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NEW BUILD - 61.8m Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessel

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DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 61.8m Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessel
BEAM:16.5 (54ft)
DRAFT:4.5-4.95m (14ft 9in - 16ft 2in)
LOCATION:ex yard China
BROKER:Peter Cookson
PRICE:USD 13.5 million
LENGTH:61.8m (202ft 9in)

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General Description:

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General Intent

This specification (Drawing No M1068-100-001) together with the attached General Arrangement Drawing (Drawing No M1068-101-001) is intended to describe the construction of a twin screw Anchor Handling

Tug/Supply Vessel completely outfitted and equipped for anchor handling, offshore support, and rescue, offshore supply, Fire Fighting c/w Anti-pollution and other related duties. The Vessel will be classed to American Bureau of Shipping as offshore support Vessel for Unrestricted Service.

The Anchor Handling Tug/Supply Vessel is to supply, support and act in the capacity of a safety vessel for offshore drilling and work over rigs in the operational waters on a twenty-four (24) hours per day basis. The vessel may be utilized for any duties within the capabilities of the vessel.

It is the intent of both this Technical Specification and General Arrangement Plan to describe and set forth the design, material, construction and equipment of the vessel.


Classification and Notation

The vessel is to be constructed, machinery installed and equipment provided in accordance with the latest Rules for Building & Classing of Steel Vessel to applicable to the Vessel under American Bureau of Shipping (hereinafter referred to as Classification) and to their special survey to hull and machinery with descriptive Notation:

+A1, +AMS, Circle E, Offshore Support Vessel (AH, Tow, Supply, FFV 1, DPS-2)


Materials and Equipment

Materials and workmanship is to be in accordance to the shipbuilder’s standard and quality. The plates must be of Class-approved marine steel; sections, hull forgings and castings must meet Classification requirements. Test certificates, where required by Classification must be provided.

The steel castings to be manufactured must meet Classification requirements and approval.

Anchor cables, fastenings, and davits, rigging shackles, heavy gear handling equipment, and winch cables, fittings to be made in accordance with the requirements of Classification/Statutory body. All electric fittings on exposed decks must be weather proof. Woods used shall be suitable for the intended purpose.


Hull Arrangement

The ship is arranged as a mono-hull vessel with a centre skeg at stern and with moderate flare and a bulbous bow. The engine room is located at forward next to midship and all the accommodation is arranged at forward.


The main hull will be divided into five major parts with main transverse water tight bulkhead as follows:


All these bulkheads except collision bulkhead can be accessible via water tight doors.

a) Fore peak;

b) Forward dry bulk compartment/bow thruster room;

c) Engine room;

d) Cargo areas;

e) Propulsion room and aft peak.


The vessel will be installed with two controllable pitch Azimuth propellers at stern and two bow tunnel thrusters.


Main cargo deck shall be arranged free from obstructions.


Accommodation areas with necessary facilities are located in superstructure and deckhouse which are above main deck. Deck height as follows:

a) Bottom to Tank Top : 1.20m

b) Tank Top to Main Deck : 5.30m

c) Main Deck to Lower F’cle Deck : 2.80m

d) Lower F’cle Deck to Upper F’cle Deck : 2.80m

e) Upper F’cle to Navigation Bridge Deck : 2.80m

f) Wheelhouse Height : 3.00m

Clear head room within accommodation shall be not less than 2.0m.


Principal Dimensions

Length, overall (Moulded Hull): 61.80m

Length, WL: 58.35m

Breadth, moulded: 16.50m

Depth, moulded: 6.50m

Design draught (moulded): 4.50m

Max Draft (moulded): 4.95m (approx.)

Dead weight at Max draft: 1500mt (approx.)

Complement: 42 men (22 Crew and 20 SP)

Deck camber (main deck): Nil

Cargo Deck Area: Approx. 410m2 as per GA including shark jaw and towing pin area

(For deck loading of 7 tons/m²)

Designed Cargo Deck Strength: 7t/m2

Deck Cargo: 600 tonnes (approx.)


