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NEW BUILD - 22m Fast Catamaran Kit-Set at Greatly Discounted Price

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DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 22m fast Catamaran Kitset
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to Order
LENGTH:22m (72ft 2in)
BEAM:6.30m (20ft 8in)
DRAFT:0.90m (2ft 11in)
LOCATION:Shipped from Perth, Australia
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:Only AUD 215,000 (approx USD 125,000)
PRICE NOTES:This would normally sell for AUD 350,000

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General Description:

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We present an opportunity to purchase a kit-set for a 22m Fast Catamaran at a greatly discounted price due to a defaulted sale.  This Fast 22m, 130 pax catamaran alloy kit set, as it is designed now with water jets was designed for BKI Offshore (Indonesian Class).    The Price includes:

  • All DNV certified plates CNC cut and marked
  • All extrusions as required to build the vessel.
  • All plans as required by approving authority
  • Electrical design
  • Flat packed and FOB, Perth Australia.

If there is a desire to alter the design or change Class, then extra design fees etc. would apply. 

The enclosed plans and specifications are prepared with the intent to set forth the work to be executed and items to be supplied for the construction of a vessel suitable for commercial passenger and cruise boat operation.
In all cases where contradiction exists between the plans and specifications, the specifications shall govern unless mutually agreed with the owner or owners authorized agent and the builder.
LOA: 22m
LWL: 22m 
Beam: 6.30m
Draft: 0.90m
2 of Scania DI16 072M 662kw @ 2100RPM, Marine Diesel Engines - , 4 stroke, direct injected.
Marine Transmission: ZF 500 with mounts and gauges and oil cooler.
2 of MJP H350 water jet units with hydraulic steering and Carden shafts.
Lightship speed (approx): 34 knots
Loaded cruise speed (approx): 30.7 knots @ 85%
Loiter speed (approx): 4 knots
Fuel Oil (2): TOTAL, 2000L 
Fresh Water: 1 OF, 400L
Sullage: 1 OF, 400L
Lightship (Approx): 24.75 Tonne
Loaded Displacement (Approx): 34.75 Tonne
Typical Load Deadweight (Approx): 10.00 Tonne
Principal particulars are subject to slight changes according to the results of stability and trim prognosis regarding the final fit-out arrangement.
The vessel shall be designed and constructed to the BKI code for open waterway passenger vessels, but excluding HSC code for 127 passengers plus crew.In all cases where contradiction exists between the plans and specifications, the specifications shall govern unless mutually agreed with the owner or owners authorized agent and the builder
Complete plans and specifications shall be submitted to the owners flag state maritime division if required and an authorized BKI surveyor or Naval Architect shall inspect the vessel during construction at regular intervals.Vessel to be constructed under cover in secure premises and builder to maintain insurance with QBE marine insurance with owners listed on policy until handover.
All aluminium is to be of certified marine grade and class approved standard. (Plate 5083 H116 & extrusion 6061 T6) or equivalent. Welding shall to be carried out by suitably certified welders in accordance with the supplied weld schedule. The approved welding schedule shall be used during construction in all cases.
All scantlings are well above the requirements to allow operation at very safe levels in all conditions. Below is a list of main structural plate sizes:
Hull bottom plate: 6 mm plate (TBC)
Hull side plate: 5 mm plate
Deckhouse plate: 3 & 4 mm plate
Deck plate: 3 & 4mm plate
All construction materials shall be class approved.
All additional scantlings are as shown in the complete plan package and are available for sighting prior to signing of the final contract. Scantlings and structural arrangement shall be of such type so as to secure a safe level of operation in addition to allowing for a maximized operational life.
All openings in the hull and deck for scuppers, sea valves, hatches etc. shall be radiused. Suitable under deck stiffeners shall be provided in way of bollards, winches, etc.
The vessel shall be transversely framed throughout in addition to suitable longitudinal stiffeners. The hull shall be subdivided into four separate watertight compartments by way of suitably stiffened watertight bulkheads.
