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2 units of 136 TEU Container Ship.

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DESCRIPTION:100.70m Cargo Vessel
LENGTH:100.70m (330ft 4in)
DRAFT:4.00m (13ft)
BROKER:Franklin Taylor
PRICE:USD 1.575 Million (As is Where is in China)
PRICE NOTES:In case buyer wish to change class to RINA coastal, buyer shall pay USD600,000 separately

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General Description:

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2015 built and completed
Class: CCS coastal (can convert to RINA coastal with extra cost).
LOA: 77.80m
Breadth: 13.60m
Depth: 6.60m
Design draft: 4.00m
Main engine: 6320ZCd-4, 1324KW@500RPM
Service speed: 10.0kn
GRT/NRT: 2083/1166
This vessel is a 136teu open-top container ship for domestic navigation. It is mainly used for
Carrying fireworks, firecrackers and other general cargo containers.
The vessel is designed for coastal area.
The vessel is made of steel, single-deck with forecastle deck, double-bottom, double-hull, with Bulbous nose and welded stern, 2 open-top container cargo holds in the middle section, single-engine, single-propeller, single-rudder stern type ship driven by a marine diesel engine with fixed pitch propeller.
Aft upper deck is equipped with four-layer deck room.
The design and construction of hull structure, outfitting equipment, marine electrical and all
Installations shall be checked and inspected by ZC.
The design and build of the hull, machinery and equipment shall be based mainly on the following rules and regulations, including any notice/circular of amendments to the requirements of domestic coastal vessels which shall be enforced on the effective date of the construction contract:
China classification society (CCS) "domestic sailing vessel construction rules" (2006) and its modification notification (2010, 2011), hereinafter referred to as the "specification"
China classification society (CCS) "materials and welding specification" (2009) and its modification notification (2011), hereinafter referred to as the "material rules".
The maritime safety administration of the people's republic of china (china MSA) the ships and offshore facilities legal inspection rules (domestic sailing ships legal inspection rules) (2011), hereinafter referred to as the "regulations".
The maritime safety administration of the people's republic of china (china MSA) "legal inspection rules for ships and offshore facilities" (2008) exposure with the provisional rules of container ship inspection hereinafter referred to as the "regulations".
LOA: 77.80 m
LPP: 74.40m
Length between perpendiculars 72.80 m
Breadth 13.60 m
Depth 6.60 m
Designed draft 4.00 m
Central height between decks
Upper deck to forecastle deck: 2.2m
Upper deck to lifesaving deck 2.60 m
Lifesaving deck to captain dec: 2.4m
Captain deck to bridge deck 2.40 m
Bridge deck to compass deck 2.40 m
Sheer, Beam Camber
Sheer on deck:
Fore sheer 0.30 m
After sheer 0.20 m
Beam camber:
The whole vessel’s beam camber 0.15 m
Double bottom height
The whole vessel’s area 1.00 m
Container load capacity deadweight and cargo capacity
The container load capacity of this vessel is 136 teu. When the sea water density is 1.025t/m3, the displacement is about 3413t and deadweight is about 2440t at the design draft (4.0m). The maximum load capacity for this vessel should be confirmed after the ship inclination test and empty weight measured.
The net volume of the cargo hold and liquid tank is calculated by compass-rules (ver.0601).
Fresh water tank: 2*29.37 m3
Fuel oil tank: 2*80.77 m3
Diesel oil daily tank: 4.42 m
This vessel's tonnage to be calculated according to "regulations" the provisions of article 2.
Gross tonnage(gt) 2083
Net tonnage(nt) 1166
The freeboard of vessel in the design draft 4.0 m (- summer load line) is 2612 mm, minimum bow height is 5108 mm, this can meet the "regulations" of minimum exposure container ship freeboard for the coastal area.
Main propulsion plant
Main engine
Model and quantity: 6320zcd-4 1 set
Gear box
Model gwc42.45
Reduction ratio 2.0:1
The vessel's propeller is equipped with fixed pitch propeller.\ propeller type and leaf number mau
Rotation direction: right (look at the bow from the stern)
Diameter 2.67 m
Materials cu4
Connection mode with propeller shaft flat key connection
Generator sets
Main generator set
Ccfj200j-wf 2
Generator model and quantity
Diesel engine model wd618.42cd
Output power and revolution 235kw×1500r/min
Generator model tfxh-355m6-h
Rated power 200 kw
Parking generator set
Generator model and quantity ccfj40j-wf 1
Diesel engine model td226b-4cd
Output power and revolution 60kw×1500r/min
Generator model tfxw-225m4-h
Rated power 40 kw
Design speed
Under 4.0 m design draft and following condition, this ship can reach design speed about 10 kn
Design state
The host running at maximum continuous
The hull is bright and clean without fouling
Sailing in the calm, open deep sea where the wind is no greater than level 3 of the beaufort wind and the wave height is no greater than level 2.
Endurance and holding force
The vessel sailing on the calm, open in the deep sea, design speed (v = 10 kn) when the range of about 360 hours; endurance 25 days.
This vessel under various load conditions of trim and intact stability and subdivision and damage
Stability all meet the "regulations" requirements for coastal area open-top container ships.
The quota of crew
Full crew quota 14 persons.
The vessel has 6 watertight transverse bulkheads, which are located at fr3, fr6, fr22, fr65,
Fr104 and fr108 respectively. The double bottom extends from the selfproof-collision bulkhead (fr108)
To the front bulkhead of the engine room (fr22), which, together with the deck and platform, divides the
Ship into the following spaces and compartments.
The aft area including the engine room
From the upper deck and lower tail to fr6 are used to arrange steering engine cabin, aft ballast tank, freshwater tank, cooling water tank, etc. The upper deck from fr4 to the mooring area is mainly equipped with 2 hydraulic mooring winches, fairlead, bollard and other mooring equipment. From fr4 to Fr19 has 4 deck chambers, mainly used for arranging crew living rooms, cabins and other living
Working cabins.
The engine room from fr6 ~ fr22 is used to arrange the main propulsion device, and is equipped with oil circulation tank.
Loading area
From fr22 to fr40 is settled with fuel oil tanks on both sides; above the 4600 platform from fr40 To fr65 on both sides is no.2 void tank, below is the adjustment water tank; no.2 ballast water tank in double bottom from fr22 to fr63; no.2 cargo hold is located in the middle of fr22 ~ fr63; Fr65 ~ fr104: no.1 void tank on the starboard and port side, no.1 ballast tank is located in the double bottom area, no.1 cargo tank in the middle.
The fore part area
There are emergency fire pump tank (fr104 ~ fr108), fore ballast water tank (fr108 ~ 3500 platform) and fore void tank (fr108 ~ 3500 platform) below the fore upper deck. Under the forecastle deck, there are storage room, chain locker and sail cable compartment. Mooring and mooring equipment are mainly set on forecastle deck.
More details can be checked in the "general arrangement" (wut4187-100-02).
The vessel is equipped with spare parts and fittings as stipulated in the regulations. The mechanical and electrical products meet the requirements of rules, their c/w spare parts and the spare parts designated by the shipowner shall be placed in the appropriate place by builder.
1618: 2 units of 136 TEU Container Ship - 090.jpg
1618: 2 units of 136 TEU Container Ship - 091.jpg

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IMPORTANT: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct their agents, or their surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

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