:US$ 500,000.00 (plus duties and taxes, if any)

60ft Aussie Powercat. Launched in 2001 with twin 700HP Cats.

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SOLD - 80m DP2 Dive Support Vessel
Listing ID: 381714

DESCRIPTION:Dive Support Vessel
DATE LAUNCHED:1966, rebuilt 1999
BROKER:John Kearns
PRICE:USD 1.5 million
PRICE NOTES:Huge Price Reduction

80m DP2 DSV Built 1966 Aker Norway; Vessel Totally Rebuilt during 1999 at Malta Dry-docks to DP Class 2, Classification DNV – IAI EO DYNPOS – AUTR, Main Engine Wartsila 2730 kW, on Liaaen Variable Pitch Propeller, 2 Bow Thrusters 2 Stern Thrusters, DP 2 System Kongsberg SDP 21 (Duplex System), Clear Deck Area 407m2, 2nd Deck Area 47m2, Clear Area in Cargo Hold 180m2 2 x 12 ton Aurora Electro- Hydraulic Telescopic Deck Cranes. Accommodation 59 persons

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SOLD - 68pax Catamaran
Listing ID: 1897

DESCRIPTION:68pax Catamaran
LENGTH:19.45m (63ft 9in)
BEAM:6.8m (22ft 3in)
DRAFT:1.6m (5ft 2in)
LOCATION:Tokyo Bay, Japan
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:USD 270,000


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SOLD - 55.1m Utility/Guard/Expedition Vessel - Multi Purpose Vessel
Listing ID: 1191344

DESCRIPTION:55.1m Utility / Guard/ Expedition Vessel - Multi Purpose Vessel
LENGTH:55.1m (180ft 9in)
BEAM:9.52m (31ft 2in)
DRAFT:4.01m (13ft)
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:USD 350,000 with prompt delivery

Ex German Pilot Association Vessel Suitable for Guard / Offshore / Utility / Expedition Vessel – Multi Purpose Vessel.

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SOLD - NEW 15m Workboat
Listing ID: 2039

DATE LAUNCHED:Normally built to order. One in stock.
LENGTH:15.75m (51ft 8in)
BEAM:6.0m (19ft 8in)
DRAFT:1.0m (3ft 3in)
LOCATION:United Kingdom
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:GBP 475,000
PRICE NOTES:Any special build would be quoted and depend on equipment specified.

A multi-role workboat, ideally suited to port services, buoy maintenance, dredging support, pollution clean-up, diving and general marine construction works. The Meercat M15 offers a versatile and stable work platform, allowing for heavy lifting capacity with the onboard crane and a large working deck for a variety of operations. As a well-proven design, Meercat can provide a number of examples of M15 vessels working around the world in many applications, proving what a truly versatile design it is.

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NEW BUILD KITS - Alloy Vessels of All Types
Listing ID: 679331

DESCRIPTION:Kitsets - Alloy vessels
LENGTH:12m - 25m
BEAM:various including monohulls
LOCATION:ex factory, Thailand
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:Price on application
PRICE NOTES:Plus additional shipping costs.

Do you have a local yard that is capable of aluminium welding and vessel construction, but they don’t have the design you need? Our yard in Thailand has a range of designs in the 10m to 40m plus range which they can build for you. However, shipping costs to your area may make the delivery of the finished boat too expensive for you to consider. The answer is that they put together a complete package including a step-by-step building plan and fabricated units ready to be assembled by your local yard under your own local supervision. The whole kit will be shipped in containers and will include everything required to complete the vessel, including fittings, engines and all other equipment. All you need is qualified aluminium welders and a construction site. Designed and fabricated in Australia and shipped from the company's yard in Thailand these kits eliminate the need to design from scratch.

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30m Ex-Research Vessel - OFFERS INVITED!
Listing ID: 669490

DESCRIPTION:30m Ex Research Vessel
LENGTH:30m (98ft 5in)
BEAM:6.1m (20ft)
DRAFT:2.4m (7ft 10in)
LOCATION:Auckland, New Zealand
BROKER:John Kearns
PRICE NOTES:Offers Invited

Built Japan in 1985 of fibreglass construction. Powered by an 800 hp Niigata marine engine giving a cruising speed of 11 knots. Economical to run with good range. Accommodation for 11. Available for prompt delivery.