All deckhouse structure shall be of marine grade aluminum. All windows shall be toughened safety glass 8mm forward, 6mm side, 6mm aft’ sizes to be maximized. The forward facing windows shall be clear within the restraints of the window deflections. Clear "fixed" type of a suitable size for navigation purposes, two helm slider windows shall be properly framed with approved heavy-duty aluminum framing the remainder to be approved “stick-on type” with ceramic bands and using Sikaflex approved 296 sealant.
Passenger access to the vessel main deck is via a hinged door on port and stb side lower aft’ bulwarks. Passenger doors to be wide enough to accommodate passengers with hand luggage and a small loading trolley.
Crew access to the foredeck via door at the forward end of the main cabin. Access to the upper deck is via aluminum stairs. Refer to general arrangement plan for proposed accommodation space layout arrangement.
Passenger seating as per final general arrangement plan, with high back marine seating with armrest and life jacket holders under. Two (2) x toilets installed on main deck aft.
Outdoor aluminium bench seating with plastic stadium type seats attached.
Weather Decks: Non –Skid Paint
Passenger Decks: Non – Skid Paint or ‘Decord’ marine carpet
Toilets internal: Non – Skid Paint
Main Cabin: Honeycomb panel laminated (fire rated) 
Toilets internal: High gloss paint
Main Cabin & helm: Honeycomb panel laminated (fire rated)
Toilets: Honeycomb panel laminated (fire rated)
Outside Deck heads: High gloss paint.
Hatches to be provided of watertight standard to all compartments. The flush main engine room hatches shall be drained and will have provision for engine access and removal. Maine engine hatches to be hinged with gas struts for easy access. Alternative access to the engine room is via an alternative hatch. Access to the mid-voids shall be via flush hatches. The foredeck and steering compartment hatches shall be Gold Coast Ships hatches.
Ground gear: 1 x 78 kg Manson HHP Lloyds approved plough anchor plus 1 x 150 metres of 14 mm short link chain. All ground gear shall be in accordance with requirements.
Lewmar V6 24v electric windlass with helm switch.
Public address system will be a ‘Fusion’ 12v marine stereo with PA function and microphone provided in the wheelhouse.
Interior ‘Fusion’ speakers to be flush mounted to the ceiling.
Interior speakers are to be provided at the following locations: Helm
Passenger saloon.
External areas.
Individual volume control to be provided at helm. All exterior mounted speakers will be waterproof. Loudspeaker for forward deck
Loudspeaker for aft deck
NOT Applicable as an engine room unmanned.
Optional - Heavy duty pressed section of 5mm aluminium to be fitted to sides of the vessel as fenders.
Or 4 x inflatable fenders with lanyards to be also provided.
The paint system shall be of high standard marine type. The paint system shall be “Jotun” two pack high build epoxy undercoat with two pack polyurethane finish in order to avoid operational damages and extend the overall vessel life. All Aluminium is to be cleaned and degreased. The first coat of paint system to be applied within 8 hours.
Hull underwater to be coated with Jotun anti-fouling system suitable for area of operation.
Colour schedule to suit owner’s requirements.
Main exterior structure: To be buffed, undercoated and coated with two pack polyurethane ‘Jotun’ to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Hull topsides: To be buffed, undercoated and coated with two pack polyurethane ‘Jotun’ to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Decks: Exterior weather decks (non carpeted) to be coated with two-pack paint system (non skid) to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Interiors and deck heads: Exposed structure below window sills, exposed seating structure surfaces, window mullions all to be coated with two-pack paint and coving system to the manufacturer’s specifications. Interior compression posts shall be aluminium buffed.
Vessel's name and insignia: Shall be applied to the port and starboard and also on the transom with the port of registry (transom name and port of registry to cut from plate and welded prior to painting. Owners sign writer shall supply and fit all exterior artwork.
Draft marks: Shall to be painted on bow and stern. The vessels number and net tonnage shall be center punched on the hull in way of a bulkhead.
