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40.2m Crane Barge For Charter
Listing ID: 3302

Description:40.2m Crane Barge For Charter
Date Launched:1969
Length:40.20m (131ft 10in)
Beam:22.40m (73ft 5in)
Draft:2.62m (8ft 7in)
Broker:Richard Pierrepont

Built: 1969, Germany. Flag: Germany. Class Society and Notation: Local Class. Total power output: 1300 bhp. Main Engines: 2 x PS IHP Schottel. LIFTING CAPACITY PER CRANE: 100 t. CARGO AREA ON DECK: 20 x 15 m. SUPPORT HOOK: up to 10 t.

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40.4m Crane Barge For Charter
Listing ID: 3291

Description:40.4m Crane Barge For Charter
Date Launched:1961
Length:40.4m (132ft)
Beam:22.95m (75ft)
Draft:2.73m (8ft 11in)
Broker:Richard Pierrepont

Built:1961, Germany. Flag: Germany. Class Society and Notation: SUK. Main Engines: 2 x MAN Type D2542 MTE. Main Propulsion System: 2 x 650 PS IHP Schottel. Lifting Capacity Per Crane: 150 Mt. Cargo Area On Deck: 20 X 15 M. Support Hook 1: Up To 30 T. Support Hook 2: Up To 10 T. The floating crane can lift loads up to 150 mt, transport them on water and precisely position them. The crane is more flexible than mobile or port cranes in the handling of heavy and/or oversized cargo. Due to the floating cranes, waterside operations do not stain the quay. On the cranes' cargo, loads can be stowed and transported over longer distances before safely being offloaded at their destination.

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72.42m Crane Barge - REDUCED
Listing ID: 3140

Description:72.42m Crane Barge For Sale
Date Launched:1972
Length:72.42m (237ft 7in)
Beam:30m (98ft 5in)
Draft:2.8m (9ft 2in)
Broker:Richard Pierrepont
Price:1,350,000 EUR

Built: 1972, Japan. Flag: Italy. Class Society and Notation: RINA Expired. Total power output: 1450 bhp. Main Engines: 2 x diesel Shinko S 818S. Main Propulsion System: Twin Screw. Owners can guide on costs and works to reactivate the Vessel. 1000 tons Lifting Capacity. ACCOMMODATION: On the upper floor of superstructure: 1 one berth cabin with sanitary and shower room, 3 one berth cabin. On main deck accommodations: 6x1 berth cabin; 2x2 berths cabin. Large mess room, galley, store-room, sanitary and showers room, laundry and deck store Air conditioning: fully air-conditioned, temperatures as per ISO standards (heated and cooled). MAIN HOIST: 2x500 tons = 1000 Ton SWL. SECONDARY HOIST: 1x 200 ton SWL

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25m Crane Barge For Sale
Listing ID: 3224

Description:25m Crane Barge For Sale
Date Launched:1966
Length:25m (82ft)
Beam:8.66m (28ft 4in)
Location:The Netherlands
Broker:Richard Pierrepont
Price:199,000 EUR

Built: 1966, Germany. Flag: The Netherlands. Class Society and Notation: European Inland Water. Total power output: 220 bhp. 2 x Daimler Benz Germany. 2x Schottel Rudder Propellers. Speed maximum: 6 knots, cruising: 5 knots. Self-propelled crane barge with new class for European inland water. Coastal class must be possible because she sailed before in the Baltic coast. Reported to be in sailing condition. Rebuilt in 1980. Demag 410 hoisting/dredging crane. Last used as government vessel and salvage vessel. On the stern deck, there is a 16 tons A-frame for 16 tons hydraulic hoisting. Accommodation is for max 4 crew sleeping, galley, mess room, wheelhouse, two engines rooms for main engines, generator room, workshop, storage. Latest dry dock and surveys: early 2020.

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165 ton Crane Barge
Listing ID: 3158

Description:165 ton Crane Barge
Date Launched:1987
Length:57m (187ft)
Beam:18.8m (61ft 8in)
Draft:3.5m (11ft 5in)
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 880,000

Built: 1987, Japan. DWT: 2,000 ton. Engine: Mitsubishi S12N-MPTA, 1310PS x 1800rpm. Crane Model: SKK-16010GDT-AS. Lifting Capacity: 165 tons. Boom Length: 36.4m. Spud: 26m x 1.2m x 2 sets. Hook:90T, 55ton, 20 ton. Bucket: Grab 12m3 x 20 ton / Orange 5m3 x 17 ton.