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Singapore Charter Business with Sailing Catamaran
Listing ID: 1841

DESCRIPTION:Singapore Charter Business with Sailing Catamaran
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:SGD 900,000
PRICE NOTES:Price includes the business and all assets including one Lagoon 400 luxury sailing catamaran

We have been instructed to offer for sale a unique opportunity to purchase a High Profile Sailing Charter business in Singapore.  Infinity Sails provides yacht cruises custom tailored on their luxury catamaran in the southern waters of Singapore and neighboring islands.  Providing top level service their customers has always been a priority, ensuring a unique charter experience for all to offer a great relief from the busy Singapore city life and a special adventure for tourists. Their luxury charter yacht can accommodate up to 18 guests and all guests are well treated and taken care of during a relaxing cruise by their professional and experienced crew.  Offering to cruise at sunrise or into the sunset sipping champagne, or simply to enjoy the view of the Singapore city lights from the sea, explore tropical islands nearby with white sand beaches and pristine turquoise waters, celebrate night parties or special events while dining in style or enjoying a BBQ. The business owns one, but operates two luxury “state of the art” Lagoon 400 sailing catamarans.  Both are a fully equipped and berthed in Singapore and available for charter for exclusive holiday experiences.

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Richard Pierrepont
Listing ID: 1912

DESCRIPTION:Richard Pierrepont
DATE LAUNCHED:He refuses to divulge
LENGTH:One of the industries longer serving members.

It is with great pleasure that SeaBoats announces that UK Broker' Richard Pierrepont has joined our sales team.  Richard has been a long standing associate and it is a natural progression that we have now taken over the operation of Richard's brokerage' Solent Yacht Brokers in Cowes, UK. Here is a little about Richard in his own words:  Formed Marine Engineering Company in Cowes, Isle of Wight, home of the Royal Yacht Squadron and the centre of competitive yacht and powerboat racing in the UK in 1979. Main dealers for most of the Marine Engine Companies together with Marine Electronics for The Isle of Wight. Served on Yarmouth lifeboat. For leisure has both raced powerboats and yachts. The former professionally and the latter for leisure. Crossed Atlantic in 1997. Rotarian for 20 years and keen fly fisherman. Formed Solent Yacht Brokers 2011 with partner Stuart who has just retired due to ill health. Recently has sold Marine Engineering business to concentrate on brokerage.

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Tim Matheoda
Listing ID: 1830

DESCRIPTION:Ship & Yacht Broker servicing Australia, New Zealand and beyond.
DATE LAUNCHED:on a need to know basis
LENGTH:Has been in the industry longer than most.
LOCATION:Australia & New Zealand

SeaBoats is very pleased to announce the arrival of Tim Matheoda to the SeaBoats Team.  Tim’s career upon leaving school was in the merchant navy as a navigating cadet and he says the sea never left his blood.  A short spell in commercial fishing rounded off his experience.  A sales career with multinational computer companies gave him selling and marketing skills and a passion for customer service.  His brokerage career began in Auckland in 1983 and he set up his own business at Westhaven in 1988.  At this he started a successful luxury launch hire business which he operated for 4 years.  A large part of his business has been in establishing agencies for new brands of imported power vessels.  Moving to Australia Tim started a new brokerage at Port Stephens but returned to Auckland after a client made him an offer which he could not refuse and now Tim has decided to move on and join the SeaBoats team.  We have known Tim for well over 20 years and am sure he will be a great asset to our sales team.  Tim is sharing his time between Australia and New Zealand as he has long standing clients on both countries and with his knowledge of most sectors is well positioned to help anyone, no matter where they are located.

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Peter Cookson - Director
Listing ID: 588599

DESCRIPTION:Director & Shipbroker
DATE LAUNCHED:on a need to know basis only
LENGTH:Tall enough.
LOCATION:Sydney, Australia
BROKER:Contact Peter at +61 429 543 180

Peter Cookson is one of two Directors leading the way for SeaBoats. Peter's background is in large ships, first as a Chief Officer in the Merchant Navy and then a shipbroker for the world's largest shipbrokers, Clarksons. Peter brings decades of experience with a broad knowledge of commercial vessels of all types and a strong background and network in shipbrokering at the large end of the scale. Peter manages a team of professionals here to assist in the Sale and Purchase of of vessels of all types in most locations.