Signs: Signs for crew and passenger safety information, valves, vents, fuel lines etc. will be fitted as required by the survey authority and the owners. The builder will fit no smoking signs and life jacket signs throughout the cabin as required.
Eight (8) of fabricated aluminium cleats to be provided suitably arranged to enable safe berthing.
All cleats will be cast 300mm from aluminium and will be through welded to the deck insert plates. The cleats will be designed to suit minimum 24mm diameter rope.
The position and type of bollards, fairleads and cleats are to be specifically agreed to before installation by the owner.
The builder will supply three mooring lines, each 24 mm diameter polypropylene rope, 25 metres in length.
One aluminium boat hook will be supplied with securing arrangements.
32 mm aluminum tube hand rails to be provided in way of all passenger space. Rails at not less than 300 mm longitudinal spacing with the lowest handrail course to be not less than 230 mm. Rail. Grab rails to be fitted around upper bulwark sides to allow crew support. Rail heights shall be in accordance with the requirement with the uniform shipping laws code. Rails on helideck can be lowered flat.
Cathodic protection to be provided in accordance with the requirements of regulations for cathodic protection of aluminum vessels and to consist of no less than 6 separately located flush mounted zinc anodes.
The vessel is to be fitted with a complete set of navigation lights in accordance with the requirements of the international preventing of collision at sea regulations. ‘Lalizas’ seven (7) lights included.
Seating arrangement on main deck shall be provided in accordance with the General Arrangement Plan.
Interior seating in the main cabin shall be 96 x medium back cushioned marine seats with armrest and life jacket backs under. Seating on aft and upper deck areas (24) shall be plastic stadium type weather seats mounted to alloy frames
One (1) Helm seat medium back with armrest and cushion on pedestal supplied for captain.
Refer to general arrangement plan for proposed accommodation space layout arrangement.
1 x Simrad G4 Radar with NSE 12” colour combo screen
1 x Simrad charplotter
1 x Simrad depth sounder with 1kw through hull plastic transducer. 1 Fusion PA system (see 3.12)
1 x ICOM VHF Radio and antenna.
1 Jabsco 135 Searchlight remote control .
The helm console shall include all engine instrumentation. E.g.: voltmeter, tachometer, oil and temperature gauges, engine hours and boost gauges etc. (as supplied by owners engine manufacturer)
2 of 50 Man inflatable life rafts with alloy deck cradles to be supplied and fitted.
Two (2) x lifebuoys, one with salt water activated light and one with 30 metres of 8mm 
line, fitted with retro-reflective tape, and with the vessel's name and port clearly marked.
120 x SOLAS approved life jackets with whistles and lights
2 x electric flashlights.
1 x first aid kit.
1 x clock
1 x code flags.
1 x fire blankets
1 x hand held air compressed horn Day signal shapes as per code.
Bilge pumping system: Arrangement shall be in accordance with requirements. This shall be an AC powered fixed system of 16 x 11m3 /h AC powered pumps (2 in each void) ands 2 x DC powered 3000GPH submersible bilge pumps with floats and compatible fittings for engine rooms as back ups with helm switch panel.
The system is to include: One (1) 1Ph Davey AC powered fire /deck wash pump. The system includes two (2) of fire/deck wash attachments with hose and nozzle.
Fuel tanks: Two (2) of 1000 L fabricated fuel tanks to be installed below the deck in tank room. The tanks shall be fully welded marine grade aluminum with aluminum fittings. (Filler pipe, inspection manhole ports, vents, etc.) Fuel oil filter model: Griffin twin filter assembly with isolation tap and water separator shall be provided. Fuel lines shall be stainless steel.
Fresh water tanks: One (1) of 400-ltr separate fresh water tank shall be installed below deck. Fresh water pressure to toilets via Whale 24v pump.
Main Deck:
Two (2) off cold water taps in main deck toilet compartments.
Main Deck: Two (2) of Domestic fresh flush toilet systems with thru deck alloy pipes to sullage tank.
Facilities to include wall mirror and toilet roll holders.
