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NEW BUILD - 77m AHTS, 10000PS

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DESCRIPTION:CSA Offshore Tug /Supply, Stand-by Ship, Fire Fighting Ship, Water Spraying, ICE CLASS B, CSM AUT-0, DP2
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:USD 28m (Price Guidance)

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General Description:

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10000PS Newbuild/CCS/DP-2/AHTS For Resale

Built: China, 2011

Class: CCS

Deadweight: ABT 2500T

LOA/Breadth/Depth: 77.52m/18.0m/7.50m

Design Draft: 6.2m

GRT/NRT: 3578T/1073T

Main Engine (Imported): MAN B&W8L32/40/4000KWX2 (10000PS)

Main Generators: 800KW×2

Shaft Generators: 1600KW X 2

Stern Thruster and Bow Thruster Fitted

Bollard Pull: 150T at least (Testhasn’t been carried out)

Sailing Area: Unrestricted Navigation

Speed: 16 knots


CSA Offshore Tug /Supply Ship, Stand-by Ship, Fire Fighting Ship, Water Spraying, ICE CLASS B, CSM AUT-0, DP2



The Vessel is a multipurpose sea-going workship, which capable of the following roles:

a.    Offshore platform supplybulk cargo, liquid mud, diesel, fresh water, drill water, drilling equipment and living goods, etc. 

b.    Anchor handling

c.    Towing

d.    External fire fighting


Navigation area

Designed in accordance with the requirements issued by CCS for open sea service.



The vessel is of oil field stand-by type.  The vessel is of full steel welding, transverse system, single continuous deck, with forecastle and three-storeyed deckhouse. Platform deck is under main deck. The Vessel shall be designed to have double bottom double hull except bow. Main deck is flush deck without camber or sheer. The vessel is designed to have rakedbow and cruiser stern. The vessel is driven by two diesel engines, propelled by double adjustable fixed duct paddle. Besides double suspension type rudders, the vessel is equipped with two bowthrusters and one sternthruster. The middle and aft part of the main deck is deck cargo area. Stern towline roller is located on the stern of the main deck. 



The vessel shall acquire the following Class Notation by CCS CSA Offshore Tug / Supply Ship Stand-By Ship, Fire Fighting Ship 1, Water Spraying Ice Class B CSM  AUT-0 DP2


Principal technical parameters

Length overall    Loa: 77.00m

Length between perpendiculars Lpp: 68.68m

Breadth moulded B: 18.00m

Depth moulded D: 7.50m

Design draft T: 6.20m

Load capacity: abt. 2500 t

Main deck cargo area: 650m2

Main deck unit load: 10t/m2

Main deck cargo capacity: 1400 t

Ballast/ drilling water tank capacity: 1966 m3

Fresh water tank capacity: 1054m3

Diesel oil tank capacity (including service fuel tank): 1320m3

Cement tank (bulkload) capacity: 280 m3

Mud tank capacity: 450 m3

Main engine continuous rating (MCR): 4000 kW×2

Rated speed: 750 r/min

Free trial speed: 16 knot

(draft 5.2m and 100%MCR)

Endurance: 8000 n mile

Self-supplying capacity: 30 days

Maximum continuous bollard pull: 1360 kN

Main generator: 800 kW×2

Shaft generator: 1600kW×2

Emergency/Harbor generator: 215 kW×1

Bow thruster unit: 100 kN×2

Stern thruster unit: 100 kN×1


Height between decks

Main deck to Upper deck: 2.80 m

Upper deck to Forecastle deck: 2.80 m

Forecastle deck to Captain deck: 2.80 m

Captain deck to Bridge deck: 2.80 m

Bridge deck to Compass deck: 2.80 m

Platform deck (from base line): 4.40 m

Double bottom height: 1.00m



General arrangement

The main deck of the vessel is of continuous deck, with forecastle on it. On the forecastle deck there are three-storeyed deckhouses.

Under the main deck, main hull is separated by five watertight transverse   bulkheads into six watertight compartments.  


Main engine and speed

Main engine

Model: MAN B&W 8L32/40

Type: intermediate speed, four stroke, in line, water cooling, direct injection, exhaust

turbo charging, middle cooling, non-reversible,  marine diesel engine

Quantity: 2

Max.continuous rating power (MCR):  4000kW

Speed: 750    r/min



The vessel is equipped with 4-blade propellers with fixed nozzle and adjustable pitch. The hub is made of stainless blade. The structure of this vessel has been strengthened in accordance with the requirement of ice Class B.