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Geoff Fraser - Managing Director
Listing ID: 590341

DESCRIPTION:Director, Broker & Valuer
DATE LAUNCHED:The Coronation Year
LOCATION:New Zealand & Australia
BROKER:Contact Geoff at: - +64 21 61 222 5 (nz) - +61 420 58 11 66 (aus)

Meet Geoff Fraser, one of the two Directors that lead SeaBoats to the forefront of Marine Brokerages. Geoff’s background was first in yacht-racing (winning a world championship in 1977 and 3rd in a couple more), spending ten years as a professional sportsman and the owner of Kiwi Racing before developing New Zealand's most successful yacht and ship brokerages. Geoff is also a past President of the New Zealand Marine Industry Association and currently sits on the Ship & Workboats guiding Committee. Geoff shares his time between Australia and New Zealand as well as the other parts of world that demand our attention to work with clients, the SeaBoats Sales and Admin Teams.

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John Kearns - Ship Broker
Listing ID: 590342

DATE LAUNCHED:Long enough ago to have gained a wealth of experience.
LENGTH:No Comment.
DISPLACEMENT:Sensible with ballast in the right places.
LOCATION:Auckland, New Zealand
BROKER:Contact John at: - +64 21 400 805

John Kearns is one of our Shipbrokers with a long and varied maritime background. In 1976, John sailed from New Zealand to Florida via South East Asia, Southern Africa and South America over a 8 year period on the family Brigantine. After returning to New Zealand, he has worked on a variety of vessels, from Tall Ships, Sailing Yachts, Commercial Longliners, Dredges and Offshore Support Vessels to Super Yachts in both the commercial and private sectors. This broad experience equipped John to be able to offer skilled service as a broker for a wide range of vessels. John has been with SeaBoats since 2010 and has developed a strong following with the Offshore Industries and Tug Sectors as well as other types of vessels.

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Clive Bennett - Marine Consultant - Broker
Listing ID: 590343

DESCRIPTION:Marine Consultant - Broker
LENGTH:Just missed the cut for NBL
LOCATION:New Zealand
BROKER:Contact Clive at: / +64 27 494 9799

Meet Clive Bennett based in Auckland and marketing a wide cross section of leisure craft throughout the SeaBoats Global network. Clive’s background includes International shipping and forwarding, and Marketing Director for Alloy Yachts .He is also associated with the NZ Marine Industry in both the Yacht Refit and Work Boat sectors.Regarding past mentors he is proud to have worked with Sir Peter Blake whom he assisted in many of his successful yachting campaigns. Sailing experience includes ocean races to Port Villa, Noumea and Tonga plus four winners in the Coastal Classic and the superyacht Cup in both NZ and Europe.

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Genevieve Lontoc - Admin Team Manager
Listing ID: 590344

DESCRIPTION:Trusty, Dedicated & Hardworking Admin Team Manager
DATE LAUNCHED:No self respecting girl is ever going to devulge this, but be assured, she is much younger than most of us.
LOCATION:Luzon, Philippines

Genevieve is the Manager of our admin team in the Philippines. She is the reason that the rest of us have time to carry out our tasks as brokers. Genevieve ensures that all our vessels are correctly and skilfully loaded onto the various websites as directed. Her dedicated attention to detail is passed on to her team in a manner typical of the SeaBoats approach as a whole. Genevieve is pictured here in a SeaBoats relaxation facility after a long night of loading urgent listings.

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Princess Lontoc - Researcher & Database Developer
Listing ID: 590345

DESCRIPTION:SeaBoats Researcher, data-base developer and honorary school teacher.
DATE LAUNCHED:Alot more recently than the rest of us.
LOCATION:Island of Luzon, Philippines

We would like you to meet Princess Lontoc our researcher and data-base developer. SeaBoats has taken the family thing a step further this time, as Princess is sister-in-law to Genevieve Lontoc, our Listings Manager and Admin Team Leader. Princess has been with us since last year and has been tirelessly and cheerfully increasing our data-base, thereby increasing our effectiveness, whilst completing her training as a teacher. Like Genevieve, Princess is based in the Philippines. Princess' husband, Christian, is a merchant seaman, so her maritime links are strong.

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Cassandra Martinez - Circulations Manager
Listing ID: 590346

DESCRIPTION:The one who writes to you all the time.
DATE LAUNCHED:Just seems like yesterday
LENGTH:I may be short in stature but my "aura" stands tall

It is time to introduce a face to the name many of you will see on a regular basis. Cassandra Martinez is our listings manager and based in Southern California (or LoCal to some) with her husband and daughter. Cassi is also the daughter of one of our Directors, Geoff Fraser and grew up around boats. Sailing as a tiny tot and also had a strong equestrian bent with competitions at an early age. As a tiny tot on the family yacht she was known as a bit of a "helm hog" and has over recent years been drawn back to the marine world. Cassi is the one who every day circulates our listings to other Brokers and Sector Groups and is the first stop for most enquiries making sure that they get to the right person.

