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65m Anchor Handling Tug / Oil Recovery / Supply Vessel

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DESCRIPTION:65m Anchor Handling Tug / Oil Recovery / Supply Vessel
LENGTH:65m (213ft 3 in)
BEAM:16m (52ft 5in)
DRAFT:5m (16ft 4in)
BROKER:Geoff Fraser or Eugene Verspoor

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General Description:

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Built: Sarawak Land Shipyard Sdn. Bhd 
Year of Built: 2013
Port of Registry: Kuching
Flag: Malaysia 
Hull Number: SLS301
Class: ABS = A1 + AMS + FIFI1 + Oil Recovery Class 1 + OSV AH + ACCU + DPS2 + SPS 
Gross Tonnage: 2,235 T
Length O A: 65.00 m
Molded Breadth: 16.00 m
Molded Depth: 6.20 m
Design Draft: 5.00 m
Service Speed (85% MCR): 12.5 Knots @ 5.20 M Draft 
Bollard Pull: 80 T 
Cargo Capacities
Cargo Deck Area: 435 M2
Deck Cargo: 600 T
Deck Strength: 7 T/M2
Fuel Oil: 590.204 M3 (100%) 
Fresh Water: 476.323 M3 (100%) 
Water Ballast/ Drill Water: 728.962 M3 (100%) 
Dry Bulk: 150 M3 (100%) 
Brine/ORO: 463.726 M3 (100%) 
Foam: 21.079 M3 (100%) 
Dispersant: 21.079 M3 (100%)
Mud: 380.244 M3 (100%)
Sewage: 15.805 M3 (100%)
F.O Overflow: 21.076 M3 (100%)
Dirty Oil: 13.172 M3 (100%)
Bilge Holding: 13.172 M3 (100%)
Hyd. Oil: 4.003 M3 (100%)
AELO: 12.616 M3 (100%)
MELO: 12.616 M3 (100%)
Rig Chain Lockers: 2 Nos.(Each for 220 M long , 36mm Chain) 
Cargo Pumps
Fuel Oil Cargo: 1 x 150m3/hr @ 70M (ITUR ILN 80/250B VERTICAL CENTRIFUGAL PUMP)
Fresh Water Cargo: 1 x 100m3/hr @ 70M (ITUR ILN 65/250 VERTICAL CENTRIFUGAL PUMP)
Drill/Ballast: 3 x 100m3/hr @ 70M (ITUR ILN 65/250 VERTICAL CENTRIFUGAL PUMP)
Mud / Brine: 2 x 70m3/hr @ 70M (ALLWEILER SPH1450.2H11 P11G 113XP ECCENTIC SCREW PUMP) 
Dry Bulk: 13m3/min at 5.6kg/cm2 (max 7.0kg/cm2) x 2 Nos, Dryer 16.0m3/min x 2 Nos (AIRMAN) 
External Fire Fighting
FiFi Class 1: 2 x 1,725 m3/hr Pump, 2 x 1,200 m3/hr Water/Foam Monitors, Local & Remote Controls incl. Joystick, Foam Liquid Inductor, Water Spray, Oil Dispersant System (FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM) 
Foam System: 2 x Adjustable Foam Inductor, 0~6% Mixing Ratio/ 150 L/min. (FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM) 
Emergency Fire Pump: 1 x 45m3/hr @ 60M Pump (DESMI S80-70-275N SELF PRIMING PUMP) 
Oil Recovery & Dispersant System
Oil Recovery System (Containerized.): Inflatable Sweeping arm with integrated skimmer, 2 x 70M3/hr discharge pumps (ITUR) 
Dispersant System: 2 x 6 M Oil Dispersant Boom Assembly, 10 x 3/4" Dispersant Nozzle (FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM) 
Life Saving Equipment & Fire Fighting Appliances
Fast Rescue Boat & Davit: 1 No x 6 men, 25 Hp Mercury Outboard Engine, SAD14 Davit 13.5KN (SWL) x 4.0m (WEST MARINE) 
Life Rafts: 6 x 25 Men Inflatable Life Rafts (CSM)
LSA: As per SOLAS requirements.