Sullage system shall include one (1) of 400 ltr sullage tank with shore based pump-out stand facility including emergency overboard pump out via TMC 12v DC powered macerator waste pump.
Portable 4.5kg dry chemical fire extinguishers in all spaces as required meeting code. One (1) flush mounted dual zone fire control and alarm module at helm.
Two (2) of audible and visual remote fire alarm units. (engine rooms)
Detectors and alarms in engine spaces.
2 x FM200 class approved fixed engine room fire suppression units.
2 x Manual release cables in sheaths and reslease boxes fitted to aft deck area for crew. Alarm & detection package as supplied.
1 x 1ph AC powered fire pumps (min 11m3/ph), with 15m lay flat hose and deck camlock connection.
Two (2) of Kohler 20.5 KW EFKOZD 3ph, sea water cooled gensets to be supplied and installed to provide AC power for ships AC systems and air conditioning.
ROCCS Electro hydraulic control system with 3-axis joystick to be supplied with Kamewa water jet package -s/steel hydraulic lines.
Four (4) of 12volt 200 Ah lead acid batteries are to be supplied with bridging bank (outside engine room) for mains starting.
Two (2) of 12volt 200 Ah lead acid batteries to be supplied with bridging bank (outside engine room) for gensets starting.
The batteries are to be secured in fiberglass, acid proof boxes.
All boxes are to be properly vented.
All battery leads shall be 20 rubber insulated approved cable with disconnect switches. The start lead cables shall be run as direct as possible.
AC/DC systems to be designed by approved electrical engineers from Australia and installed by certified electrical contractor in accordance with approved plans. All materials shall be of good quality, suitable for marine use. All cables shall be in accordance with the requirements or type class approved, and to be sheathed and fixed with formed clips and screws, cable ties and table trays as required. All cable runs shall be enclosed in oil tight flexible conduit or equivalent mechanical protection used where applicable. All cables must comply with 75 degree Celsius or better temperature rating. (Lloyds approved)
The system supplied and extent of wiring shall be as listed below:
To supply navigation lights, wiring to main engines.
Supply electrical schematics stamped and approved. Wire AC\DC equipment. Supply 240vac ,12/24 VDC switchboards with circuit breakers installed equipment Builder to supply and fit electronics.
Supply bilge alarms and float switches. Supply engine start batteries, radio batteries and radio battery charger, supply and fit 24-v horn and power outlets.
Supply and wire all cables necessary to make the vessel operational all above equipment.
The main isolating switch shall be of double pole-linked type. Switches and circuit breakers shall be compatible with their envisaged circuit loading. Suitable cathodic hull protection devices shall be used as required.
All exterior fittings (lights, etc) shall be of waterproof type. Exterior and hull light fittings shall be LED type on lower deck, and on upper deck, with two (2) in way of stairwell. The main deck cabin and companionways to have flush mounted LED down lights. At the helm one (1) LED down light. One LED in each W.C. plus engine rooms, and tank rooms. Switching for all decks at the helm, with individual switching on accommodation deck. Lighting plan to be submitted to owners for approval.
DC lighting to be supplied throughout.
One (1) x Speich windscreen wiper with pantograph arm and self-parking shall be fitted to helm the central navigation window.
Engine room A60 approved fire insulation shall be screw fixed into engine rooms in accordance with the code requirements for structural fire protection also providing suitable noise retardant properties. The engine room forward and aft bulkhead and deck head in way of accommodation space shall be fitted with approved fire rated compound.
Exhaust Systems shall be two (2) of Stainless steel wet exhaust mixers, connected to a wet exhaust system with suitable flexible connections through plum boxes to the outboard side of the hulls with fabricated cowlings above the load waterline.
Genset wet exhausts located outside of hull with suitable cowling.
We shall supply and install 3 x ceiling mounted air-cooled domestic cassette type air conditioning units for the main cabin. One (1) wall mounted split unit to be installed for helm area.
All enclosed passenger space on the vessel shall be air-conditioned.
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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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