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Mike Barker - Marine Broker
Listing ID: 626592

DESCRIPTION:Marine Broker / Obsessed Sailor
DATE LAUNCHED:Recent Salvage
LENGTH:Greater than his Beam
DISPLACEMENT:Unleaded, lighter than would first appear.
LOCATION:Republic of Panama, Central America
BROKER:Contact on

We are pleased to welcome Mike Barker to the team. "From sailing dinghies as a small boy to tramp steamers as a ship's boy, to delivering yachts and commercial vessels, racing and cruising a variety of multihulls to managing charter vessels and charter fleets, surveying naval vessels and pleasure craft, it is clear the ships and the sea have been the dominant theme in Mike's life for the last 51 years. He is an experienced broker and once the first dedicated multihull broker in the southern hemisphere. Currently living in sunny Panama and the only rigger in central America, Mike is keen to return to sales and brokerage, old salts can only wield the tools aloft for so long after all, and utilise his wide experience of so many vessel types.

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Marinyl Labrador - Researcher & Database Developer
Listing ID: 667687

DESCRIPTION:Website Administrator and Researcher.
DATE LAUNCHED:We asked, but like the other girls, just would not say, but not long ago, we are sure of that.
LENGTH:A new team member, but we are sure will be a lengthy one.
LOCATION:Metro Manila, Philippines

Marinyl joined SeaBoats as the latest addition to our admin team, in fact we approached her. We have known Marinyl for about 6 years, and at that time she was working for a sub-contracter of ours on another project in the Philippines. We were always impressed with her work effort and ability to walk with all types of people and she was a delight to work with. When she decided to move on from that job after 7 years, we recognised what a great opportunity this was for SeaBoats and our customers. The marine world is new to Marinyl and she has been learing rapidly. So, we are pleased to have her on-board and she is now working tirelessly to ensure that we are always effective in our markets.

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First Cheoy Lee Ramparts 2500W Tug delivered to Tauranga, NZ
Listing ID: 771036

DESCRIPTION:Ramparts 2500W, Drive Terminal / Assist Tugs
LENGTH:24.40m (80ft)
BEAM:11.25m (36ft 10in)
DRAFT:3.02m (9ft 10in)
LOCATION:Delivered to Tauranga, New Zealand
BROKER:John Kearns

The first of two tugs ordered by the Port of Tauranga, New Zealand has completed its 30-day voyage to start work. The new tug Tai Pari arrived recently following a 30-day voyage from builder Cheoy Lee’s yard in Hong Kong. She will be joined at the end of the month by her stable mate Tai Timu. The new tugs form part of a $20 million project for the Port of Tauranga and represent one aspect of the ongoing $350 million capital expenditure programme. The new tug is easy to find, and has been painted in the same rescue yellow as the pilot boat Arataki. Tai Pari will have a quiet weekend, but is expected to start training with the port’s tug crews next week before beginning work later this month. The Tai Pari has had a month of running and the engines didn’t miss a beat during the delivery voyage.

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Mac Boat Agency
Listing ID: 925241

DATE LAUNCHED:Built to order, some in stock
LENGTH:Small to 7m
LOCATION:ex Factory, NZ and can be shipped all around the world.
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

SeaBoats are proud to to be world-wide dealers for Mac Boats. Mac Boats® first started business in Tauranga, New Zealand in 1986 with an 8ft polyethylene dinghy. This was a great success with all around the world and from there the range has grown and continues to grow. Being light in weight, Mac Boats® are easy to launch and need less horse power than a comparable-sized fibreglass boat, so you’ll save initial cost as well as fuel costs. Mac Boats® will provide years of trouble-free boating with strength up to five times that of fibreglass, positive-buoyant and won’t rust or corrode. Mac Boats® are manufactured from marine grade polyethylene. They are virtually indestructible and are up to five times stronger than fibreglass, with no corrosion, osmosis or gel coat to crack or fade. Mac Boats® are positive-buoyant and lighter than comparable fibreglass boats so the ride is noticeably softer.