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42m Crane Barge For Charter
Listing ID: 3145

Description:42m Crane Barge For Charter
Length:42m (137ft 9in)
Beam:22m (72ft 2in)
Draft:2.5m (8ft 2in)
Broker:Richard Pierrepont
Price Notes:For Charter Only

Flag: St Vincent & The Grenadines. Class Society and Notation: INSB International Load Line. DWT: 750 tons. 360° revolving offshore heavy lift crane. 150 te lift @ 20 m radius. Heavy Duty 6 point mooring system. Accommodation for 14 persons. Offshore, nearshore & harbour heavy lift platform, including salvage, construction & drilling.

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250ton Revolving Crane Barge & Pusher Tug
Listing ID: 3100

Description:250ton Revolving Crane Barge & Pusher Tug
Date Launched:1995
Length:54m (177ft 1in)
Beam:20m (65ft 7in)
Broker:Franklin Taylor

CRANE: Crane Model: Kobelco F&G 2324. Lifting Capacity: 250ton. Boom L: 37m. Hook: 250ton x1 / 150tonx1 / 85ton x1. Deck Winch: 10ton ( Hydraulic ) x4. PUSHER TUG: M/E: NIIGATA 6M G 25CX, 1000ps x720rpm.

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210 tonne Crane Barge for Sale
Listing ID: 1431

Description:210 tonne Crane Barge
Date Launched:2009
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Broker:Geoff Fraser
Price:AUD 6.2m

‘Kochi’ is the flagship of the Waterway Constructions’ fleet of maritime construction barges, providing increased lifting capacity and greater opportunities for large scale maritime piling in Australia. 45m x 18m x 3.5m. Six mooring winches. Movable water ballast system. Below deck amenities including offices, meeting room, bathroom and kitchen. Twin 125kW generators. 210 tonne Crane. Vessel will be delivered with new ABS Class Certificates.

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208.5m High Capacity Floating Docks
Listing ID: 2263

Description:208.5m High Capacity Floating Docks
Date Launched:1978
Length:208.5m (684ft)
Beam:34.6m (113ft 6in)
Broker:Geoff Fraser

Built: 1978. LOA: 208.5m x 34.6m. Lifting Capacity: 13,000 tons.

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285m, 35,000 ton, High Capacity Floating Dock
Listing ID: 2262

Description:285m High Capacity Floating Docks
Date Launched:2010
Length:285m (935ft)
Broker:Geoff Fraser

Built: 2010. LOA: 285m x 48.5m. Lifting Capacity: 35,000 tons.

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50m Crane Barge For Charter
Listing ID: 1770

Description:50m Crane Barge For Charter
Date Launched:2010
Beam:15m (49ft 2in)

Built: 2010,Belgium. Flag: Belgium. Class Society and Notation: BV Coastal area.  Next DD: January 2023, Next SS: February 2025, Next Annual Survey: May 2021. Total power output: 964 bhp. Main Engine: 2 x EM MOTORS GMBH K22R. 2 Azimuth thrusters 331 kW. Vessel is especially suited for grab dredging and placing of rocks, blocks or tetrapods (and similar) placing. Accommodation 5 single berths. Speed: 7 kn. Spuds 3 spuds of 25 m.

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37m Floating Crane for Sale or Charter
Listing ID: 1712

Description:37m Floating Crane for Sale or Charter
Date Launched:1979, totally rebuilt in 2015
Length:37m (121ft 4in)
Beam:17.5m (57ft 4in)
Draft:3.3m (10ft 9in)
Broker:Giuseppe Filippone
Price:EUR 1.25M (sale price, charter to be quoted)

Year Built: 1979, rebuilt of 2015, Classification Society: INSB Class. Length Over All: 37,00 m ,  Beam: 17.50 m Depth: 3.30 m   GRT/NRT: 662,54/346,9. Full accommodation for 9 persons : 4 cabins, Galley. 3 toilets. Crane  Type: Lima  2400, 120 T Rated capacity.

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Crane Barge For Sale & Charter
Listing ID: 1652

Description:Crane Barge For Sale & Charter
Date Launched:1992
Length:41.80m (137ft 1in)
Beam:18.90m (62ft)
Draft:1.10m (3ft 7in)
Broker:Richard Pierrepont
Price:1,380,000 USD

Built (year and place): 1992,Hong Kong, China. Flag: PANAMA. Next DD: May 2022, Next SS: May 2024, Next Annual Survey: May 2021. Deck Load (tons/m2): 125 tons/m2. Anchoring System: 4 Anchors and 4 Winches. Clams: 1 Clam of 8 m3 / 20 ton , 1 Clam 8 m3/ 16 ton. Engine Crane: 1 x 850 Mitsubishi 12 cil S12A2-MPT. Crane capacity: 125 ton. Accommodation : 12 Crew single and double cabins.