Tank Capacities:

With tanks 100% full, the approx. capacities will be as follows:-


Freshwater, total: 420 M3 (approx)

Fuel Oil, total: 525 M3 (approx)

Drill Water/ Water Ballast, total: 545 M3 (approx)

Liquid Mud (2.5)/ Brine/ Drill Water: 398 M3 (approx)

Base Oil: 125 M3 (approx)

Dry Bulk Cargo Tank (4 nos.): 160 M3 (approx)

Main Engine L.O. Storage: 12 M3 (approx)

Aux. Engine L.O. Storage: 2 M3 (approx)

Hydraulic Oil Storage: 3 M3 (approx)

Bilge Holding Tank: 11 M3 (approx)

Dirty Oil Tank: 11 M3 (approx)

Foam Tank: 10 M3 (approx)

Dispersant Tank: 10 M3 (approx)

Sewage Holding Tank: 16 M3 (approx)



Speed: Vessels trial speed at draft approx. 4.0 meter to be approx 13knots at 100% MCR in calm weather, with clean hull, at deep sea. The main engines are to develop their maximum continuous rated brake horsepower for the free running speed trials. Free running speed shall be measured over an approved GPS system at maximum engine power rating.

Bollard Pull: Minimum 60t at 100% MCR (2 x 2610 PS main engine).

Endurance: Approx. 5000 nautical miles at about 11.0 knots cruising speed.

Approx. 30 days provisions and supplies.



Main Deck

Main deck structure is to be made as per rule requirements with no sheer or no camber. The designed deck loading is to be 7t/m2 for the exposed portion which will be used as cargo deck. For the rest of the main deck, deck strength shall meet rule requirements.


Transverse framing system shall be used throughout whole deck.


The deck plating aft of the superstructure is to be 12mm thick. The deck plate at Fr.7 to AP, from 3.5m on either side of the centreline shall be 20mm thick at least.


The cargo deck inside the line of the cargo rails is to be covered with 75mm thick local hardwood laid fore and aft. The timber is to be retained by steel bars with approximately 2400mm in length and to be sunken to prevent tripping due to cargo movements.


Recessed spill containment is to be provided at port and starboard side of the fuel oil bunkering and transfer station. These are to be provided with permanent oil-spill drain pipes with isolating valves connected to the drain tanks, and water overboard drains with permanent isolating valves. The cover is to be provided for the spill container s/s studs and butterfly nuts.


Tween Deck

Tween deck is to be arranged within engine room and aft cement tank compartment as shown on G.A. plan and transverse framing system shall be used.


Engine control room with 2 doors is to be located on Tween deck. Access openings on the tween deck are to be arranged.


 Tween deck structure shall be designed as per rule requirements with consideration of intended equipment installation and deck loading.


Superstructure and Deckhouse

External bulkheads and decks of superstructures and deck houses shall be constructed of steel as per rule requirement. Deck house construction shall be generally framed transversely. Corrugated steel is not to be used for external bulkhead. Steel walls, web frames, girders and pillars shall be suitably arranged to minimize vibration in deck houses.

Intermittent welding, spot welding and/or one side continuous fillet welding shall be applied in deck houses except wet spaces in accordance with the Builder's standard practice approved by the Classification Society.

There are no sheer and camber on each decks within superstructures and deckhouses.

Increased under deck scantling in way of deck machinery shall be provided.

Steel minor bulkheads shall be fitted around the following accommodation compartments:

- Changing Room

- Laundry

- Galley

- AHU room

- Stores

- Freezer and Cool Rooms



External bulkheads and top of wheelhouse shall be constructed of steel as per rule requirement.

Transverse framing system is to be used.

Vertical ladders for accessing to wheelhouse top shall be arranged outside wheelhouse.

The wheelhouse top deck is to be strengthened for accommodating the mast and various foundations.

Bridge wings are to be provided in accordance with the G.A. Small platforms are to be arranged aft of the wheelhouse and outside the bridge wings for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Protective steel bars are to be provided at the floor windows located at the aft of the wheelhouse. The battery box complete with sufficient numbers of wet acid batteries for radio equipment is to be located at the top of Wheelhouse and suitably ventilated.


Deck Machinery and Equipment

Anchoring and Mooring System

The anchor and mooring system to be provided according to class rules and operation requirements.


·         Anchor Windlass/ Mooring Winch

One (1) off combined hydraulic anchor windlass/mooring winch to be fitted on upper forecastle deck.


The Hydraulic Windlass/winch will consist of two gypsies to handle Ø 36mm U3 stud-link chain. Both the gypsies will be operated by manual dog clutches. It is driven by a high torque low speed hydraulic motor through a single stage of spur gear reduction.

