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NEW BUILD - 5500 dwt Oil Tanker.

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Description:NEW BUILD - 5500 dwt Oil Tanker
Date Launched:Newly built ship at 90% completion , and would be delivered within 3 months for a buyer.
Length:106m (347ft 9in)
Beam:17.6m (57ft 8in)
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 5.55 million

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General Description:

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The vessel is to be designed and built as single screw, one (1) set of medium speed diesel engine driven tanker for ocean going service.
When the vessel to be fully loaded, it’s dead-weight capacity can reach to about 5500 tons in bulk.
The hull structure to be designed based on the cargo specific gravity up to 1.025 t/m3 in all cargo tanks and slop tanks.
The vessel to be a raked stem with bulbous bow, a transom stern with bulb stern, and one (1) semi-hanged type rudders to be provided. One (1) complete continuous freeboard deck with forecastle and poop with accommodation deckhouse. It is arranged with three (3) tiers of accommodation on the poop deck, including wheelhouse. Which is arranged on the top of accommodation with advanced navigation equipment, communication equipment and control system.
The cargo area is constructed with double skin, double bottom. Two continuous side bulkheads, one centreline bulkhead, seven (7) transverse bulkheads within cargo area divide cargo tank area into ten (10) cargo tanks and two (2) slop tanks (P&S).
The double bottom tanks and the wing tanks in way of cargo oil space are combined together to be “L” type tanks, which are divided into five (5) pairs of segregated water ballast tank (P&S). Fore peak and aft. peak tanks shall be used for segregated water ballast tanks also. The aft. Peak tank will be able to be used as a SW ballast tank and a FW storage tank.
For detailed arrangement as shown on the G.A.P.
Length, overall: Abt. 106.00 m
Length, B.P: 100.00 m
Breadth, moulded: 17.60 m
Depth, moulded: 9.30 m
Designed summer draught: 6.00 m
Gross tonnage Abt.: 4700
Complement: 18 P. + 2 Spares+1pilot
Main engine MCR: 3089 kw x 650 rpm
The 88.5% MCR of main engine power to be referred to as CSR.
The fuel oil consumption at CSR (2733 kw) with tolerance of +/- 5% as decided by shop test to be 208 g/kw hr (155 g/HP hr) based on a lower calorific value of 42705 KJ/kg (10200 kcal/kg).
The designed daily F.O. consumption at CSR of 2733 kw shall be approx. 13.8 t/day.
Speed and Endurance
Trial speed at the designed draft of 6.00 m for fully load condition at MCR of main engine viz. 3088 kw output, and at conditions of clean bottom in deep sea and calm weather with wind force not exceeding 2 Beaufort scale to be About 13.6 knots
The service speed as a guarantee speed at the designed draft of 6.00 m for fully load condition at CSR of main engine viz. 2733 kw output, without sea margin to be About 13.1 Knots
The final speed will be according with the model tank test.
Endurance for normal service based on fuel oil tank capacity of 300 m3, at design draft of 6.00 m and service speed of 13.1 knots Approx. 5,000 nautical miles
The design point of propeller to be based on 85%MCR.
The guaranteed deadweight in seawater (specific gravity of 1.025) at the design draught of 6.00 m to be 5,500 metric tons.
The vessel is to have the following indicative capacities (100% volumes) of cargo oil tanks, water ballast tanks, fuel oil tanks and fresh water tanks.
Cargo tanks (include Slop tanks): Abt. 6,800 m3
Slop tanks: Abt. 210 m3
Heavy fuel oil (380 cSt) tanks: Abt. 300 m3
Light diesel oil tanks (for low S fuel): Abt. 100 m3
Lube oil tanks Abt. 20 m3
Fresh water tanks Abt. 110 m3
Water ballast tanks Abt. 2300 m3
Freeboard of the vessel shall be designed not less than the requirements of the International Convention on Load Line 1966 with amendment for 1979, modified by protocol of 1988 for Type “A” ship.
The freeboard mark to be positioned at the level not exceeding to the design draft after approved by the Classification Society.
