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NEW BUILD - General-Cargo / Cargo-Training (SF45)
Listing ID: 3193

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - General-Cargo / Cargo-Training
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to order
LENGTH:46m (150ft 11in)
BEAM:9.6m (31ft 5in)
DRAFT:2.8m (9ft 2in)
BROKER:Giuseppe Filippone
PRICE:from EUR 1.32m
PRICE NOTES:Building time: 12 month from order

Established in 1993, Grani Ltd Shipyard is a builder with a large portfolio of workboats and an excellent record of repeat customers .Very well built and with a short delivery time stock designs include fishing boats, patrol boats, diving support vessels, pilot boats, tugs, and passenger vessels. The shipyard has invested heavily on a full range of various steel processing machinery and outfitting equipment and can deliver even complex vessel in reasonable time frame. Over 60 vessels have already been delivered and SeaBoats are proud to market them all over the world.

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100.70m Geared Multi-Purpose Cargo Vessel
Listing ID: 3162

DESCRIPTION:100.70m Cargo Vessel
LENGTH:100.70m (330ft 4in)
BEAM:16.40m (53ft 9in)
DRAFT:6.25m (20ft 6in)
LOCATION:Can be inspected in Cape Town
BROKER:Franklin Taylor

Classification Society: LR. Abt 4,979 Dwt. Built at Zhejiang S/Yard Delivered in Dec 1998, Gibraltar Flagged. SS:17 Sep 2023, DD: 17 Sep 2021. Horsepower: 5,384. Grain Capacity: 6,521 cu.m, Bale Capacity: 6,357 cu.m. 2 Holds, 2 Hatches. Total Teu Capacity Of 364. Maximum Teu of 125 In The Holds and 239 On Deck. Gear: 2 Cranes With A Safe Working Load of 40tonne.

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129.1m General Cargo.
Listing ID: 3136

DESCRIPTION:100.70m Cargo Vessel
LENGTH:100.70m (330ft 4in)
LOCATION:Vladivostok, Russia
BROKER:Franklin Taylor

Type: Gen Cargo Vessel. Flag: Russia. Built: 2002 at Amurskiy, Russia. Class: RMRS –  SS due: July 2023, DD due: June 2021. Abt 7,212 Mtdw on 6.62m draft. 3 Holds - 3 Hatches - Grain 9,272 - Bale 9,179 Cbm. 1 x Twin Crane (2 x 12.5 SWL TS) - Derrick 1 x 30 SWL Ts. M/E Bryansk B&W (4,560 BHP @ 200 RPM). Fully fitted for 405 TEU - 50 Reefer plugs. TT strength 11 Ts/m2 on tank top, 2.2 Ts/m2 on hatch. Container stack weight 48 Ts / 60 Ts for 20 / 40 foot containers.

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113.12m General Cargo
Listing ID: 3120

DESCRIPTION:113.12m General Cargo
LENGTH:113.12m (371ft 1in)
BEAM:19.37m (63ft 6in)
LOCATION:Trading Far East (Russia) - China
BROKER:Franklin Taylor

Flag: Russia. Gross tonnage: 6030. Deadweight: 9590. 1 Hold - 2 Hatches - 564 TEU (372 TEU @ 14 Ts). Cranes 2 x 50 SWL Ts. M/E Hanshin 6LF58 (6,000 BHP). DD due Jun/2020, but extension until end Aug/2020 was granted. LDT:3671m.

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113.12m General Cargo
Listing ID: 3107

DESCRIPTION:100.70m Cargo Vessel
LENGTH:100.70m (330ft 4in)
LOCATION:Vladivostok, Russia
BROKER:Franklin Taylor

Flag: Russia. Date of Build: September 24, 1992. Date of Keel laying: January 17, 1992 SS due: 8/7/2020. DD due: Jun/2020, but extension until end Aug/2020 was granted. Class: KM* L1 AUT1. CRANES 2 * 50 t (outrich 18 M) 0r 2 *40 t (outrich 24 M). DWT: 9597.53 on 8,54 M SSW, TPCM 18,63. Tweendecker, 1 Hold 1 Tween deck. Container Capacity: 546 teus: 4 ties standard containers. 405 teus: 3 ties HC containers. Reefer points: on main deck only. Type of Hatch Covers: MacGregor NAVIRE (Cylinder folding type). Main Engine and Types: 6LF58, MSR 6000 hp x 180 rpm, HANSHIN DIESEL Workes.,Ltd