-       Gypsy : Rating 12.0 Tonnes @ approx 0-12m/min at max duty

Chain Size 36mm dia. stud-link chain U3

Brake Manual actuated screw down band brake on gypsies’ drum

Clutch Manual operated dog clutch

-       Drum : Rating 8 ton at approx. 0~10m/min

Rope size 200 meter of 64mm dia. PP rope @ 7 layers

Brake Manual activated screw down band brake on winch drum

Clutch Manual operated dog clutch

-       Gear : Cast steel with machine hobbed teeth

-       Shaft : Alloy steel

-       Bearing : Bronze bushing

-       Warping Head : Cast steel

-       Operation Place : Local/ remote (from wheelhouse)


·         Anchors, Chain Cables & Mooring Lines

The anchor, chain cables and mooring lines are to be supplied in accordance with Classification requirements. For guidance, they are as follows:-

-       Anchors : Two (2) HHP AC14 anchor, each 1575 kg

-       Chain Cables : 440m x 36mm dia., grade U3 stud link chain

-       Mooring Lines : 2 x 220M lengths polypropylene mooring ropes of minimum 20,000 kg breaking strength


·         Chain Stopper

Two (2) units of roller-type chain stoppers c/w with lashing screws suitable for 36mm diameter U3 stud link chains to be provided.


·         Capstan

Two (2) units vertical mounted capstans with one fixed warping head of diameter 400mm.

Pull Speed : 5.0 Tonnes at 0~15 metres /min


Life Saving Equipment

Lifesaving equipment is to be supplied and installed as per SOLAS and Government Authority requirements for an Ocean Going Vessel with a total complement of Forty-Two (42) and generally in accordance with the approved Life Saving and Fire Protection Plans. Equipment shall be of the type approved by SOLAS.


Rescue boat

One (1) rigid rescue craft with 6 men carrying capacity complete with 40hp outboard is to be provided. The craft shall be fitted with a davit with stored powered hoisting and slewing for deployment and safe recovery of the rescue craft. Boat equipment such as paddles, heaving lines, torch, repair kit, pump and lifting sling shall be provided. The rescue boat to be delivered with protection canvas on console.


Life Raft

Six (6) inflatable life rafts each certified twenty five (25) men capacity, are to be stowed in cradles for quick sideway launching. All to be SOLAS approved.


Life Boat

Not applicable.


Life Jacket, Immersion Suit and Life Buoy, etc.

-       Life Jackets

Forty-Two (42) approved type lifejackets to be supplied and stowed adjacent to each berth, including ten (10) spare jackets. All to be SOLAS approved.


-       Immersion Suits

The Owner will be responsible for getting exemption from Government Authority.


-       Life Buoys

A total of eight (9) lifebuoys of SOLAS approved type PVC construction or equal are to be provided, Five (5) with 90 ft buoyancy line, two (2) with self igniting electric lights and two (2) with light and smoke signals.


-       Distress Signals

Parachute signals, hand flares and other signal equipment to be delivered as required by Class and

Authorities. Line throwing device to be supplied.


Minimum as follows:

One (1) line throwing apparatus.

Twelve (12) parachute distress rockets.

Two (2) orange smoke signals each to have 120 seconds discharge time and of waterproof type.

Six (6) nos. red hand flare.


-       Emergency escape breathing devices

EEBD equipment to be installed according to requirement of CLASS and SOLAS.


-       Others

Eight (8) work vest c/w reflective tapes and lights.



Wheelhouse is to be equipped with navigational instruments and electronic equipments as per this specification. Wheelhouse windows are to be arranged to give maximum visibility all round as far as practicable.


Three (3) off windscreen wipers, two (2) aft and one (1) forward are to be provided. Four (4) Clear View Screen shall be installed, two (2) aft and two (2) forward. Fresh water washing is to be provided at all windows with ¾ in. galvanize pipe.


Quick-action hinged weather tight doors to be fitted at after end of wheelhouse giving access to the open bridge deck. The doors are to be fitted with a fixed window.


A toilet complete with washbasin (hot and cold water), water-closet, toilet paper holder, tumbler rack and mirror shall be provided in the wheelhouse. All toilets are to be provided with exhaust fans.


The Wheelhouse shall be provided with combined steering and engine manoeuvring consoles and control panel of the bow thrusters to fit across the bridge, forward and aft.


In addition to navigational and electric equipments, the following items are to be supplied and fitted in the wheelhouse:-

-       Flag lockers for one complete set of International signal flags (In addition, national flag for vessel is to be provided as per the registration of the vessel).

-       Binocular stowage box, forward and aft

-       Storm rails in chrome finish

-       Chart table with drawers under and the chronometer chest incorporated. Chart table to be provided with save-all and slit on table top edge for the charts.

-       One (1) chart table lamp with dimmer. Deadlight curtains and rails are to be provided.

-       Radio table

-       One (1) radio table lamp

-       Radio operator's clock

-       (3) helmsman seats with arm rest, upholstered, adjustable in height and with foot rest (1 Fwd & 2 Aft)

-       Book shelf and racks

-       Upholstered settee

-       Coffee pantry table

-       LAN sockets

-       Sufficient power points 240/1/50

-       Stationary locker with sliding doors to be provided.