Fire Fighting Internal: Fire Detection System, CO2 System, Water Mist System, Galley Hood Fire System (FITECH) 
Others: Rescue Zones, BA Sets, Gas Detectors, Stretcher, Hospital 
One Man Cabin: 6 Cabins
Two Men Cabin: 4 Cabins
Four Men Cabin: 9 Cabins
Toilets with Shower: All Cabins, Main Deck & Hospital (FW Hot Water Supply) 
Mess / Recreation Room: Big Hall, separate areas for Officers and Crew. 
Others: Office/ Meeting Room, Hospital with Toilet & Bath Tub, Freezer & Chiller, Provision Store, Deck Store, Linen Store x 2 , Changing Room, Oil Skin, Laundry 
Wheel House
DP System: K-Pos DP-21, IMO Class 2 (KONGSBERG) 
DP Function: Sensor System Data Processing, Position-Reference System Data Processing, Position- Reference System Functions, Thruster Allocation/ Control, Power Load Monitoring and Blackout Prevention 
Joystick: Cjoy Independent Three-axis Joystick System (KONGSBERG) 
Reference Systems: 3 x Gyro Compass, 3 x Wind Sensor, 2 x MRU, 2 x DPS 110, 1 x CyScan Mk4 Laser, 2 x DP OS, 1 x Printer, 1 x DPC-2, 2 x UPS, 1 x Mode Selector Switch (KONGSBERG) 
Navigational: 1 x Cassens & Plath Magnetic Reflector Compass, 1 x Anschutz Autopilot, 3 x Anschutz Gyro Compass, 1 x Furuno Radars, 1 x Furuno Echo Sounder 200KHz, 1 x Furuno Doppler Speed Log, 3 x Furuno DGPS, 3 x RM Young Anemometer, 4 x Hanseatic Clinometer, 2 x Hanseatic Barometer, 1 x Furuno Automatic Identification System, 1 x Furuno Weather Fax Receiver, 1 x Furuno Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (FURUNO) 
Communication/ Data: 1 x Vingtor Public Address/ Talkback System, 1 x Vingtor Internal Automatic Telephone Systems, 1 x Furuno Navtex Receiver, 1 x McMurdo EPIRB, 1 x McMurdo SART, 1 x TV Antenna, Speakers (FURUNO) 
Search Lights: 3 x IP56 Halogen Search Light, Remote Controlled, 2000W/50Hz/AC230V (IMAC) 
Wipers: 2 x AFT Straightline Wiper, 2 x FWD Straightline Wiper (BOHAMET, POLAND)
Air Horn: 1 x 24VDC Air Horn (MARCO)
Air Conditioning: 2 x 24,000 btu/hr Floor Standing Type (MIDEA) 
Main Engine: 2 x 3,393BHP @900RPM Caterpillar Engine Model: C280-8, Tier II (CATERPILLAR) 
Reduction Gear Box: 2 x Reintjes Reduction Gearbox, ratio 4.916:1, Vertical Offset (REINTJES) 
Propulsion: 2 x Dia. 3,000mm x 4 Blades Propeller in Kort Nozzles (BERG PROPULSION) 
Steering Gear: 2 x Kobelt Independent Hydraulic Steering System (RIQ) 
Rudder: 2 x 13m2 FC High Type Lift Flap Rudder (WEST MARINE) 
Shaft Generators: 2 x 1,100 KW, 415 V, 50 Hz (STAMFORD)
Main Generators: 3 x 450 KW @1,500RPM Caterpillar Generator Model: C18, Tier II (CATERPILLAR) 
Emergency Generator: 1 x 118KW @1,500RPM Caterpillar Generator Model: C6.6, Tier II (CATERPILLAR) 
Bow Thrusters: 2 x 540KW @1,500RPM Thruster Model: BTT315 (BERG PROPULSION) 
Stern Thruster: 1 x 540KW @1,500RPM Thruster Model: BTT315 (BERG PROPULSION) 
Deck Machinery
Anchor Handling/Towing Winch: 1 x Winch (MACGREGOR)
Drum Capacity: 1,200 M x Dia. 60mm SWR @10 Layers
Brake Holding: 250 T (Static , 1st Layer)
Rated Pull (1st Layer): 150 T @ 6M/min, 75 T @ 12M/min, 25 T @30M/min. 