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57.01m Cargo Vessel for Sale
Listing ID: 1750

DESCRIPTION:57.01m Cargo Vessel
LENGTH:57.01m (187ft)
BEAM: 9.50m (31ft 2in)
DRAFT:5.50m (18ft)
BROKER:Peter Cookson

Builder :  HAMAMOTO SHIPBUILDING, Japan. Class :  JG, Coastal. DWT :  650 tons. Main Engine :  NIIGATA 6M26AGTE  1000ps x1. Cargo Hold :  1332m3 (G), 1218m3 (B). Hatch Size :  30.00 x 7.50 m.

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100.6m General Cargo Container Ship
Listing ID: 1673

DESCRIPTION:100.70m Cargo Vessel
LENGTH:100.70m (330ft 4in)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont

Built: 1998, China. Class Rina, Ice Strengthened SS Due 11/2021 DD Due 11/2021. Summer Deadweight: 5789.28. Gross Tonnage Int.: 4150. Net Tonnage Int.: 2005. Main Engine: 9 Cyl 320x480,Mcr:3,960kw(5,384hp)At 600rpm. Main Engine Type: Mak Motoren Gmbh & Co. Kg – Kiel. 1 Ho / 2 Ha – Box. Divided Into 3 Parts By Bulkheads. Grain / Bale Abt 255400 / 255400. Crane 2 X 40 T. M/E Mak 9m-32, 3960 Kw At 600 Rpm 12 Knot At 10 T Ifo 180 Cst. Cpp - Bow Thruster 350 Kw. Double Side / Double Skin.

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100m Geared Cargo/Container Vessel
Listing ID: 1631

DESCRIPTION:100.70m Cargo Vessel
LENGTH:100.70m (330ft 4in)
LOCATION:Alexandria, Egypt
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont or Franklin Taylor
PRICE:Owners price idea: USD 1.6 mill
PRICE NOTES:Charter free delivery Alexandria (Egypt) end of January 2020

GC/MPP - Geared Uncelled. Dwt 5062 Mts. Built At Jiangsu Jiangyang, China. Class PRS. Hatch Cover: Mc Gregor Hydraulic System, Partial Opening of Hatch Covers Possible (40' - Bay). Bulkheads: 2, Movable For Different Positions. Grain / Bale Capacity: Abt 255,400 Cb ft. Container Capacity: 372 Units Of 20' X 8' X 8'6'' Resp. 167 Units Of 40' X 8' X 8'6'' Plus 38 X 20'. Under Deck: 140 Units Of 20'. Gear: Cranes 2 X 40 Mt (Liebherr). M/E: MAK 9m32 - 3960 Kw @ 600 Rpm. Speed/Consumption: Abt 12 Knots On Abt 8 Mt Ifo (180 Cst). Steel-Strengthened For 45 Mts Coils. Suitable For All Kind Of Grain. Fitted For Panama Canal, Suez Canal (Fitted For Searchlight). Fitted With All Modern Nautical Aids (I.E. 2 Radars, GPS, Doppler Log, Autopilot, Weather Fax, Navtex, Etc...)

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Kocks Goliath Crane
Listing ID: 1473

DESCRIPTION:Kocks Goliath Crane
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont

This unloading equipment comprises one bridge type ship unloader working with a self propelled grab trolley with grab slewing device. The unloader will be able to charge the unloaded material onto the pier-conveyor. The unloader will be electrically driven on a rail system. The maximum wheel load will not exceed 627.85kN, spaced 1100/1650 mm during operating conditions. Handled Material: Material / Bulk Density; Iron Ore Pellets: 1.9 – 2.2 t/m3; Coal: 0.8 – 0.9 t/m3; Coal Coke: 0.5 – 0.65 t/m3; I.O. Additives: 2.0 – 2.6 t/m3. Ships to be unloaded: Following data are showing the different sea-going ships which the unloader will be able to serve: Ship Type (dwt) 72,000, Length: 245m; Ship Type (dwt) 130,000, Length: 280m; Ship Type (dwt) 115,000, Length: 270m. The ship-unloader will be installed at the bulk terminal of Lucchini Steel at Piombino Italy.

