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Ro-Ro Open Deck / General Cargo / Water Tanker Barge
Listing ID: 3311

Description:Ro-Ro Open Deck / General Cargo / WaterTanker Barge
Date Launched:2005
Length:35.0m (114ft 9in)
Beam:8.5m (27ft 10in)
Draft:2.6m (8ft 6in)
Broker:Giuseppe Filippone
Price:EUR 425,000

Gearless Ro/Ro ship with stern ramp. Main Engines: AIFO Iveco 2x 333kw (16400 hrs). Bow Thruster. Speed: 10 knots. Range: 4,400 nm. Cargo Capacity: 70 t. (deck cargo), 8 x 40 TEU, 18 x 20 TEU, 230m3 water cargo, 2x Trailers. Max load on ramp : Axel load 10 tons. Max load on deck: 8 t/sqm. Last Dry-docked date: 2015. Vessel Class/Dates: CRS / expire 16/09/2020.

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66m Ro-Ro Passenger.
Listing ID: 3141

Description:66m Ro-Ro Passenger
Date Launched:2017
Length:66m (216ft)
Beam:14m (45ft 11in)
Draft:3.2m (10ft 5in)
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 4 million

Passenger ship level: II Passenger Ship. Passenger ship classification: Class 3. Seating capacity: 398P. Lane height: 4.5m. Total weight of (cars &goods) (anti wind grade 8) 400t. Standard car (7000x2500x2500) 20tx20. +CSA +CSM, RO-RO Passenger Ship, R2, Ice Class B. Main Engine: Type: LB8250ZLC-6/LB8250ZLCZ-6 x 2 sets. CSR 1324 kW x 750 r/min. Service Speed: Design draft at CSR 14.00 Kn. Complement: 18P + 398 passengers.

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300 Pax RoRo Ship
Listing ID: 3290

Description:300 Pax RoRo Ship
Date Launched:2011
Length:55.80m (183ft)
Beam:11.80m (38ft 8in)
Draft:2.80m (9ft 2in)
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 1.3m

Class: CCS. Navigation area: Coastal waters. Double bottom. Grade B ice area strengthening. Deadweight: 370t. Main engine: Z8180ZLC-2, 350kW x 2sets, Zibo engine. Passenger: 300p. Crew: 16p. Vehicle: 14 trucks x 250KN or 45 cars. Bow and stern ramp door.

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245 Pax, 34 Car RoRo Passenger Ship.
Listing ID: 1604

Description:245 Pax, 34 Car RoRo Passenger Ship
Date Launched:2004
Length:56.66m (185ft 10in)
Beam:10.4m (34ft)
Location:Mokpo, Korea
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 1.2 Million
Price Notes:Payment: 20% Upon Contract Signing / 80% Upon Delivery

Built: June 2004 In Korea. GRT: 311 Ton. Speed: 12 knots. Passenger Capacity: 245 pax (Number Of Passenger Chairs: 60), Car Capacity: 34 (Sedan). M/E Maker & Type: Volvo Penta & D34AMT x 2 Set, M/E Output: 953 Mhp.

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780 PAX, 19 Car Roro Passenger Ship
Listing ID: 3208

Description:780 PAX, 19 CAR Roro Passenger Ship
Date Launched:1996
Length:103.55m (339ft 8in)
Beam:14.5m (47ft 6in)
Draft:2.334m (7ft 7in)
Location:Busan, Korea
Broker:Franklin Taylor

Built: 1996 In Italy (Rodriquez Cantieri Navali Spa - Pietra Ligure). Port of Registry: Panama. CLASS: RINA, Navigation Area: Greater Coastal Area Passenger Capacity: 780 PAX (Passenger 761p, Crew 19p). Car Capacity: 19 Car on Upper Car Decks (1 Ton Truck 8EA, 2.5ton Truck 11EA). Propulsion Engines: 4 X 6,000 Kw MTU (Model: 20V1163 TB73L ) Service Speed: 30-34kts.