Anchor Windlass/ Mooring Winch: 2 x Winches(MACGREGOR)
Chain Size: U3, Dia. 36mm Chain (MEP) 
Duty Pull: 10 T @ 9M/min
Drum Capacity: 180 M x Dia. 40mm PP Rope @ 6 Layers
Brake Holding: 20 T (Static, 1st Layer)
Rated Pull (1st Layer): 6 T @ 15M/min
Shark Jaw & Angular Tow Pins: 1 x 300 T Shark Jaw & Angular Tow Pins (MACGREGOR)
Controls: Local & Remote Controls in Bridge.
Tugger Winch: 2 x Winches, 250 M x Dia. 22mm SWR @ 8 Layers (MACGREGOR)
Brake Holding: 15 T (Static, 1st Layer)
Rated Pull (1st Layer): 10 T @ 15M/min (1st Layer)
Gob Eye: 85 T SWL
Towing Bollard: 80 T SWL
Stern Roller: 250 T SWL
Storage Reel Winch: 1 x Winch, 1200 M x Dia. 60mm SWR @ 11 Layers (MACGREGOR)
Capstan: 2 x 10 T @ 15 M/min
Deck Crane: 1 x 2.5 T x 14M(L) SWL Hiab 401L Hyd. Knuckle Boom Telescopic Type (MACGREGOR/ HIAB) 
Anchor & Mooring: 2 x 1,575 KG HHP Anchors, 2 x 36mm Roller Type Chain Stoppers, 2 x 8 shots U3 36mm chain cable 27.5M(L), Mooring Lines (MEP) 
Unmanned Alarm Monitoring System: 1 x Norimos 3000 Intergrated Alarm and Monitoring System (NORIS) 
Fresh Water Generator: 1 x 10 T/Day c/w UV Sterilizer System 2.7m3/hr (PETSEA)
Oily Water Separator: 1 x Hension 1.0m3/hr (ACG)
Flow Meters: 2 x F.O and FW. Local & Remote Display (PASIFIC) 
Purifiers: 1 x 1,500 L/H Kakoki Kaisha Self Cleaning Purifier c/w Automatic Control (MITSHUBISHI) 
Air Conditioning (Main Unit): 1 x Bitzer Open Type Compressor & Condenser 1,014,000 btu/hr, R-407c (BORNEO MARINE) 
Air Conditioning (ECR): 1 x 39,000 btu/hr
Air Handling: 1 x MAHK-1911L
Refrigeration (Chiller & Freezer): 2 x Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compressor & Condenser, R-404a (BORNEO MARINE)
Servicing/ Air Compressor: 1 x NAX-11AR, 119m3/hr@7 Bar Air Compressor c/w 300L Receiver Tank (DONGHWA) 
Engine Starting: 2 x LHC-33, 18.5m3/hr@30 Bar Air Compressor c/w 300L Receiver Tank (TECO) 
Fresh Water Calorifier: 1 x 1,000 Litres Fresh Water Calorifier (SAMKUN)
Sewage Treatment Plant: 1 x 58 Men Sewage Treatment Plant (JONGHAP)
Main Switch Board: 1 x 415V AC 3P3W MSB c/w PMS, ACCU, DPII (NORIS)
Bilges & Ballast Valves System: 1 x Norismo 3000 Valve Control System c/w Electric Driven Valves (NORIS)
Tank Gauging: Remote Gauging with alarms for all main tanks with displays in Bridge & E.C.R (NORIS) 
Galley Equipments: 2 x Cooking Range c/w Exhaust Hood, 1 x stainless steel chiller, 1 x waste disposer, 1 x electric heated soup/rice boiler, 1 x microwave oven, 1 x dishwashing machine, 1 x steaming cabinet, 1 x universal cooling machine, 1 x electric water boiler, 1 x waste compactor, 1 x stainless steel sink table, 1 x bain marie (The Galley Architect, Kang Li) 
Interior Design (Wet Unit, Panelling, Ceiling, Doors, Tiles, Rubber carpet): Hailu Marine System (Marine Interior Design, Marc-Plan)
Mud System: 6 x Electrical Drive Mud Agitator for 3 mud tanks (PARSON) 
Pressure Set: 3 x 3.5M3/Hr x 40M pump (ITUR)
Dirty Oil/ Sludge: 1 x 5M3/Hr @ 45M pump (ITUR)
Bilge: 2 x 45M3/Hr @ 30M pump (ITUR)
Fuel Oil Transfer: 2 x 15M3/Hr @ 20M pump (ITUR) 

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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