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SeaBoats is proud to be introducing See-LEVEL to the world and excited to play its part in reducing seasickness.  See-LEVEL collects the vessel's data through its SLDC and with the use of the VR headset, your brain is trained to accept the vessel's movement and you are transported to a new feeling of calm. In fact See-LEVEL is the only known product that reverses seasick symptoms after you have fallen ill and remain onboard. After use for 15 - 20 minutes most people will benefit from relief of their seasickness. 




See -LEVEL is available in different models; the 'Personal Edition' for seafaring travellers,  the 'Yacht Edition' a plug & play model for medium-sized yachts & commercial vessels, the 'Navigatior Edition' that is fully installed and communicates with the See-LEVEL Lab, so that it can be custom tuned for the ships unique movement creating maximum benefit. There is even a 'Flagship Edition' package for large projects such as cruise ships and military vessels.




Does it work?

Absolutely! Extensive field research has been carried out off the coast of New Zealand and even on an Icebreaking expedition ship in the southern ocean, that is notorious for high levels of seasickness.






"I was really suprised that once I had it on I could really feel no movement of the boat at all"



"On a sailing trip from Lyttelton to Akaroa I started to get seasick after we got past the heads. After feeling seasick for 20 minutes, I tried on the See-Level device which after 5 minutes got my seasick level down to 10% and I kept the device on for 20 minutes, my level of seasickness varied from 5% to 10%. When you are feeling seasick you look for an instant fix, See-Level provided this. It is an invaluable device to have on board"



"I had vomited 3 times in the cabin, very unresponsive, I was given See-LEVEL for 15 mins, then I was able to get up and resume sightseeing outside, later I enjoyed the trip taking photos"



"I felt grounded" came the response with a big beam on her face... "if only I could have had this earlier, I would have definitely got one to use for my cruise".




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