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2x 5T North American KBC Crane for Sale
Listing ID: 1632

Description:2x 5T North American KBC Crane for Sale
Date Launched:2001
Broker:Richard Pierrepont

As Rigged Crane Data: Maximum Moment: 1,343 Kn - M, Corresponding Axial Load: 20, 870 Kg, Load @ Max Moment: 5.8 Mt @ 15 M. Maximum Axial Load: 28, 290 Kg, Corresponding Moment Load: 1,183 Kn - M, Load @ Max Axial: 7.1 Mt @ 10.5 M. Safe Working Load: 5.1 Mt. Corresponding Moment Load: 1,306 Kn - M. Corresponding Axial Load: 20,070 Kg.

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Self-Sail 200T Crane Barge For Sale
Listing ID: 1580

Description:200T Crane Barge For Sale
Date Launched:2007
Length:48m (157ft 5in)
Beam:22m (72ft 2in)
Draft:1.8m (5ft 10in)
Broker:Franklin Taylor
Price:USD 1.2 Million

Self-sail 200t Crane Barge For Sale. Gross Tonnage 1168, Net Tonnage 350. Self-sail Main Engine 164kw+164kw Weichai Two Units. Self-sailing Ability 8knots. Crane Maine Engine Weichai 540hp+540hp Weichai Two Units. Main Hook : 200ton, Aux. Hook 60ton. Accommodation: 30 persons. Status Working On The Sea In South China Sea.

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Diesel-Electric Model 7 Mobile Harbor Cranes - Gottwald HMK 7408
Listing ID: 1475

Description:Diesel-Electric Model 7 Mobile Harbor Cranes Gottwald HMK 7408
Date Launched:2015
Broker:Richard Pierrepont
Price:1.95 mill Euro

DIESEL-ELECTRIC MODEL 7 MOBILE HARBOR CRANES. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE FOR TOUGH APPLICATIONS. Konecranes Gottwald Model 7 Mobile Harbor Cranes are extremely robust, diesel-electrically driven cranes for high-performance applications. As representatives of the large crane family from Konecranes, they offer powerful lifting capacity curves with lifting capacities of up to 150 tonnes, maximum working radii of 54 metres and lifting speeds of up to 120 m/min.

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136m Heavy Lift Crane Barge For Charter.
Listing ID: 590605

Description:136m Heavy Lift Crane Barge For Charter
Date Launched:2009
Length:136.00m (446ft)
Beam:36.00m (118ft)
Draft:8.00m (26ft)
Location:North Europe
Broker:Peter Cookson
Price Notes:Charter offers to be provided upon client's request.

Built: 2012, Netherlands. Hull material: Steel. Flag: Netherlands. Class Society and Notation RINA unrestricted. Marine Crane on a pedestal foundation. Boom length 75m (246ft) runner/auxiliary hoist - 63m (207ft) heavy duty double boom. Main power unit 2 x D3508 Caterpillar diesel - Power 2 x 1,100 kVA. Auxiliary engine(s) Cummins 415 V/3/50 Hz 1500 rpm.

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Self Propelled Crane Barge for Charter
Listing ID: 1254

Description:Self-propelled Floating Crane
Date Launched:1968 with major overhaul in 2017
Length:34.5m (113ft 2in)
Beam:11.5m (37ft 8in)
Draft:2.4m (7ft 10in)
Broker:Giuseppe Filippone
Price Notes:for Charter Only

Suitable for : Grab Dredging, Working Ship-to-Ship, Ship-to-Barge, Ship-to-Quay, Deck Cargo, RoRo Cargo for Crane operations, Transporting, Transhipment at sea, coastal or inland. Classification: Harbour, within 3 NM of coast.

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42.6m Crane Barge for Charter Only
Listing ID: 1193237

Description:42.6m Crane Barge for Charter only
Date Launched:1952
Length:42.6m (139ft 9in)
Beam:21.3m (69ft 10in)
Draft:2.85m (9ft 4in)
Broker:John Kearns

CRANE Pedestal Mount Dravo 360° slew 150 te 20 m radius. MOORING SYSTEM 4-point mooring system, independently operated.

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27.4m Non Self-propelled Floating Crane “Hydro Crane”
Listing ID: 1230

Description:Non self-propelled floating crane
Date Launched:1981; Rebuild in 2008 includes: (replacement of the deck bottom ; replacement of the generator , completely renovated bedrooms)
Length:27.4m (89ft 10.74in)
Beam:16m (52ft 5.92in)
Draft:1.4m (4ft 7.11in)
Broker:Giuseppe Filippone
Price:482,000 EUR 

Suitable for manoeuvering of bulk cargo, goods, packaging, loose construction material etc. Equipped with several grabs from 2 to 4 sq. mt., max load capacity : 10 T in all range.