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68.63m RORO Vessel
Listing ID: 3198

Description:68.63m RORO Vessel
Date Launched:2002
Length:68.63m (225ft)
Beam:14.70m (48ft 2in)
Draft:4.70m (15ft 5in)
Location:She Is Trading Between Bahamas / USA Where Inspectable
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 3.5 million

Roro Vessel Fitted with Stern/Side Ramps. Vanuatu Flag. Built: 9/2002, Tianjin Xinhe Shipyard/China. ABS: SS: Due 20 Sep 2022, DD: Due 12 Nov 2020. Two (2) Abc Belgium 8 Dzc-900-166 Main Engines. 2x Propellers. Service Speed Abt 13-14 Knots. Capacity: Total 100 Passengers Aircraft Type Luxury Seats Fitted. Stern Ramp: Dimensions: 8694 X 7600 / Axial Load: 45 Tons. Side Ramps (P&S): Dimensions: 3420 X 3070 / Axial Load: 8 Tons. Total Car Deck Length On Main Deck 58.5m. Vehicles: 4.30 M (L) X 1.85 M (W). Trailer: 20.00 M (L) Incl. Tractor X 2.50 M. Tractor: Caterpillar Type D8, Weight 52 T. Container: 20 x 20 Teu x 15t Each. 8 x 40 Teu x 30t Each + 4 x 20 Teus. Vsl Has Been Built By Current Owners. She Does N O T Comply With Stockholm Agreement Rules. Vessel's Type: 700 Tonne Dwt Cargo Vessel Trading To The United States, Capable Of Carrying Standard 20 And 40 Foot Iso Containers, Passenger Cars, Trailer With Tractor, Caterpillar D8 Type Tractors And General & Break Bulk Cargoes, Equipped With Two (2) Abc Belgium 8 Dzc-900-166 Main Engines. The Ship Is Designed By Famous Naval Architects G.T.R. Campbell ("Fiesta" Concept Design

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169.9m 1200 pax Ro-Pax
Listing ID: 3159

Description:169.9m 1200 pax Ro-Pax
Date Launched:2017
Length:169.9m (557 ft 4in)
Beam:26.2m (85ft 11in)
Location:Shidao, China
Broker:Richard Pierrepont
Price Notes:To be informed upon named interest

Class: KR x KRS 1 Passenger Ship, Container RoRo PSPC, ENV (IBWM, IAFS), Ice Class IE X KRM 1 CMA STCM. Flag: Korea. Normal routine: China to Korea. Gross weight: 19,988t. Net weight: 9,313t. Deadweight: 7,591.8t. Service speed: 20.3knot (90% load). Max speed: 20.5knot. Lane length: 1,680m. Cargo capacity: 356 TEU. Passenger capacity: 1,200 persons. Crew: 80 persons. M/E: Wartsilla. Engine type: 12V32, Max output: 6,960KW x 750rpm x 2nos (13,920KW).

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158m, 1102 Pax Passenger Ferry.
Listing ID: 1610

Description:158m, 1102 Pax Passenger Ferry
Date Launched:1992
Length:157.9m (518ft)
Beam:24.0m (78ft 8in)
Draft:6.15m (20ft 2in)
Broker:Franklin Taylor

Passenger Capacity: 849 Passengers + 64 Crew (Actual Capacity: 1,102 Passenger + 64 Crew). Lane Meters: 1,710m / Car Loading Capacity: Abt. 200 Trucks.

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500 pax, 70 Car RoRo Passenger.
Listing ID: 1595

Description:500 pax, 70 Car RoRo Passenger
Date Launched:2009
Length:69m (226ft 4in)
Beam:15m (49ft 2in)
Draft:1.9m (6ft 2in)
Location:Mokpo, Korea
Broker:Franklin Taylor

Built: 2009 in Korea (Renovated in 2018). Class: KST. GRT: 621 ton. Passenger Capacity: 500 Pax. Car Capacity: 70 Car. Main Engine: Caterpillar C32 Acert Ditta Marine Propulsion Engines 2 sets (970kW @ 2100 rpm. Speed: 14-15 knots.

