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30m Jack Up Platform For Charter
Listing ID: 3146

DESCRIPTION:30m Jack Up Platform For Charter
LENGTH:30m (98ft 5in)
BEAM:18m (59ft)
DRAFT:2m (6ft 6in)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE NOTES:For Charter Only

Built: 2015, Turkey. Flag: France. Class Society and Notation: RINA Self Elev - Unrest. Monoblock pontoon. Displacement: 1010 T. Max deck load: 360 T. Pile length 36m + 6m extension. Pile diameter: 1420 mm. Hydraulic winches: 4 x 12 tonnes. Bridge capacity 8T / m2. Equipped with Moonpool Diameter 600 mm. Pile length: 36 m: possible extension to 42 meters. Capacity: 400T and habitable. Facilities: 4 capstans, 4 generator sets & workshop. Total max. spud leg length below bottom of platform: 28,35 m Water depth: 25 m.

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42m Self Elevating Platform
Listing ID: 1718

DESCRIPTION:42m Self Elevating Platform
LENGTH:42m (137ft 9in)
BEAM:23.50m (77ft 1in)
LOCATION:Saint-Nazaire (West coast France)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont

Flag: Saint Vincent Et Les Grenadines. Classification Bv: I ? Hull • Mach – Self Elevating Unit – No Propulsion – Unrestricted Navigation. Light Displacement: 704t. Max Loading: 610t. Available Area | Deck Load: 800m2 | 10t/M2. Spud: 4 Units, Spud Length: 37.50m. Max Elevated Height: 26.60m. Payload : 320 Ton.

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30.50m Self Elevating Platform
Listing ID: 1716

DESCRIPTION:30.50m Self Elevating Platform
LENGTH:30.50m (100ft)
BEAM:19m (62ft 4in)
DRAFT:1.40m (4ft 7in)
LOCATION:Saint-Nazaire (West coast France)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont

Length: 30.50m. Breadth: 19m. Moulded Depth: 2.13m. Max Draught At Fb Mark: 1.40m. Light Displacement: 420t. Max Loading: 319t. Available Area | Deck Load: 385m2 | 15t/m2. Spud: 4 units. Spud Length: 28m. Max Elevated Height: 18m. Winch | Traction | Brake: 4 units | 5.5t | 8.2t. Operability Wave | Wind | Current: 1.0m | 13.3m/S | 1.5m/S Payload: 320 Ton Maximum lifting capacity of crane boarded: For charter without crane onboard     120 T lifting capacity if placed on center of JUP     65 T lifting capacity if placed on starboard or portside JUP chartered without any crane onboard

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Rig 1 - 1980 / Life enhancement 2008
Listing ID: 1681

DESCRIPTION:Rig 1 - 1980/Life enhancement 2008
DATE LAUNCHED: Delivery 1980/Life enhancement 2008
LENGTH:47.854m (157ft)
BEAM:40.234m (132 ft)
LOCATION:as is where is in Malaysia delivery basis
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:USD 2.2million

Design: Bethlehem JU-200. Builder: Bethlehem. Year Built: Delivery 1980/Life enhancement 2008. Class: ABS A-1 Self-Elev. MODU code 1979. Length: 47.854m (157ft) x Breadth: 40.234m (132 ft) x Depth: 18 ft. Legs: 3 x 269 ft. Design Water Depth: 200 ft. Drilling Depth Rating: 20,000 ft. Design Criteria: IMO, SOLAS, & MARPOL Variable Load: 3,386 kips (Included Drilling Load). Static Hook Load: 1,000,000 lbs. Setback: 500,000 lbs. Rotary: 800,000 lbs. Max Cantilever Load: 1,000,000 lbs. Accommodations: 88 berths. Helideck: Rated for: Sikorsky S-61N

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Drilling LeTourneau Class 116-C (1980)
Listing ID: 1678

DESCRIPTION:Drilling LeTourneau Class 116-C (1980)
LENGTH:75m (243ft)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:USD 5.5 mill "as is where is"

243ft x 200ft x 26ft. Total Leg Length: 410ft. Maximum Water: 300ft. GRT/NRT: 6189 / 1856. The rig has an octagonal Helideck of 23 meters. CAP437 compliant, located on the bow of the rig. Capable of handling Sikorsky S-61, S-92 and Euro copter Super Puma. 136 single men cabins. Operating Conditions: Wave: 10 meters, Wind: 50 kts. Storm Condition: Significant wave: 23 meters, Wind: 83 knots, Surface current: 2 knots. Constructed: 1984 Dunkerque France, Completely Refurbished in 2013, the rig proposed a high standard accommodations up to 136 POB.

