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NEW BUILD - 28m Fishing Vessel

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DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 28m Fishing Vessel
LOCATION:ex shipyard, Portugal
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
LENGTH:28m (91ft 10in)

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General Description:

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The ship is a fishing vessel with steel hull designed specifically for STERN trawling. The ship will also include appropriate means for the conservation of fish on board, applicable to this type of fishing activity. The machinery space will be installed in the aft part of the ship as per general arrangement. Propulsion is provided by a diesel engine (MAK 6M332 (1200 hp @ 750 rpm)) via a marine gearbox, a fixed pitch propeller B-SKEW Series with 4 blades working with a nozzle.
Length over all: 28m
Length between perpendiculars: 24.10m
Breadth moulded: 8m
Depth moulded 3.90 m
Design Load Draft 3.50 m
Final dimensions are to be confirmed by the builder and are to be approved by the Owners, prior to contract placement.
Capacity 150 m3 (approx.)
Fuel 100 m3 (approx.)
Fresh water 10 m3 (approx.)
Lube oil 2 m3 (approx.)
Sludge 3 m3 (approx.)
The gross tonnage shall be approximately 300 GT.
Maximum engine power, continuous 1200 HP @ 750 rpm Engine: MAK 6M332
Rated speed (90% MCR (maximum power): 12.0 knots
The final main engine selection, output rating and speed/power performance is to be agreed with the Owner, after optimization of final hull lines and ship model tests etc. have been carried out.
The vessel will have accommodation for a crew of 12 persons distributed according to the plan of the General Arrangement, as the requirement of the Owner.
The general arrangement of the vessel is normally indicated on the attached General Arrangement plan for this specification, according to the Owner. The vessel should generally follow the “General Arrangement” drawing except where options may be agreed by builders, owners and consultants. An engineer’s workshop / store is to be sited aft of the machinery space.
The stability will be positive in all load conditions. Both the initial and the static stability will be in accordance with stability criteria for this type of vessel. After finishing the construction of the ship will be an experience of stability to determine the real position of center of gravity of the ship and its movement. The vessel is to comply with the latest IMO Directive stability criteria as applicable to a vessel of this type and in accordance with the National flag Authority’s requirements. Full stability data, together with the inclining experiment results are to be supplied on completion of the vessel to BV and Flag Authority approval. Strict attention is to be paid to controlling the weight of the vessel to avoid any unnecessary increase in its weight and hence a reduction in deadweight / speed. The ship should be able to achieve its full load displacement. The use of water ballast or any other form of ballast may be accepted subject to the owner’s agreement, where required for stability or trim control. The results of this experiment and subsequent calculations of stability will be delivered to Owner after been duly approved by the Administration, according to different operating conditions.
The electronic equipment for navigation, communications and detection of fishing are provided by the Shipyard, whose marks and references are described in chapter 18 of this specification.
Forward on the wheelhouse will be installed a navigation console, which will have:
- Radio navigation, fishing and communications instruments;
- Command of steering gear with two joy-sticks placed as the discretion of the owner and the steering wheel;
- Combined control of the main engine and gearbox;
- RPM, temperature of cooling fresh water, lube oil pressure, and emergency stop indicators;
- Intercom to the engine room and mess;
- Pushbutton actuating the general signs of alarm;
- Push button to operate the whistle;
- Pushbutton for starting and stopping electric pumps of steering gear with indicator lights with its operation and overload alarm and power failure.
There will be a console with a waterproof cover on the fly bridge that will have a joy-stick control of rudder, various electronic equipment, panel and controls the engine idling and with the propeller rpm indicators, emergency stop and probe. There will be a fixed chair in this area.
It will be installed a forced ventilation system for the engine room.
This system will consist of two reversible ventilators, with inlets/outlets and with appropriate air locks prescribed outside the engine room.
The two electro ventilators are WOODS, or similar, and will have a capacity of approximately 6000 m3 / h at a static pressure of 35 Will be axial and with actuators suitable for work as impeller or extractor.
Electric motors of these ventilators can be stopped from outside the engine room in case of emergency.
The ship will be equipped with all necessary elements to handle and process fish, as shown in the Plan: 85717-410 – Deck Layout Definition (not defined).