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200T Floating Crane
Listing ID: 4137

Description:200T Floating Crane
Date Launched:1970
Length:36.3m (119ft)
Beam:23.4m (76ft 9in)
Broker:Richard Pierrepont
Price:GBP 500,000

Builders: Wilton, Fijenoord, Rotterdam. Design: Demag AG, Duisburg, Germany. Operation Draft: F 0.9 - 3.4m;  A 3.2 - 1.2m. Capacity: 200t @ 47m, 135t @ 26.5m. Aux. Capacity: 25t @ 50m above W/L and 28.5m in front of pontoon. 4x 10 ton mooring winches 2 anchor winches - 10 shackles  - (900ft Stud Link + Mush Anchor Port and Starboard 1 Combined Winch / Windlass with Forward Anchor. Engine Room: 2 Independent diesel electric sets, 100% Redundancy. 1 Harbour Generator.

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81m Construction / Crane Barge - For Charter Only
Listing ID: 4061

Description:81m Construction / Crane Barge
Date Launched:Refurbished: 2009
Length:81m (265ft 8in)
Beam:27.8m (91ft 2in)
Draft:2.4m (7ft 10in)
Location:Central America
Broker:Richard Pierrepont
Price Notes:For Charter Only

Refurbished: 2009. Class: DNV-GL 100 A5 (#91580). Dead weight: 2452 mT. Free deck space 450 m2. Deck cargo 1500 mT. Deck strength 10 ton/m2. Accommodation for 80 POB. Helideck. Main Crane: Manitowoc 4000 W ringer type. Boom length: 170 feet (51.8 m) Capacity: 110 mT@ 40 feet (12.19 m); 10.48 mT@ 160 feet (48.7m). Mobile crane: 20 mT SWL.

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200 Ton Floating Crane
Listing ID: 1938

Description:200 Ton Floating Crane
Date Launched:1961
Length:40.8m (133ft 10in)
Beam:19m (62ft 4in)
Broker:Geoff Fraser
Price:USD 1,700,000

Place Built: Budapest. Class Society: Phoenix Register. Deadweight: 415 tons. Lightweight: 786 tons. Gross Tonnage: 662. Net Tonnage: 199. Lifting Capacity: 150 @ 10m – 100 @ 15m – 25 @ 20m.

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102m Floating Dock
Listing ID: 663152

Description:102m Floating Dock
Date Launched:1990
Length:102.50m (336ft 3in)
Beam:28m (91ft 10in)
Draft:8.9m (29ft 2in)
Broker:Geoff Fraser

Built: 1990, Japan, Rebuilt: 2010 China, Class: ZC River. 102.50m (336ft 3in) x 28m (91ft 10in) x 7.90m (25ft 11in). Full displacement: 8150.00T. Light displacement: 1325.90T

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109m Floating Dock
Listing ID: 623020

Description:109m Floating Dock
Date Launched:2011
Length:109.2m (358ft 3in)
Beam:31.00m (101ft 8in)
Draft:3.00m (9ft 10in)
Displacement:8,353 Tons (Full)
Broker:Geoff Fraser

Built: 2011, China. LOA: 109.2m (358ft 3in). LOB: 31.00m (101ft 8in). Max LOB: 31.4m (103ft). LOD: 3.00m (9ft 10in). Light draft: 0.66m (2ft). Full draft: 2.70m (8ft 10in). Max Height of vessel: 10.50m (34ft 5in). Full displacement: 8,353 Tons. Light displacement: 2,165 Tons. Max lifting force: 3500 ton.

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350T Floating Crane
Listing ID: 471539

Description:350t Floating Crane
Date Launched:2009
Broker:Geoff Fraser
Price:USD 4.18 million
Price Notes:Plus additional tax if applicable.

Floating Crane. Classification: ZC. Flag: China. Port of Registry: Rizhao. Date of Built: 2009. 61.80m x 23.80m x 4.20m. Gross Tonnage: 1598t. Net Tonnage: 479t. Displacement: 3458t. Light Displacement: 1525.9t. Designed/light draft: 2.70m/2.321m. Navigation Area: Offshore Area. Operation Area: A1 + A2. Boom Length: 65.20m. Revolving Diameter: 17.10m to 43.30m. Vertical/Horizontal lifting: 350t/250t. Main Engine: 8300Dzc 2, 441kW, Shandong Zibo Diesel Engine.

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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