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161m, 1128 Pax Passenger Ferry
Listing ID: 1609

Description:161m, 1128 Pax Passenger Ferry
Date Launched:2006
Length:161.2m (528ft 10in)
Beam:24.8m (81ft 4in)
Draft:6.15m (20ft 2in)
Broker:Franklin Taylor

Flag: China / Classification: CCS. Built: 2006, Huanghai Shipbuilding In China. Dwt: 6,984.16ton. Passenger Capacity: 1,128 Passengers + 75 Crew. Lane Meters: 1,800m / Car Loading Capacity: Abt. 200 Trucks. Main Engine: MAN/B&W 14v 32/40, 6,720kW x 2 Sets, Total 13,440kW. Propeller: CPP x 2 Sets. Bow Thruster. Speed / Foc: 16.5 Knots On 48 T/Day Hfo180 (Hfo380 Can Be Used), 18.0 Knots On 58.8 T/Day Hfo180, Consumption At Port About 4.8 T/Day.

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985 Pax, Catamaran Type Passenger Ferry
Listing ID: 1608

Description:985 Pax, Catamaran Type Passenger Ferry
Date Launched:1996
Length:70.81m (232ft)
Beam:21.75m (71ft 4in)
Draft:3.15m(10ft 4in)
Location:Dong Hae, Korea
Broker:Franklin Taylor

Built: 1996, Royal Schelde Shipyard in Netherlands. Classification: KR. Passenger Capacity: 985 Persons. Crew Capacity: 15 Persons. Car Capacity: 34 Units. Catamaran type with Aluminum Hull. Main Engine: 4x Caterpillar 3616. Propulsion: 4x Kamewa 112s Ii. Max Speed: 29 Knots. Service Speed: 26 Knots.

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249 Pax, 39 Car RoRo Passenger Ship
Listing ID: 1600

Description:249 Pax, 39 Car RoRo Passenger Ship
Date Launched:2010
Length:53.06m (174ft)
Beam:11.20m (36ft 8in)
Location:Mokpo, Korea
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 3 Million
Price Notes:Payment: 20% Upon Contract Signing / 80% Upon Delivery

Built: July 2010 In Korea. GRT: 400 Ton. Class: KST. Passenger Capacity: 249 Pax. Car Capacity: 39 Small Car. Main Engine: Mitsubishi / 1,032ps x 1,406rpm x 2. Speed: Service 12 knots.

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87m Car & Passenger Ferry
Listing ID: 1534

Description: Car/Pax Ferry
Date Launched: March 2017
Length:87m (285ft 5in)
Beam:13.5m (44ft 3in)
Draft:4.0m (13ft 1in)
Broker: Giuseppe Filippone

Passenger Car Ferry For Resale. Flag: Korea. Class: Kr Krs 0c Passenger Ship, Car Ferry, Krm 0c. Launch: End Of March, 2017. Built: April, 2017 At Jae Pyeung Eng Co., Ltd, Tongyoung, Korea. DWT/Drsft: 750T / 3.20M. M/E: Niigata 6mg26hlx 2,065 Ps X 2 Sets. Car Loading Capacity: 25TON TRUCKS X 14 UNITS. Passenger Capacity: 257P (Passenger Chair 56P, Flat Room Seat 192P, CREW 9P). Speed: Max 16.5 KNOTS, service 15.0 knots (680RPM. DELIVERY: WITHIN 1 MONTH AFTER SIGNING CONTRACT.

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62m RORO Ferry
Listing ID: 1409

Description:62m RORO Ferry
Date Launched:1997
Length:62m (203ft 4in)
Beam:15.4m (50ft 6in)
Draft:2.47m (8ft)
Location:Busan Korea
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 6 million

For sale is this 62m Aluminium wave piercing catamaran ferry with the capacity to carry 468 passengers and 30 cars. Built: 1997, at Hitachi Zosen, Japan. Classification is KST and the inspection location of the vessel is Busan, Korea.

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43.38m RORO.
Listing ID: 627273

Description:43.38m RORO
Date Launched:2002
Length:43.38m (142ft 3in)
Beam:8m (26ft 2in)
Draft:2.8m (9ft 2in)
Broker:Peter Cookson
Price:US $800,000

Built: December 2002, China. Class: ZC. Capacity on the certificate: 75 DWT. GRT: 306. NRT: 153. LOA: 43.38m (142ft 3in). LOB: 8m (26ft 2in). LOD: 2.8m (9ft 2in). Air draft: 1.648m. Area: coastal. M.E:Z6170ZLC-4 ZIBO DIESEL; 480BHP x 2 sets. Speed: 11-11.5knots. Laden displacement: 353.230t. Light displacement: 236.000t. 300Seats. 12-13cars.

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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