The ship will be fitted with 2 cranes. They will have a capacity of 1.5 tons at a 10 m distance when fully extended. These cranes are located as per G.A.
In order to call the crew will be installed a panel on the wheelhouse with a bell installed in the engine room, mess and working deck.
WHISTLE A whistle properly sized will be installed with an electro-pneumatic operation. It must be operated from the bridge and from the fly bridge.
The ship will be delivered with the regulatory equipment according to the administrative regulation that in principle is the following:
- Two articulated anchors, HALL type, and with weight by the rules.
- 12,5 m of chain with swivels, in quality steel Q2 with regulatory diameter, and length by de rules.
- 2 chain with 120 m each and with appropriate breaking load.
CANVAS A canvas cover to the binnacle compass will be supplied.
The main engine is a marine diesel engine MAK 6M332 1200 hp @ 750 rpm, four-stroke, single acting, supercharged, intercooled, fuel injection (mechanical or electronic), and combined pneumatic and electric starter by batteries, forced oiled, cooled fresh water closed circuit and with the following characteristics:
- Number of cylinder: 6V
- Maximum Power rate (ISO 3046/1): 1200 hp
The engine is equipped with all standard accessories and also with the information required to:
- Automatically adjust lubricating oil temperature;
- Automatically adjust of cooling fresh water;
- Tram-stop device for speeding;
- Remote control from the wheelhouse.
The engine is supplied complete, including: steering wheel, speed control, oil and fuel oil dual filters, cooler fuel lubricating, fresh water cooling, flexible charge alternator, and exhaust silencer.
The engine will have two panels with gauges indicators and alarms, one in the engine room and another in the wheelhouse, with different readings (engine speed, engine oil pressure, battery charge, temperature of exhaust gas, turbo compressor air pressure, fresh water temperature, reducer oil pressure, etc..) that will conform to the supplier model.
At aft of main engine will be mounted a gearbox, TWIN DISC to be defined.
The gearbox is marine type, with an appropriate reduction ratio.
The oil needed for its operation will be provided by a pump driven by the reducer.
The gear will be provided with a device to idle with rpm indicator on the wheelhouse.
The whole line shaft design will be so that there are no torsion vibrations will be generated, which are not accepted by the National Maritime Authority. If necessary, the driving motor shall be provided with a vibration absorber.
The details of design and construction of the shaft will be in accordance with the requirements of the National Maritime Authority.
Between the wheel and propeller gearbox an elastic coupling will be installed with appropriate characteristics.
On the aft of the gearbox several intermediate shafts in steel F-112 will be installed, linked by flanges to the propeller shaft, which will be in stainless steel AISI-316.
The stern tube will be in steel fitted to the hull sternpost and bulkhead aft peak. In the stern and bow takes bronze bushings, both with anti-friction coating on the inside to support the propeller shaft.
The cooling is done by salt water and without forced circulation and in the bow of the stern tube will be placed a bronze seal with stainless steel bolts and using a square section stopper.
Will be installed steel cable guards between the stern tube and propeller.
It will be mounted a Copper CU1 nozzle propeller of 4 fixed blades, especially designed. The blades are fully mechanized and the propeller balanced.
For general services of salted water (sewage, transshipment and fire) will be installed two centrifugal pumps to be proper dimensioned as per engineering calculations.
For the oil transfer service will be installed an electro-gear pumps to be proper dimensioned as per engineering calculations.
For the fresh and salt water services will be installed two automatic pressure groups to be proper dimensioned as per engineering calculations.
Will be installed a fresh water generator with the reverse osmosis method to be proper dimensioned as per engineering calculations.
For fuel purification will be installed a centrifugal separator ALFA LAVAL, type MAB-103 to 4000 liters / h capacity, or equivalent.
Outside the daily fuel tank will be installed a static filter decanter with alarm, FACET type.
To drive the rudder will be installed an actuator FLUIDMECANICA or similar.
It will be equipped with two hydraulic pumps driven by electric motors with 2 speeds, two electro valves to engage the autopilot, alarm equipment and two remote controls from the wheelhouse joystick type, emergency control equipment with steering wheel on the wheelhouse and helm angle indicator also in the wheelhouse.