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91.90m Cargo Ship
Listing ID: 1505

DESCRIPTION:91.90m Cargo Ship
LENGTH:91.90m (301ft 6in)
BEAM:15m (49ft 2in)
BROKER:Franklin Taylor

Geared General Cargo Ship. Built: 1985 Nov by Smit & Zoon's NL Flag: Sierra Leone. Dwt: 5018. Class: MARITIME LLOYD. Grain / Bale: 258.198 / 248.163 cbft. Grt / Nrt: 3259 / 2037. Timber Capacity: LP : 6500 / TP: 6000 cbm. Gear: 2 cranes 15m ton each starboard side. Hold: 1 one 62,00 x 14,00 x 8,60 mtr. AFA Two Hatches: 23,40 m x 12 m of which the after hatch has a self driving pontoon hatch of 10 mtr length, which can be moved fore or afterwards singledecker. Main Engine: Wartsila 6 R 32 1800 kw / 750 rpm.

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346 ft 10,000 DWT Ro-Ro Cargo Barge Japan 2004 NKK
Listing ID: 1449

DESCRIPTION:346 ft 10,000 DWT Ro-Ro Cargo Barge Japan 2004 NKK
LENGTH:105.500m (346ft 1in)
BEAM:26m (85ft 3in)
DRAFT:5.500m (18ft)
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:USD 4.50 million

Built place: Japan. Prior class: NK (NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI).  Flag: Panama. Cargo hold capacity: 12000m3. With hatch cover and side door. Main engine: Niigata 6M34BGT 2200PS/320rpm x 2. Trading area: Japan, Korea, China.  Has bow thruster.

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136m Heavy Cargo Carrier
Listing ID: 1306

DESCRIPTION:136m Heavy Cargo Carrier
LENGTH:136.4m (446ft 7in)
BEAM:52m (170ft 7in)
DRAFT:8.0m (26ft 2in)
LOCATION:South Korea
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont

Builder: Nanjing Wujiazui Shipbuilding Co. Classification: Korean Register. Port of Registry: Jeju, Korea. Deadweight : 10,451.4 tons. Main Engine : 3,155PS(2,320KW) x 2 sets. Propulsion : FPP 4 Blades x 2. Speed/Service : 11.0 knots. Complement : 16 persons. Deck Load : 15 tons/m2

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64m Dry Cargo Ship - New Build
Listing ID: 1164

DESCRIPTION:64m Dry Cargo Ship
DATE LAUNCHED:Under Construction
LENGTH:64m (209ft 11in)
BEAM:11m (36ft)
DRAFT:3.1m (10ft 2in)
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:USD 1.42 million

The ship is designed and built as per IACS class requirements for coastal service. Her current selling price is USD1.42million, to be delivered after construction completed and ZC certificates obtained. Now the vessel is building on our site. We can convert the vessel to RINA class if required.

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70m 2000dwt Bulk Carrier
Listing ID: 2184

DESCRIPTION:2000dwt Bulk Carrier
LENGTH:70m (229ft 7in)
BEAM:12.5m (41ft)
DRAFT:4.079m (13ft 4in)
LOCATION:Porto, Portugal
BROKER:Richard Pierrepont
PRICE:2,100,000 EUR

Light Weight: 808 MT, Deadweight: 1,796.35, Displacement: 2604.054 MT. Crew: 6. Allowed Navigation Area: Persian Gulf & Oman Sea. Engine: Niigata, Max Speed: 11 knots.

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NEW BUILD - 3800 DWT Geared Multipurpose Cargo Vessel
Listing ID: 4081

DESCRIPTION:NEW BUILD - 3800 DWT Geared Multipurpose Cargo Vessel
DATE LAUNCHED:Built to order, 20 months delivery after signing contracts.
LENGTH:88.4m (290ft)
BEAM:15m (49ft)
DRAFT:6m (19ft 8in)
LOCATION:Ex shipyard, Bangladesh
BROKER:John Kearns

Extremely useful small geared multipurpose cargo vessel, ideal for coastal trading.

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65m 1891TDW Bulk Carrier
Listing ID: 398622

DESCRIPTION:General Cargo/Bulk Carrier
LOCATION:The Netherlands
BROKER:Geoff Fraser
PRICE:EU 850,000.00
PRICE NOTES:Plus duties and taxes if any

65m Bulk Carrier trading in Europe. 1,891 T Deadweight. 1 Hold, 1739 cu m. Powered by 954kw Caterpillar.

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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