The vessel shall comply with the relevant Rules and Regulations of the load line convention, MARPOL and IMO Regulation for stability requirements, both intact and damaged, for all loading conditions of normal sea operation.
In order to verify the ship’s Speed a model testing to be carried out by the Builder.
Class Notation
The vessel, including its hull, machinery, equipment and outfitting shall be constructed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Classification Society (edition and amendments there to being in effect as date of the Contract signing). And under special survey of Bureau Veritas (BV) as well as shall be distinguished in register by the symbols of
The ship shall be registered under the Singapore Flag. (Can be changed according to Contract)
Rules and Regulations
The following Rules, Regulations, recommendations and requirement of Authorities to be applied including any circular set into force at the date of signed the Contract.
(1) Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ship by the Register of Shipping, 2007 and its Amendments.
(2) International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, including the Protocol of 1978 and Its 1981, 1983, 1988, 1989, 1990,1991,1992, 1994, 1996, 1997. 1998 and 2000 Amendment.
(3) International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from ship’s1973 (Annex I, II, IV, V & VI for Nox) and Protocol 1978 including IMO Regulation 13F (Amendments to Regulation 13F of MARPOL 73/78, MEPC
(4) Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at sea, 1972 with the Amendments of 1981, 1987 and 1993.
(5) International Convention on Load Lines, 1966, including Amendments of 1971, 1975, 1979 and 1988.
(6) International Conversion on Tonnage Measurement of ships, 1969.
(7) International Tele Communication Convention, 1973 and Radio Regulations, 1974 and those Amendments of Geneva 1979, 1982, 1983, 1990 and 1992 with GMDSS.
(8) ILO Convention No. 92 Concerning Crew Accommodation on Board and Convention No.133 (For crew accommodation only).
(9) International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) for Electrical Installation on Ships.
(10) OCIMF, Standards for Manifolds and Associated Equipment, 1991. (for reference only)
(11) IMO A.708 (17) Navigation Bridge Visibility and Functions.
(12) IMO Res. A468 (XII), Code on Noise Levels on Board.
(13) ISO Draft Proposal No. 6954 (Guidelines for The Overall Evaluation of Vibration in
Merchant Ships), 1979 and 1984 Amendment.
(14) Rules and Regulations of Authority Government
(15) Suez canal regulation
(16) IMO Standards & instructions concerning ventilation cleaning and gas-freeing of oil tank
(18) Code for the construction and equipment for ships carrying dangerous chemicals in bulk (IBC code)
The Builder is to obtain following certificates and deliver to the Owner at the time of the ship’s delivery unless otherwise mentioned. Each certificate to be delivered one (1) original and one (1) copy to the Owner.
 (1) Classification Certificate
 (2) International Load Line Certificate
 (3) International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate.
 (4) International Tonnage Certificate.
 (5) Safety Radio Certificate, including GMDSS
 (6) Safety Equipment Certificate
 (7) Safety Construction Certificate
 (8) Classification Certificates for Anchor, Chains and Hawsers, Machinery and Equipment.
(9) Certificate for Life Boat
(10) Certificate for Navigation Light and Special Signal Lights.
(11) Lifting Gear Certificate.
(12) Certificate of Compass Adjustment .
(13) Final Trim and Stability Booklet and Loading Manual.
(14) Builder’s Certificate
(15) Deratization Certificate
(16) Suez canal Tonnage certificate
(17) Test Certificate of casting and forged pieces
(19) Ballast Water Management Certificate
(20) Certificate for the fire extinguishing and detecting system
(21) Loading Computer Certificate
(23) NOx Certificate
(24) SOx Certificate if applicable
(27) Sewage System Certificate
(28) Measuring Certificate for Cargo Tank Capacity
All equipment certificates required by the Classification and/or Authority to be supplied to the owner. However, if above mentioned formal certificates cannot be obtained at the ship’s delivery, the Builder shall furnish provisional certificates to the Owner, which substitute the formal certificate. But the formal Certificate should be submitted to the Owner before the provisional Certificate to be no longer in force.
Following equipment to be furnished and supplied by the Owner at their own expense, and installed
on the vessel by the Builder or directly by the Owner.