In addition to those indicated for the main engine and auxiliary engines, will be installed the following alarms and safety systems:
- Bilge alarm in the engine room with indicator on the wheelhouse;
- Bilge alarm in tunnel with indicator on the wheelhouse;
- Bilge alarm in bow thruster room with indicator on the wheelhouse;
- Bilge alarm in rudder room with indicator on the wheelhouse;
- Steering gear starters and stand-by, located on the wheelhouse;
- Steering gear overload alarm on the wheelhouse;
- Steering gear power failure alarm on the wheelhouse.
Besides the above, security alarms as required by the National Maritime Authority will be installed.
To drive both cranes, trawling machinery and aft capstan will be installed an electro hydraulic central with adequate capacity.
To assist the air service of main engine starter it will be an electro compressor 35 m3/h and another of 15 m3/h, both at 30 bar.
It will be provided two air cylinders of appropriate capacity.
There will be pallets of aluminum 3.7 mm thick, with removable panels supported by a structure of steel angles in order to cover the pipes in the whole area of the engine room.
Exhausts will be made for diesel engines with sufficient sections and smooth curves. These tubes are lined with mineral wool covered with thin sheet aluminum riveted.
The refrigeration machinery pipes will have, where necessary, ARMAFLEX insulation.
To partially disassemble the diesel engines, eyebolts of appropriate capacity will be placed in proper location, as well as a framework for the annotations of works.
There will be on board, installed in the engine room workshop the following elements:
- A workbench with vise;
- A welding machine with 15 m cable, clamp and hand mask APEL of 170 A, 220/27 V;
- A set of standard electrical parts from the shipyard, as applied in the construction;
- A set of standard working tools.
The vessel will have a bow thruster located in the bow thruster room as per G.A. plan. This equipment will be of electric type with approximately 100 kW.
(all to be specified in detail)
2 VHF Furuno FM 8500 or similar
1 SSB Furuno FSSOOO or similar
liNM-C Furuno Felcom 12 liNM-C Sailor or similar
1 Receptor Furuno AA-SO or similar
2 Transponder Jotron Tron SART20 or similar
3 hand VHF Jotron Tron TR20 or similar
2 color laser printers
1 GPS Furuno GPSOO or similar
1 GPS Furuno GP150 or similar
1 GPS Furuno GP170 (GMDSS) or similar
2 Radars Furuno or similar
2 Radars Furuno or similar
2 depth sounder Furuno or similar
1 SSB Furuno or similar
Temperature Sensors LiNO Temp Furuno TI-20
Current sensor Furuno or similar
1 VHF Sailor or similar
1 VHF ICOM or similar
1 VHF portable ICOM IC-M33 or similar
1 Autopilot Robertson AP4S or similar
1 Autopilot Simrad APSO or similar
1 Gyro Robertson RGC10 or similar
1 magnetic compass Sateltario Furuno SCSO or similar
2 Converters FURUNO AD10 or similar
Transponder Unit Type: FA-1SO1 or similar
Monitor Unit Type: FA-1502 or similar
1 Fleet 77 Sailor or similar
1 FBB 2SO Santlink or similar
11 NMC-C Furuno Felcom16 or similar
1 Receptor AOR AR3000R or similar
The life-saving equipment will conform to the legislation at the date of signing the construction contract, and is not limited to the list below:
- 2 inflatable rescue rafts 25 spaces each, enclosed in protective rigid packaging and equipped with automatic release devices;
- 4 lifebouy wirth light and smoke;
- 2 lifebuoy with line 27,5 meters;
- 16 lifejackets in accommodation;
- 5 lifejackets in metalic box;
- 1 radio positioner
- accident finder;
- 1 radar transponder;
- 12 rocket parachute flares;
- 1 line-throwing appliance.
The fire-fighting equipment shall be in accordance with the legislation at the date of signing the construction contract, and is not limited to the list below:
2 fire hydrants in maindeck
1 fire hydrant in engine room
1 fire hydrant aft upper deck
3 hoses of textile material over 15 meters mouthpiece with double effect and closing device
1 hose of textile material over 10 meters mouthpiece with double effect and closing device in engine room
4x6 Kg powder fire extinguisher in accommodation
1509: NEW BUILD - 28m Fishing Vessel - 090 ga.jpg
1509: NEW BUILD - 28m Fishing Vessel - 091 ga.jpg

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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