Blades: 4

Quantity: 2

Each vessel is provided with one spare blade (P.), one spare blade (S.) and one set of fixed pitch for the blade.


Gear box

Power of each main engine is passed on to the propeller via long axis, gear box, intermediate shaft and stern shaft. Gear box is two-shaft gear box, main shaft is to drive CPP propeller while auxiliary shaft to drive the shaft driven generator.


Speed, oil consumption and endurance

The sea trial shall be carried out at weather conditions not exceeding wind force 3 Beaufort Scale 3 and sea wave 2, in deep water and level tide, with clean hull and the vessel is at design draft (mean draft=5.2m).

When the main engine is running at 100%MCR, the sailing speed is 16kn.

Oil consumption:     t/day.

When the main engine is running at 85%MCR, with oil&water tanks full and enough food, endurance of the vessel shall not be less than 30 days and not less than 8000 n.mile.

DGPS is adopted to test the sailing speed.


Bollard pull

When the main engine is working at maximum continuous torque and the speed is 0, maximum bollard pull should be 1360kN.


Bulk cement tank

Four bulk cement silos (each volume is 60m3) are located in the bulk cement tank under the main deck, total is 240 m3.


Deck cargo area

The mid and aft part of the main deck is deck cargo area, where rails (2800mm in height) are set to block goods on both sides. In the middle deck   imported seeketh mywood deck is laid, whose thickness is 80mm. The total area of the cargo area is 650 m2. Uniform load of the deck is designed to be 10t/ m2 and deck cargo (supplies) of 1400t can be loaded. (Stability Calculation shall prevail.)


Mud tank

In the vessel four rectangle mud tanks are located, the total volume of which is 480m3. The steel plate of the tank is to be thickened by 2mm. The base of the stirrer shall be matched.


Stability, trim and insubmeribility

As an offshore supply vessel for transporting bulk cargo, liquid mud, fuel oil, fresh water, drill water, drilling equipment and living goods its stability shall satisfy the requirements of “Statutory Inspection Technical Regulation for Sea-going Ships Engaged on International Voyages” (2004) for the offshore supply vessel issued by Marine Bureau of People's Republic of China.

As a ship with certain towing capacity, when operating on the sea, its stability shall satisfy the requirements of “Statutory Inspection Technical Regulation for Sea-going Ships Engaged on International Voyages” (2004) for the towing vessel in unrestricted waters issued by Marine Bureau of People's Republic of China.

When loading deck cargo, the stability of the vessel shall be designed according to the requirement of Offshore Service Area.

As a stand-by vessel which can carry 100 rescued persons, its stability shall satisfy the requirements of “Statutory Inspection Technical Regulation for International Sea-going Ships and Offshore Installation” (2004) issued by Marine Bureau of People's Republic of China for the passenger ship in Offshore Service Area, on which the passengers gather on one side of the ship.

  When sailing under full load and no load, on condition that ballast water is allowed to adjust floating state, the vessel can be with no downpitch, and meanwhile the propeller must be submerged by aft draft. 



Freeboard of the vessel shall be calculated according to the requirements of the loadline for B Type. Loadline mark shall be assigned at maximum draft (6.40m), at the moment the freeboard value is 1114mm larger than the value calculated according to the specification. 



Tonnage of the vessel shall be calculated according to the requirements for Tonnage Measurement

Gross tonnage  GT: 2990



Two suspension type rudders and two electro-hydraulic rotary vane type steering gears are installed on the vessel.

In order to improve the maneuverability of the vessel, the vessel is equipped with two adjustable pitch four-blade tubular transverse propellers driven by electric motor on the bow, side thrust of each is 100kN; one adjustable pitch four-blade tubular transverse propeller driven by electric motor on the stern, side thrust of which is 100kN.



Senior officer

7 persons


20 persons


17 persons




44 persons


Rules, regulations, conventions and certificate

Rules, regulations and conventions

At the time of delivery, the Vessel shall satisfy the requirements of all the applicable rules and regulations within the period of validity issued by the supervise organizations.