1. All nautical instrument more than the Rule’s requirement
2. All hoses etc., other than those required by the Rules.
3. Steel wires, ropes and hawsers for mooring and/or store handling in excess of the
requirements of Classification Society.
4. Deck engine and cabin stores in excess of those specified in the Specification.
5. All bedding (blankets, sheets, covers, etc.)
6. All napery (serviettes, table cloths, etc.)
7. All cook’s and steward’s utensils (crockery, silverwares, earthenwares, glasses, pots,
pans, etc.)
8. All chandlers (soap, lamp oil, etc.)
9. All charts, sailing books and flags.
10. All consumable stores.
11. All medicine and medical equipment and medical chest to be supplied by shipyard.
12. All air tools and hoses except those specified herein.
13. Electric coffee grinder, electric cutting machine, juice maker, small electric boiler for
galley and decimal balance, electric drying tubular, electric ironing machine.
14. Spare parts tools and flanges etc. in excess of the requirements of the Rules and
Regulations as specified herein and/or those specified in this Specification.
15. Consumable store for ship.
16. Typewriters and other office equipment.
17. All television sets, radios, stereo set, DVD set, etc. 1 set each for mess room, officer
day room, Master, C/E, C/O & 2/E rooms to be supplied by yard.
18. Water, fuel oil working oil for deck machinery, all consumable liquids or gas etc. and
L.O and hydraulic oil consumed during the trials and tests to be supplied by the
19. The loading computer with software to be supplied by yard.
Main Engine
One (1) set–GN8320ZC6B
4-stroke cycle, vertical type, direct injection, medium speed type marine diesel engine with turbocharger and air cooler.
Model: GN8320ZC-6B x 1 set
MCR: 3089 kW x 650 rpm
CSR (88.5% MCR): 2733 kW x 625 rpm
No. of cylinder: 8
Dia. of cylinder: 320 mm
Stroke of piston: mm
Fuel oil: 380 cst
F.O. consumption: 210 g/kwhr + 5% at MCR based on HFO with
LCV of 10,200 kcal/kg at shop test under ISO reference condition.
Rule’s special: To comply with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI,
Regulation 13 (Mandatory code on NOx emission).
Reduce gear box for propulsion
Model: GWC 60/66 x 1set
Ratio: 3.49070:1
Flexible coupling
Model: HGT8020IIID x 1set
Max torque: 80.0kNm
Main Genset
No. of set: Three (3) sets
Rated horse power: Cummins NTA855 D(M), 283 kW
Rated revolution: 1500 r/min.
Fuel oil: Marine diesel oil to be used for any condition.
Output: MP-H-250-1, 250 kw
Volts: AC.400 V
Frequency: 3 phase, 50 Hz
Emergency Genset
No. of set: One (1) set
Rated horse power: Cummins 6BT5.9-GM83
Fuel type: MGO
Starting: Electric batteries / Manual hydraulically
Output: MP-H-64-4, 64kW
Voltage: AC. 400 V
Frequency: 3 phase, 50 Hz
The electric nautical equipment as follows:
ECDIS and Information system 1
Gyrocompass & auto-pilot (with course recorder) 1
Transmitting magnetic compass 1
Echo sounder with recorder 1
Electro-magnetic log 1
Radar (20 inches, X-band, one with ARPA) 2
GPS navigator 2
Clear view screen 2
Window wiper 3
Anemometer and anemoscope 1
Weather facsimile receiver 1
Quartz clock
Equipment installed on this vessel shall completely comply with SOLAS 1988 amendments to meet
the equipment of GMDSS for ships trading in A1 + A2 + A3 sea areas.
Main equipment remote control station to be supplied for bridge operation.
Radio (250 W PEP SSB MF/HF) transmitter 1
VHF radio telephone 2
NAVTEX receiver 1
Satellite EPIRB 1
Two-way portable radio telephone Satellite-C 3
Safety equipment as follows:
1 – VDR
1 – AIS
3271: 5500 dwt Oil Tanker - 090.jpg
3271: 5500 dwt Oil Tanker - 091.jpg

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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