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Multiple Units of MTU Marine Propulsion Engines (MTU 16V2000M84)
Listing ID: 628209

DESCRIPTION:MTU marine propulsion engines
BROKER:John Kearns
PRICE:USD 595,000 per set

For sale in brand new condition 16 MTU 16V 2000 M84 marine engines 1650 kW @ 2450 rpm with gearbox and control system, still in original packaging, complete with 1 year warranty. The engines fulfill Lloyd's Register requirements and the IMO and EPA Tier II exhaust emissions specifications. ZF 4540A Gearbox with 3.04:1 reduction. Package comes complete with Blue Vision Propulsion Plant Automation, Engine Control Unit (ECU), Engine Monitoring Unit (EMU) Gearbox Controls for Electric Remote Control, all with the necessary speed transmitters, temperature transmitters and pressure transmitters, couplings and engine mounts. Typical applications include Fast Yachts, Fast Patrol Boats, Police Craft and Fire-fighting Vessels.

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SeaBoats visits Sea-Asia & Singapore Yacht Show
Listing ID: 704236

DESCRIPTION:SeaBoats in Singapore
LENGTH:Just 3 days, in & out!
BROKER:Geoff, Peter and the admin team of Genevieve, Princess & Marinyl. (Sadly, Cassi, US based, could not make it)

The SeaBoats management and admin team dropped into Singapore to attend the Sea-Asia Commercial Vessel Expo and the Singapore Yacht Show. This was a good opportunity for us to assses these events for possible future participation as well a golden opportunity to catch up with clients and colleagues, some old and some new. It was also a perfect way for Genevieve and her admin team of Marinyl & Princess to see first hand some of the vessels that we market and meet with some of our preferred builders and clients. Special thanks to our friends at Singapore Island Cruise for the enjoyable River Cruise.

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The 2 Wellington tugs departing for Dubai under guard of their replacements
Listing ID: 664719

DESCRIPTION:32m Voith Schneider Harbour Tug - CentrePorts's long-serving little red tugboat sisters, Toia and Ngahue, are to sail out of Wellington to their new owners in UAE
DATE LAUNCHED:1971 - Toia ; 1977 - Ngahue
LENGTH:32.4m (106ft 3in)
BEAM:9.15m (30ft)
DRAFT:5.45m (17ft 10in)
LOCATION:Wellington, New Zealand
BROKER:John Kearns

Foreign crews are expected to sail the "little toots" out of Wellington Harbour early next month on a two-month voyage to Dubai via Singapore, after they were sold to Delta Offshore International for an undisclosed sum. Captain Charles Smith, the Toia's first captain, said it would be sad to farewell the vessels. Now CentrePort's marine services manager, Smith was on board Toia when it first sailed into Wellington Harbour on February 22, 1972, after its delivery voyage from Whangarei.That maiden voyage 42 years ago was skippered by Wellington's then harbourmaster Bill Galloway, with Wellington Harbour pilot John Westbrooke as mate and newly appointed tugmaster Smith as second mate. Smith recalled how he was given two weeks' training for the Toia tugmaster's job by deputy harbourmaster Cyril Sword before taking command."It was a case of suck it and see without any formal training other than some brief exposure to Voith handling on the Voith tug Waitangi in Whangarei."Since its arrival, Toia's engines have operated for 36,500 hours, mostly on Wellington Harbour duties. But Toia has also done charter operations in the ports of Napier, Bluff, Lyttelton, Nelson and Taranaki.It has also towed five small, aged vessels out into Cook Strait on scuttling missions. During its time in Wellington, Toia assisted 32,700 vessels and used 5.4 million litres of fuel."Toia and Ngahue have overseen some 57,000 ship movements and safely guided countless passengers and freight in and out of Wellington Harbour. They are popular with the public and will definitely be missed," Smith said.Ngahue was launched in Whangarei on October 15, 1977. It arrived in Wellington on December 3, 1977, and was commissioned in January 1978. In recent years, CentrePort had bought the Asian-built tugs Tapuhi (2012) and Tiaki (2007), which each have bollard pulls of 68 tonnes - more than twice the 28-tonne pulls of Toia and Ngahue.The new tugs are more than capable of handling the many cruise liners of more than 300 metres long that call into Wellington

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DRAWING PACKAGE - Classic Dutch Design 40 Metre Motoryacht
Listing ID: 576848

DESCRIPTION:Classic Dutch Design 40 Metre motoryacht with Graceful Profile & Classic Lines Luxury, OCEAN Going, full Displacement Steel Hull & Aluminium Superstructure
BROKER:Clive Bennett
PRICE:US$ 75,000 00

Classic Dutch Design 40 Metre motoryacht with Graceful Profile & Classic Lines Luxury, OCEAN Going, full Displacement Steel Hull & Aluminium Superstructure. Owner selling due to Retirement of Management & Shipyard Sold

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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