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300ft Jack-up Drilling Unit
Listing ID: 1677

DESCRIPTION:300ft Jack-up Drilling Unit
DATE LAUNCHED:1978 / 2002
LENGTH:75.29m (247ft)
BEAM:60.96m (200ft)
DRAFT:7.925m (26ft)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE: USD 9 million

Design: MLT 116-S (converted to 116-CS). Year Built / Last Upgrade: 1978 / 2002. Legs (3): 410ft.square. Quarters capacity: 120 persons. Maximum Water Depth: 300ft. Cantilever Envelope: 45ft by 30ft. Maximum Variable Load (drilling): Approx. 7,300 kips* (*depending on water depth and geographical location).

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Drilling MLT-116C 300ft (2004)
Listing ID: 1676

DESCRIPTION:Drilling MLT-116C 300ft (2004)
LENGTH:91.44m (300ft)
LOCATION:South Africa
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:USD 4.0 million
PRICE NOTES:"as is where is"

Upgraded in 2004. Water depths from 29 to 300 ft. Drilling Depth rating; 20,000. Three (3) drilling mud pumps. 3,000 HP drawworks. Top drive, Varco TDS-4. Quarters for 100 personnel.

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300ft Jack-up Drilling Unit
Listing ID: 1675

DESCRIPTION:300ft Jack-up Drilling Unit
DATE LAUNCHED:1982 /2014
LENGTH:67.06m (220ft)
BEAM:57.912m (190ft)
DRAFT:7.77m (25ft 6in)
LOCATION:East Malaysia
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:USD 7million

Design: Modec 300 C-38. Year Built / Last Upgrade: 1982 /2014. Legs (3): 405ft long triangular legs. Quarters capacity: 150 persons. Maximum Water Depth: 300ft. Cantilever Envelope: 50ft by 30ft. Maximum Variable Load (drilling): Approx. 4,500 kips. Capable to perform extensive offline activities including making up tubular stands off the critical path, offline cementing and offline wireline logging. Capable to jack up/down with full preload.

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20m JackUp Self-Elevating Vessel - Price Reduced!
Listing ID: 1241

DESCRIPTION:20m Jack Up Self Elevating Vessel
LENGTH:16m (52ft 5in)
BEAM:8m (26ft 2in)
DRAFT:2m (6ft 6in)
BROKER:Richard or Giuseppe
PRICE:Only EUR 480,000

This custom-built vessel boat is designed for special request. Drilling, pipe and wire installation, geosurvey, mining, diving projects, cutter suction dredger can done in this vessel boat. Capable of reaching every point of the world, equipped with GPS, radar and cruising systems. Vessel can produce its own electricity by photo-voltaic solar cells. In this vessel boat living areas are enough for making independent projects without interruption.

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60m Self-Elevating Drilling Unit
Listing ID: 1453

DESCRIPTION:Self-Elevating Drilling Unit
LENGTH:59.745m (196ft)
BEAM:55.78m (183ft)
BROKER:Franklin Taylor

Gulf Driller V, the Super M2 Self-Elevating Drilling Vessel consists of a modified triangular hull with three (3) triangular truss work legs each fitted with spud cans at their lower ends. The modified triangular hull is 59.745m long, 55.78m wide, and 7.62m deep at the side. The three (3) legs are spaced with the forward leg on the centerline of the vessel and the two after legs 35.055m aft and 18.3m outboard of the centerline of the forward leg. The spud cans which form the lower segments of each leg are 12.09m in diameter and 4.57m high. The drilling depth is 30,000ft. The quarters house is constructed above the main deck and around the bow leg and consists of a four (4) story building for a 110 man crew.

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24m Jack Up Barge For Charter
Listing ID: 1384

DESCRIPTION:24m Jack Up Barge For Charter
LENGTH:24m (78ft 8in)
BEAM:18m (59ft)
DRAFT:2.50m (8ft 2in)
LOCATION:Sant Carles de la Rápita, Spain
BROKER:Charlie Pierrepont

Monohull 45 m Spud Jack-Up platform with one 2.3 X 2.3 m moonpool ideal for construction jobs and 3 x 0.40 m round moonpools (for casing installation) ideal for drilling or geotechnical operations.