The vessel shall be complied with the requirement of the following Rules:

Rules & Regulations for Classification & Construction of Sea-going Steel Ships (2006)

Statutory Inspection Regulation for Ships and Offshore Installation         (2008)

Test Guide of Oil Recovery Vessel

Statutory Inspection Technical Regulation for Marine Towage (1999)

Regulation for Survey of Ships under Construction (1984)

Current international conventions and rules:

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (2004)

The International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973 and Protocol 1978 and its amendment of 1992

The International Convention for Prevention of Collision at Sea 1972 including amendment of 1982

The International Convention on Load Lines 1966

The International Regulation for Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969

IMO Resolution 469(k!): Guardance Document of Design and Construction of Offshore Supply Ship

Guide to Safety Towing at Sea (1998) (MSC/Circ. 884)

Regulations for China National Offshore Oil Corporation

Safety Management Rule of Stand-by Ship for Marine Oil Operation (1990)


Certificates and documents

The following shall be obtained by the Builder and furnished to the Owner in 5 sets (one original and four copies) at the time of delivery of the Vessel

Classification Certificate

International Load Line Certificate

Ship Safety Radio Certificate

Ship Safety Construction Certificate

Ship Safety Equipment Certificate

International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate

Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan

Sanitary sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate

Hoisting equipment certificate

Life Saving Appliances Certificate

International Tonnage Certificate

Fresh Water Sanitary Certificate

GMDSS Certificate (A1+A2+A3)(including Shore-based Maintenance     Agreement and Product Certificate)

Builder’s Certificate

Compass Adjustment Error Table

Deratization Certificate

Towing Equipment Certificate

Towing Certificate, Towing Tension Certificateand Towing Equipment   Payload Certificate

Certificate for Fire Extinguishing and Detecting Apparatus

Cargo Securing Manual

Waste Management Plan

Shipping Operation Manual

Loading Manual

All the certificates and technical documents attached with material and equipment (The number refer to the makers’ list.)




The main structure of the vessel shall be designed in accordance with the requirement of Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships” (2006) issued by CCS of People's Republic of China for offshore supply ship. The structure of this vessel has been strengthened in accordance with the requirement of ice Class B.

Design load of the structure is as follows

Scantling draft: 6.4 m

Main deck cargo area:10 t/m2

Longitudinal frame system is mainly used for the main deck of the vessel, and transverse frame system is used for the other part. Frame space of the whole vessel is 600mm.

The Vessel shall be designed to have double bottom in engine room, bowthruster room and midship cement tank, the height of double bottom is 1.0m.

Three watertight transverse bulkheads and one collision bulkhead are arranged for the vessel. All the bulkheads are plane bulkheads with vertical stiffener.


The following measurements are taken to reduce vibration:

-       Longitudinal structure of the whole vessel shall have good continuity;

-       Girders of foundation of main engines in the engine room shall have good connection to the skeleton of the vessel's bottom;

-       Web frame and web beam shall be provided for the engine room and other relevant rooms to form strong frame;

-       Pillars shall be provided in the engine room for strengthening;

-       The span between the aft structure shall be reduced properly to increase stiffness;

-       Fillet weld of all the structure below main deck shall be of two-sided continuous welding;

-       Structure shall be reinforced in way of towing winch, stern roller, windlass, winch, capstan, crane, steering gear, boat davit, fire monitor, funnel and signal light mast.

-       Proper structural treatment and local reinforcement shall be done where duct, shaft bracket, shaft exit, bow thruster and stern thruster are installed.

-       Proper structural treatment and local reinforcement shall be done where main engine, gearbox, main propulsion device, shaft generator, diesel generator set, boiler, air compressor and main pumping set.


Anchoring and mooring equipment


Two (2) single-side hydraulic windlasses are installed at the fore part of forecastle deck. The main parameters are as follows:


2 sets


9 m/min


φ46 mm  AM3



Three AC-14 high holding power anchors are provided, each of which is 2500kg in weight one for spare.


Anchor chain

The vessel shall be equipped with two AM3-ø46 stud-link electric welded anchor cables, of which the total length is 742.5m. 

Chain cable controller

Two ø 46 chain stoppers are provided.

Cut-in -step

In the chain locker two sets of φ46mm cut-in-steps shall be provided (CB*289-81).


Mooring equipment

Hydraulic winch


single winding drum


2 sets

   Pulling force

100 KN


12 m/min




Hydraulic capstan






50 KN


12 m/min


Bollard and mooring equipment

Main deck shall be equipped with B500 GB/554-1996 bollard, and forecastle deck shall be provided with A type bollard. Cable chock, mooring roller and fairleader shall be arranged convenient for use.