-       Centralise panel for smoke and fire detector as per IMO requirement


Main Engines

Main engines to be two (2) units Yanmar 6EY26W, 1920 kW (2610 PS) at 750 rpm four stroke marine diesels engines. Engines to be air-started and heat exchanger cooled. Engine Alarm/ Safety System are for manned engine room. Classification: ABS

Both engines shall be equipped with power take-off (PTO) at the front to drive the pumps for external firefighting via a step-up gear box complete with isolating clutch. Standby pumps to be provided in accordance with Rules and Regulations.


Main Generators

Three (3) units CAT marine generators having a continuous output rating of 450eKW each, 415v, 3 phase, 0.8 pf, 50 Hz. Engines to be electric started and heat-exchanger cooled. The units to be able to operate in parallel.


Shaft Generators

Two (2) units shaft generators of 1100 kW each, 50 Hz to be installed. The shaft generators are being driven from the FiFi gearbox PTO via flexible coupling. Classification: ABS


Emergency Generator

One (1) unit marine generator rated 136 eKW, 415v, 3 phase, 0.8 pf, 50 Hz, radiator cooled with battery starting to be provided. A deadship spring-starting arrangement of the emergency generator shall comply with Classification requirement. All necessary arrangements in accordance with Rules and Requirement are to be provided.


Navigation and Communication Equipment

The following navigation and communication equipment are to be fitted in accordance with relevant Government Authority requirements. The system shall comply with the requirements of 1974 SOLAS as amended by the 1988 GMDSS conference. Following is based on GMDSS (for Area 3).

-       One (1) set MF/HF Radiotelephone / DSC Terminal

-       Two (2) set Inmarsat C Mobile Earth Station

-       Two (2) sets VHF/FM Telephone (with built-in DSC) and external speaker with volume control

-       Two (2) units of search and rescue radar transponder (SART)

-       One (1) unit Navtex Receiver

-       One (1) set 406/121.5MHz EPIRB

-       Three (3) sets GMDSS Walkie-Talkie c/w lithium battery for each tranceiver

-       Two (2) IMO Type Approved Marine X-Band Radar c/w ATA,18” multi-colour high-performance X-band marine radar (96nm)

-       One (1) Doppler Speed Log with remote display

-       One (1) Digital Dual Gyro-Compass fitted with one (1) master and five (5) repeaters at bridge wing port/stbd (2), fwd console (1), aft console (1), steering gear room (1)

-       One (1) Autopilot compatible and interfaced with gyro and steering compass

-       One (1) Reflector type magnetic compass c/w correction magnet, quadrant balls and reflector tube and compass binnacle, azimuth device.

-       One (1) SSAS

-       One (1) Global Positioning System (GPS) navigator

-       One (1) Echo sounder, repeater to be fitted at aft console

-       One (1) set Automatic Identification System (AIS) to be interfaced with gyro/radar

-       Two (2) marine VHF Radio Telephone

-       Three (3) Anemometer from DP Vendor

-       One (1) Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)


Internal Communication

Common Telephone/Intercom

The following area is to be provided with common telephone / Intercom system:

-       Wheelhouse – 2

-       Meeting Room – 1

-       Mess Room at Main Deck – 1

-       Recreation Room – 1

-       Galley – 1

-       Sickbay – 1

-       Office – 1

-       Engine Control Room – 1


Public Address System/Intercom

One (1) public address system (PA) consisting of built-in facility for talk-back and paging and system to comply with SOLAS requirement.

-       One Main station

-       One (1) main stations with goose-neck microphone at Wheelhouse aft console.

-       One (1) main station with goose-neck microphone at Wheelhouse forward console.

-       Approximately 15 Horn speakers and 30 loudspeaker


Sound Powered Phone

Eight (8) Sound powered phones to be fitted and system must comply with SOLAS requirement.

-       Wheelhouse (Forward and Aft)

-       Captain and Chief Engineer Cabins

-       Engine Room/ Steering Gear Room/ Bow Thruster Room – headset and siren and rotating light(outside the control room)

-       ECR – console mounted


Navigation Lights and Shapes

Dual lens, 24VDC navigation lights are to be supplied as per Class and State Flag requirement:

-       Three (3) pieces masthead lights

-       One (1) towing light

-       One (1) stern light

-       One (1) anchor light

-       Two (2) side lights

-       Three (3) NUC lights

-       Two (2) black circular shapes of 600mm dia.

-       Two (2) diamond shapes

-       One (1) set immigration light

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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