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20m Jack-Up Self Elevating / General Jack-Up For Sale & Charter
Listing ID: 3048

DESCRIPTION:20m Jack Up Self Elevating General Jack Up For Sale & Charter
LENGTH:19.8m (64ft 11in)
BEAM:12.6m (41ft 4in)
DRAFT:1.52m (4ft 11in)
LOCATION:West Mediterranean
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:770,000 EUR

Flag: France. Class Society and Notation: BV Self Elev. Plat. Coa. Spuds length: 27m. Capacity: 80 T.

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18m Self Elevating General Jack Up For Sale and Charter
Listing ID: 1219481

DESCRIPTION:18m Self Elevating General Jack Up
LENGTH:18m (59ft)
BEAM:12m (39ft 4in)
DRAFT:1m (3ft 3in)
BROKER:John Kearns

Road transportable modular Jack­up barge comprising of eight Duo pontoons and two Quadra pontoons. In her current configuration two blocks of four barges are joined together along their longest axis. The two Quadra barges are joined to the short ends to form a single barge of 12m x 18m excluding the spud leg arrangements. Can be assembled by three crews and a mobile 80 ton crane over a typical working day shift. It has 2 x moon pools of 330mm each which make it ideal for Site Investigation works, but is also suitable for piling, crane barge, diving platform etc. Some newer pontoon sections were added in 2015,

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28.8m Jack Up Barge
Listing ID: 1907

DESCRIPTION:28.8m Jack Up Barge
LENGTH:28.8m (94ft 5in)
BEAM:17m (55ft 9in)
BROKER:Geoff Fraser

The JUB is available only for sale on 2 options: 1. Fully repaired barge for 2.9 million USD and will be ready for delivery in 4 month. 2. The JUB as it is without any repair for 2.7 million USD and instant delivery.

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Two x 90m Self Elevating Units for Resale or Charter
Listing ID: 2137

DESCRIPTION:Two x 90m Self Elevating Units for Resale or Charter
LENGTH:45.65m (150ft)
BEAM:40.70m (133ft)
DRAFT:3.40m (11.15ft) Full load
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont

Classification and Regulation: Approved by CCS: CSA Self-elevating Work over Unit: Thruster: HELDK. Designed as ABS: A1 Self-elevated Unit (Well-Intervention), AMS-NP, CRC. Max Operating Water Depth: 50m/164ft Drilling depth: 55000m(3-˝" Oil pipe) 4100m (4-˝" Oil pipe). Max Speed: 5 knots. Length hull: 45.65m / 150ft. Breadth hull: 40.70m / 133ft. Depth hull: 5.00m / 16.4ft. Design draft (full load): 3.40m / 11.15ft. Design draft (light load): 3.20m / 10.5ft. Free deck: 400sqm/4306 sq. ft. Variable load: 1100t. Accommodation: POB: 62 (14x4p, 1x2p, 3x1p). Meeting room: 1. Hospital: 1. Main Engine: 3x1100kW / 1475hp. Azimuth thrusters: 2x1100kW / 1475hp. Side thruster: 1x350kW / 469hp. DPS: Kongsberg DP-0. Deck cranes: 2x 20t @25m (3t@30m). Helideck. Fire Fighting System: AFFF.

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Jack-up Combifloat C7
Listing ID: 4092

DESCRIPTION:Jack-Up Combifloat C7
LENGTH:30.50m (or 24.40m)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:3.100.000 EURO

Allowable deck load: up to approx. 400 ton, subject to free spud length. Allowable deck point load: 15 ton/m2. GL class notation: +100A5 K(20) Self Elevating Unit. The platform is supported by four 48“diameter spud legs, each one individually operated by four synchronized hydraulic cylinders mounted in heavy duty spudwells. Specific capacity of each spudwell is 300 Ton. Spuds can be delivered including a spudjoint, separating the spud in two parts for ease of transportation.  The platform consists of a number of standardized floating modules coupled together through a male pin / female connection system. Modules are sized to be easily transportable by road, train or ship. Specific deck point load of each module is 15 Ton /m2.  Due to its modular design, overall dimensions can be adapted to customer needs.  The jacking mechanism consists of two manually operated crossheads per spudwell, to lock and unlock the spud from vertical movement. Vertical movement is accomplished by four (4) hydraulic heavy duty cylinders with a stroke 0,61m working on an operating pressure of 140 bar.  The four spudwells are powered by a total of two (2) hydraulic power packs for simultaneously lifting and lowering the spud legs through its seating. The power packs are silenced, with a 70 kW air cooled diesel engine driving a flywheel mounted tandem pump.  Manually controlled valves, well accessible, with spare hydraulic connectors for either emergency use or for further use of hydraulic powered deck equipment, like winches / cranes etc.

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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