Towing wire and mooring line






Towing wire


190 m×1


Mooring line

Φ100mm polypropylene rope



Rubber fender

Rubber fenders (D-type) are provided at both sides of the vessel.


Towing equipment

Towing winch


1 set

Break holding

4000KNFirst layer

Towing drum load×speed

2500KN×6.5m/minFirst layer

1300KN×12m/minFirst layer

600KN×22m/minFirst layer

Diameter of wire rope



1500m10 layers

Operation mode of the towing winchoperated by the machine+bridge remote control


Shark jaw and towing pins

Max. workload of Shark jaws


Diameter of applied anchor chain


Diameter of applied wire rope


Pin work load



Stern roller

Main technical parameters

Diameter                   ø2200 mm

Length                         5000 mm

Towing eye plate

At #36 of main deck, one dismountable towing eye plate is arranged.


Rope reel



Single winding drum


1 set

Pulling force

100 KN


0^15 m/min


Rudder and steering gear

The vessel shall be equipped with two suspension type flapped rudders and two swing-cylinder steering gears.

Type: suspension type flapped rudder

Area: 7.11m2×2

Diameter of rudder stock shall be Class B strengthened for ice area.

Two electric-hydraulic swing-cylinder steering gears are provided, maximum torque of each: 160kN·m


Lifting equipment and mast

Lifting equipment

The vessel shall be equipped with one retractable hydraulic isolated pillar crane of 3t/15m.

Max. Expansion: 5.5m

Lifting weight

3t (3.2m~5.2m)

1.5t (5.2m~9.5m)

1t (9.5m~15m)



The mast shall be arranged as follows

One radar signal light mast shall be installed on the top of the superstructure, and stern light mast at the rail at the back end of the superstructure. One stern light and one stern anchor light shall be installed on the stern light mast.


Lifesaving equipment

Lifesaving equipment of the vessel shall be provided in accordance with the relevant provisions of SOLAS (2004).

Inflatable life raft

The vessel shall be equipped with 6 floaters type air flotation liferaft, 3 on each side each for 20 persons and raft davit with hydrostatic release unit.

Rescue boat and boat davit

One high speed rescue boat shall be provided, of which the capacity is 15 persons. The rescue boat shall be arranged at the port side of the upper deck, equipped with one set of single hoist boom rescue boat crane & miscellaneous    items crane.

Life jacket

148 life jackets shall be provided, all with whistle and light and conform to the specification. 47 immersion suits shall also be supplied.

Life buoy

The vessel shall be equipped with 8 plastic foam life buoy of ø710 of which 2 with light floating lamp, 2 with self-igniting light and self-activating smoke signal, 2 with buoyant lifeline. Life buoy of 4kg shall be equipped at both sides of the wheel house.




The fireproof structure of the vessel shall be designed in accordance with the requirement of SOLAS for the cargo ship. IC Method shall be adopted to design the fireproof structure of the vessel.


Cabin arrangements

All the accommodation cabins shall be equipped with single-level bed and sanitary unit, for the convenience of crew’s daily life. The arrangement of the cabin shall meet the relevant requirements of ILO.


Galley equipment

Galley of the vessel shall be arranged at the port side of the vessel


Washroom, laundry and drying room equipment

Washroom and laundry shall be arranged on the main deck of the vessel.


Navigation equipment

Navigation equipment shall be provided as follows:

Reflector compass:

Compass circle: 1

Compass magnifier: 1

Sounding handlead: 3kg,5kg; 1 each

Chronometer: 1x SY5T

Radio bell: 1x SY5B

Sextant: 2x GLH-130

Stopwatch: 2

Star finder: 1

Aneroid: 2x DYM3

Aneroid barometer: 1

Outdoor thermometer: 2

Psychrometer: 2

Seawater thermometer: 1

Weather fax receiver: 1

Anemograph: 1x 1^30m/s

Barograph: DYJ1-1

7×50 binoculars: 3

Hand lens: 2

Protractor: TJ1

Arm protractor: TS-630

Sector: 2

Parallel rulers: 2x TFB-460

Triangle: 2x 300mm

Bakelite inclinometer: 2x QJ-70

Chart-weights: 10x TY1

Sharpener: 3

Drawing instrument: 9;1set

Three-square scale: 1x 30cm

Electronic calculator: 2x tech-type

Ship’s clock: 8

Brine hydrometer: 1

Sunglasses: 4

Broad brush: 1

T-square: 1x 1m





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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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